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During December, we announced the collection on a new server. I am really moved by the response that this event had, which has so far raised CZK 19,717! I bought a new server for the price of 31,000, - and today (December 29, 2004) it was switched on and revived for the first time! The name Holly (the blue already know :)) was chosen for this server in a stormy vote on the forum, and I firmly hope that Holly will start taking care of the war as early as the beginning of January.

Looking back on 2006

Dear users, readers, contributors, moderators and administrators, colleagues
The year 2006 is over, so let me take a brief look at what our server meant to me personally and this year.

Reflections on life and death

This week has been more than full of gloomy news, so let me briefly consider our lives and deaths and the conscience that accompanies us. Please read this text.

War history and metal detectors

Numerous war conflicts have left many artifacts in our territory - from the largest, such as planes and tanks, to the smallest - trench rings, decorations, equipment, knives, weapons and more. Some were found just after the war and are now circulating, or are still hidden underground in places of war. These artifacts can usually be bought for a lot of money on stock exchanges or the Internet - nowadays, however, you can hardly know whether it is a copy or not, or you can go to see them in museums. However, if you do not like any of the above variants, you can try to find them yourself using a metal detector. (paid advertising)

We are looking for new colleagues

The / server is constantly looking for new colleagues who are willing to help with the development and completion of content, coordination and control of work, moderation of contributions and other activities. Do not hesitate and get involved in the creation of our website in the spirit of the slogan Readers to themself :)

Year 2002

Dear readers,
The year 2002 is irresistibly coming to an end and the time is coming when people usually evaluate the year ending and plan promises and resolutions until next year. Although I'm not melancholic from the end of one year, after which the new year will come, let me briefly evaluate what 2002 meant for this server.


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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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Looking for new colleagues!

Our web / keeps looking for new colleagues, who are interested in military history and are willing to join our ranks, to help with content, coordination and control, administration tasks and other. Please join us and help us create content for others as well as for ourselves :)

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