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Battles of the bravest

Special operations have attracted the attention of the general public for many decades. This is due not only to the uniqueness and strict secrecy of the units that provide them. More importantly, in these cases, the use of tactical means usually succeeds in achieving strategic objectives. In other words, thanks to the surprise coin and also, of course, the concentration of elite individuals in the right place at the right time, it is possible to achieve results that in standard operations correspond to much larger units and much longer-term efforts.

Defense of Brest in September 1939

In 1939, Brest was the capital of the Polish voivodship. It was an important transport hub and military center of the central section of the eastern part of Poland. In March 1921, on the basis of the Polish-Soviet treaty, it became part of Poland with its fortifications.

Do you know the difference between commandos, rangers and green berets?

The country where the first modern special forces were born was Great Britain. (I emphasize the word "modern"!) In 1940, ten special units were set up for the Norwegian campaign with the mission of preventing the Germans from building submarine bases in Norway. This is how the famous commandos were created. The name was taken over by the British from the Portuguese through the Boers, who used it during the Boer War in South Africa to name their militias ...

I./ZG 2 over Poland

With the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, fascist Germany unleashed a six-year period of world war. The land, naval and air forces of the two countries competed in an unequal battle. The strategy of the " Blitzkrieg ", supported by an appropriate military force in the service of a monstrous ideology, threw Poland on the brink of extinction. One of the three main components of the German Armed Forces was the Air Force - Luftwaffe.

Kálnoky Hussar Regiment - a Transylvanian jewel of Maria Theresa

In the winter of 1740, King Frederick II of Prussia, at the head of an army of 20,000, treacherously invaded Upper Silesia, which was part of the Habsburg Monarchy. In the spring of the following year, the troops of France and Bavaria launched offensive activity from the southwest. A series of struggles began, collectively called the Wars of the Austrian Succession (1740–1748). At the appeal of the young Queen Maria Theresa, the Hungarians promised as early as 1741 that they would build 6 new infantry and 3 hussar regiments in the field.

Rank comparison table

Table of ranks of the US Army, British Army, SS units and German Army together with approximate equivalents in Czech ranks

The first air battle of the last world war

How World War II in the air began? These were not the massive attacks of hundreds of bombers and the persistent fighting of fighter groups we know from later periods of this war. However, the actors of its beginning on both warring parties showed a lot of determination, which from the point of view of the intensity of later events seems insignificant, little known, but still very interesting.




Armed Forces of European countries. Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.


Armed Forces of African countries. Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.


Armed Forces of North and South American countries. Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.


Armed Forces of Asian countries. Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.

Australia and Oceania

Armed Forces of countries of Australia and Oceania. Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces. From Chief of Staff to individual companies.


Structure and units of the North Atlantic Treaty

Other states

Other unsorted units, international units and missions

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