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Weapons and Equipment

Category for weapons - armored and soft-skin vehicles, airplanes, ships, guns, but also uniforms, ammo and other stuff


Military terminology

This text aims to provide all those who need it with an explanation of the various military terms
and the principles of operation of military installations.

Where did the names of Russian and Soviet weapons come from?

The article discusses the origin of the names of some Soviet and Russian ships, aircraft, weapons and weapon systems, as seen by Dmitry Litovkin in an article in the Izvestia newspaper. The translation of the original text is supplemented by additional information, observations and pictures so that it is understandable even to the Czech reader, who does not master military issues in too much detail.



Armoured Vehicles

Category for armoured vehicles of all kind, especially tanks, tank destroyers, APCs and IFVs, Recce and Command vehicles, half-tracks, armoured cars, armoured trains and others

Soft Skin Vehicles

Category for soft-skin vehicles of all kind, especially trucks, superstructures, staff cars, motorcycles, trailers and semitrailers, tractors and prime movers, amphibious vehicles and others

Artillery and Rockets

Category for artillery, guns and rockets. Tactical, operational and strategic systems, fortress artillery, self-propelled and towed artillery pieces.

Land-Based Air Defence

Category for anti-aircraft defence, anti-aircraft artillery and missile systems, command and radar systems


Military fixed-wing aircraft, fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, multi-role aircraft. Sorted by countries.


Military helicopters, sorted by countries.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Category for UAVs, helicopters, planes and drones.


The naval ship that is built and primarily intended for naval warfare, defence of the coast line, attack from the sea, protection and supply of other naval ships, as transport or weapon carriers.


Category for submarines, from diesel to nuclear

Communication Systems

Category for portable communication systems, radio stations, phones and other communication equipment

Small Arms

From revolvers to machine guns, swords, knives, grenades, mines and ammunition

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction

Space Technology

Technology for space travel and description of space missions
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