Introduction - why subscriptions and how it is with advertising

This site needs money to run. Money to buy hardware (the server on which it all runs) and its maintenance. Money for connecting the server to the Internet and payments for electricity (there has been an increase of only 70% since December 2021 Sad) and other services. Money for licenses for the software used. Money for photos, books. On the contrary, we do not need money for salaries, none of us has a penny of it, we have been doing everything for free and in our free time since 1998. There is almost as much free time as many of us at work. On the other hand, more than a million readers visit our site every year, view 6 million pages, so it's worth it Smile

Advertising is our first and biggest source of money. The second, and last, are the donations from our readers. It is proportionally based on about 90:10 for advertising. So we can't do without advertising.

We know that advertising is annoying, and we would like to live in a world without advertising. We know that various cookies track us across websites and try to find out as much as possible about us, so that ad operators can offer us products "tailored to our specific needs". And from a technical standpoint, we also know that loading ads adds unnecessary additional data, slowing down our pages. But as has already been said, it is not possible without ads.

We also know that you use various methods to prevent your ads from showing. This is understandable from the above point of view, but it is not exactly a good situation for us, because we are losing the resources we need.

That's why we decided to set up a Premium Account to move from a win-loose situation where one gains while the other one loses (we deliver content, you block ads and deprive us of money) to a win-win situation, ie when both parties win. By paying a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual premium account, you can visit these pages without ads. No unnecessary cookies, data, harassment. And we get clear and easy-to-track resources (instead of often unpredictable advertising) for further development.

This does not mean that the content of our site is charged, it is not! It is still possible to browse everything for free as before, with advertising as before. You can pay if you choose to view the page without ads.

How to do it

Step 1 - register and log in
Step 2 - choose Premium Account in the menu
Step 3 - Choose whether you want to pay once, without auto-renewal, or with recurring, auto-renewal. And whether you want a quarterly, semi-annual or annual period.
Step 4 - in the payment gateway, select the payment details and confirm (we do not see or store any payment details, this is done in third party payment hub Stripe)
Step 5 - after the payment and settings are processed, our site will start loading without ads (but you must always be logged in under your account)

This applies to all devices where you are logged in under your account, so on a PC, on a mobile, on a tablet.

It is logical that sharing login details with other users in order to avoid ads is, in our view, as inconvenient as using AdBlock. We will not control it, but we hope that no one will abuse it in this way.

Of course, we pay a part of the payment for its processing, so payments are graded according to frequency - the less frequent, the more advantageous.

If you wish to cancel the service, it is possible to do so again by clicking on the Premium account option in the menu and going to subscription management. We do not return already paid subscription, the service will be provided until the end of the paid period and terminated thereafter.
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