Orientace na tomto webu

How to orient yourself on this website

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Základní navigace

Úvodní stránka www.valka.cz nabízí přehled nových článků, tedy delších a souvislejších textů, které jsou zveřejňované 1x denně. Články lze procházet a stránkovat jak pomocí odkazů na konci úvodní stránky, tak přes odkazy Redakce v patičce stránky, Články v záhlaví stránky, odkazu na jménu autora a řadou dalších cest. Články není možné komentovat, neslouží k dotazům ani jakékoliv diskusi.

Kromě toho nabízí přechod na "fórum" (toto jméno povětšinou již nepoužíváme, neb evokuje místo pro povídaní, ale je to mnohem více než to, jak můžete sami vidět) pomocí odkazu SEKCE, případně pomocí rozbalovacího navigačního menu v levé části každé stránky.

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Category / section

The forum is divided into individual categories (sections) in a tree-like manner. The main categories are accessible from the HOME page, together with the first level of their subcategories. Click on a category or subcategory to get deeper (some sections contain immersions up to level 8).

Each category can contain
- other subcategories
- topics
- articles

Subcategories are a further subdivision of an otherwise large section (for example, the Personalities section is further divided according to continents, states and often also according to the initials of the personality surname).
Topics are the main content of the section.
Articles are those that can be seen on www.valka.cz, assigned to one or more sections of this forum, where their content falls or interferes.

The logged-in user can create new topics in any section of the forum, or reply to existing topics.

Like the contributions (see below), the forum sections are divided into FACTOGRAPHIC and DISCUSSION. The aim of factual sections is to collect factual topics in which it is possible to have discussion posts, questions, etc. Discussion sections are intended only for discussions. These sections are clearly distinguished by color - in the overview of categories, the discussion sections are GREEN, while the factual ones are BLUE. This color scheme is applied across the forum to sections, topics and posts.
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The topics are the main content of this forum.
In the discussion section, topics are usually organized by subject of discussion, question, observation, etc.
In the fact section, topics are usually dedicated to one type or version of weapon, personality, unit, base, decoration, etc. In addition, there are "overview topics" in the factual section, which summarize multiple versions and offer a signpost to each version - for example, Supermarine Spitfire.

Any posts posted in the discussion/green section of the forum will be treated as discussion.
Posts placed in the factual/blue section of the forum are reviewed by a moderator to see if they meet the forum rules (including the obligation to cite sources for all factual posts) and section rules (naming the topic, filling in the template, etc.), and if so, the post is marked as factual. If it does not meet the rules, it is relabelled as discussion. In relation to other forum functionality, such as user ranks, only the number of factual posts of a user is always taken into account, discussion posts are not taken into account.

Posts in a topic are sorted by type - factual posts are primarily sorted at the beginning of the topic, discussion posts are sorted after them, then by date of posting, or the moderator can move them manually (move them up or down). The usual scheme of a fully populated topic is as follows

- template / TTD table
- text
- image attachments
- discussion

Anyone can participate in the information completion, just add a new post with new information (again, I remind the obligation to cite the source, information without a source is completely useless, you can't verify it, evaluate its relevance to existing values and so on). The moderator will then move the new information to an appropriate position within the topic, incorporating or editing the original posts.

Posts to topics are inserted using the editor at the end of each topic (provided the user is logged in, a non-logged in user cannot see the editor).

And because our website is multi-lingual, we insert titles in Czech, Slovak, English and in the original (e.g. For units, names of personalities, towns and villages, etc.). The correct choice of name allows other users of the site to respond to your post! Posts are then entered in Czech/Slovak, but also in English, especially if they are factual posts of lasting value.
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So you can use a number of ways to navigate our site - both "linear", i.e. browsing by paging articles, browsing by author, etc., or browse the tree structure of sections to the area that specifically interests you, or use the search in the top bar of each of our pages, or in your favorite search engine using the keywords "armedconflicts.com" followed by the desired search subject.

There are already more than 7 thousand articles, hundreds of thousands of topics, and almost 750 thousand posts by the end of 2023, after 25 years of our existence.

The topics as such can be compared to the bricks of a popular Lego set - the topic itself has a certain informational value, it can be a full-fledged article and content, but it will only fully stand out in connection with other topics. As soon as a topic is integrated into a larger "puzzle" through links, new, often automated data and information is created. A commander who commanded a unit that was stationed in a town that belongs to a state whose president is... As we add more and more data, this huge snowball of content continues to roll in.

Want to get involved? It's easy and everyone is welcome! Learn more here https://www.armedconflicts.com/12220-Join-us
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