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Mgr. Martin Dubánek

Mgr. Martin Dubánek

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  • Czechoslovak deceptive anti-aircraft missile unit

    I read with interest an interesting article by Jan Brus " Scenes of War " ( see MR 12/2009 ), in which, among other things, a set of models for imitating the position of an anti-aircraft missile unit was mentioned. In the military historical archive, I managed to find interesting information about it, which I would like to share with the reader with a short contribution.

  • Czechoslovak shelters made of precast reinforced concrete

    As part of the Czechoslovak post-war fortifications, in addition to firing structures and observatories, various shelters for manpower were also built. This paper aims to present two types of Czechoslovak People's Army shelters assembled from reinforced concrete frames.

  • Cutter WHEC-37 Taney of US Coast Guard

    Leaving aside the memorial to the destroyed battleship BB-39 Arizona, the United States Coast Guard cutter WHEC-37 Taney is currently the only vessel to survive the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • Marines Museum in Quantico

    National Marine Corps Museum.

  • USS Constellation Naval Memorial

    Among the historic vessels that have survived to the present, not to mention the American sloop Constellation, which is moored in the port of Baltimore in the state of Maryland.

  • A thorny path to the task SKOT (1)

    The command of the Czechoslovak army in the period shortly after the end of the Second World War preferred half-track vehicles as armored personnel carriers. However, the relatively long development of the HAKO transporter ( future OT-810 ) and the wear and tear of loot vehicles ( HKL6p ) forced the then MNO to look for other solutions.

  • A thorny path to the task SKOT (2)

    Although the Czechoslovak Republic was able to develop remarkable weapons in the 1950s, it fell asleep somewhat in the area of armored personnel carriers. Most of the intended projects, with the exception of HAKO, remained on paper or in the stage of functional samples ( eg V3S-O ) and this sad fact was supposed to continue until the end of the 1950s.

  • Task STOJAN

    Recently, readers could get acquainted with the article about the beginnings of the development of Czechoslovakia. armored personnel carrier SKOT. Although in 1958 this transporter was still found only in conceptual designs, ideas of other versions, especially mortars, were already being born in the heads of competent MoD employees.

  • Reflections on the rearmament of Czechoslovak army

    On May 14, 1955, an agreement was signed in Warsaw, according to which a military grouping of the Eastern Bloc states was formed, and the then Czechoslovakia also became a member of this power-political instrument of the USSR. This, of course, meant another intervention in the future development of various weapons and weapon systems of domestic origin.

  • Airborne vehicle LVTH-6A1

    During my visit to the Philippines, I had the opportunity to see the relatively little-used American armored landing craft LVTH-6A1, which was introduced into the armament of the Philippine Marines. It is a supporting variant of the successful American armored amphibious vehicle LVTP-5, used, for example, in the Vietnam War.


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