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Armoured Vehicles

Category for armoured vehicles of all kind, especially tanks, tank destroyers, APCs and IFVs, Recce and Command vehicles, half-tracks, armoured cars, armoured trains and others


American roots of the Soviet T-34 tank

In the second half of World War I, the tank was created as a support device for infantry, a kind of mobile stronghold, which was to allow the infantry to advance through enemy defensive zones with numerous wire barriers and multiple trench systems. The defensive zone reached a depth of several tens of kilometers and the whole area was shot by machine guns and cannons. During the advance, the slowly crawling tank not only provided the infantry with protection from the enemy's machine-gun fire, but also silenced enemy fireballs with its cannons and machine guns, dug passages in wire barriers and was able to fill the trenches with hats that he carried ...

Austin armored cars in Russia

After the outbreak of the Great War, as in other countries involved in the conflict, the production of armored cars began to begin slowly in Russia, and the Supreme Command desperately tried to catch up on the wasted time created by the very regressive approach since the creation of the first armored vehicle in the Russian army ...

Finnish armored vehicles 1917 - 1945

It is amazing what our small country has in common with Finland. Both countries arose as a result of a four-year bloody conflict that forever changed the established order in Europe and caused the disintegration of several monarchies. After the post-war consolidation, both countries survived a short period of calm between the wars, but directly and indirectly threatened by stronger or more ambitious neighbors.

Improvised armored trucks GAZ-AA and ZIS-5 (ГаЗ-AA, ЗиС-5)

It is a sad but proven fact that most of all, human imagination is stimulated by struggle, war, conquest. And the moments of being and not being are among those when the brains are whipped to the extreme and ideas emerge that would not normally see the light of day under normal circumstances. What serious reason would reject as complete nonsense becomes not only possible in the crisis, but also directly and desirable, and then often the only possible one. Such cases include improvised means of combat. These often replaced regular weapons, which were simply lacking, and sometimes even in the hands of desperate or ideologically crafted warriors, demonstrated the same effectiveness as the most official tools of war. The most famous Soviet improvised armored vehicles include armored trucks GAZ-AA and ZIS-5 (ГаЗ-AA, ЗиС-5), which was produced by the Ižorský engineering plant in the period July-August 1941.

Minenräumer by Alkett

There is one vehicle in the Museum of Tank Forces in Kubinka, near Moscow, which at first glance attracts with its dimensions and unusual construction. It is also interesting that there is little information about the surviving information about this monster, and even the Russians themselves do not really know where they came from.

Nuffield Liberty

The Liberty engine was used by the British to power the A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.III, A13 Mk.II Cruiser Tank Mk.IV, A15 Cruiser Tank Mk.VI Crusader, A24 Cruiser Tank Mk.VII Cavalier and A27L Cruiser Tank Mk.VIII Centaur. The engine was supplied by Nuffield, unfortunately it is not clear from the available sources whether it is a new production or (more likely) a refurbishment of older stored engines.


At the end of 1942, the German army began to apply a new protective layer to its tanks. This layer was developed to reduce the effectiveness of the use of magnetic mines against armored vehicles, which were used by Russian attack units. Mines were placed on tanks, where they were held by a magnet built into their bottom. The principle of zimmerite was simple. Create a non-magnetic layer on the tank, which would eliminate the properties of the magnet, ie the attachment of a magnetic mine to the surface of the tank




Category for tanks from all over the world, divided by countries of origin.

Tank Destroyers

Category for tank destroyers from all over the world, divided by countries of origin.


Armoured Cars

Armoured Trains


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