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88 years of unlimited submarine warfare

After two and a half years of war, Imperial Germany was much more exhausted than the hostile states of the Allies. Britain and France drew new forces from their colonies and the merchant fleets of neutral states also used the transport of the necessary raw materials ...

First submarine sunk by aircraft attack

The use of aircraft to combat enemy naval activities is a well-known fact. Dueling aircraft with surface ships is one of the realities of battlefields in both world wars. But the clash of two relatively young weapons - air and submarine, is no longer so often ventilated. And few people know who was the first winner and who the victim.

One and a half century of steel coffins

The first proven combat deployment of the submarine took place in 1776 during the American Revolution. Sergeant Lee of the Washington Army was locked in an egg-like miniature single-seat Turtle submarine by US inventor Bushnell and tried to manually "drill" (using a crank a primitive propeller) underwater under the hull of Lord Howe's English flagship, anchored in front of New York. Surprisingly, he succeeded, but as he tried to attach a primitive mine to the enemy's hull somewhere at the helm, a hand-powered drill hit the iron reinforcement again, and the breathless sergeant, who had higher air consumption, began to choke.

The Polish submarine Orzeł belongs to the Kilo class

If the Foxtrot class submarines belonged to the 2nd post-war generation of conventional submarines, their development began in 1954 and were manufactured until 1983, then the Kilo class diesel-electric submarines marked a turning point in the construction of non-nuclear boats.



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