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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction



Anthrax is originally an animal disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. There are two types of this disease, cutaneous and pulmonary. 95% of recent cases from the USA fell into the category of pulmonary anthrax. Cutaneous anthrax breaks out when bacteria from an infected animal get under the skin. A person with this disease has small protruding lesions on the skin, which gradually turn into purulent ulcers with swelling. If the lesion appears on the neck or around the eyes, it may indicate a complication. The incubation period for the cutaneous form of anthrax is 1-7 days. If the patient is not treated with effective antibiotics, the mortality rate for this disease is between 10 - 20%. With proper treatment, the mortality rate is less than 1%.

Biological Weapons I

Introduction to biological weapons. Brief outline of individual species. Overview of production principles, safety levels, processing methods.

Biological Weapons II

This time we will describe the methods of propagation, the success of individual species and also a little about storage.

Biological Weapons III

Finally, this series provides an overview of the basic biological agents and diseases that can be used for a biological attack, their characteristics and brief properties and protection options.


Brucellosis is an animal disease caused by one of four types of bacteria - brucella melitensis, brucella abortus, brucella suis and brucella canis.

Cruise Missiles

The term "cruising missiles" includes a range of weapons with variable parameters: from Chinese Silkworms (HY-2) with a range of less than 105 kilometers, to American flat-flying missiles of the latest generation capable of overcoming distances up to 3000 kilometers.

Crushed goals of American cosmonautics

We will continue to build the Orion spacecraft, which was the pillar of the Constellation, but we will not send people to the moon. Our goal is to orbit Mars with humans in the 1930s and visit other celestial bodies, such as asteroids. This is a major part of President Barack Obama's message he delivered two weeks ago in Florida.

Dirty bomb

Radiological weapon - what is it and what is its danger?

K.O. to the Atomic Bomb

One of the biggest special actions of the Norwegian resistance fighters was the attack on the Vemork factory, which produced heavy water.

North Korea and its nuclear carriers

North Korea has started harassing weapons several times. This time, however, she went a little too far. In addition to declaring combat readiness to the rocket troops, it re-entered a state of war with its southern neighbors. In addition, the North Korean military received permission to strike the United States. But what options does Kim Jong-un and his army actually have?

Q fever

Q fever is a disease of animal origin caused by Rickettsia Coxiella burnetti.

Stockpiles of nuclear weapons

Currently, 31,000 nuclear missiles are directly deployed or stored in eight countries: China, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Of this number, 13,000 are deployed and 4,600 are on call, ready for immediate launch within minutes of notification. The combined explosive charge gives these weapons a force of 5,000 mega-tons, which is 200,000 times more than the bombs used on Hiroshima.

Sverdlovsk 1979

A Soviet city with a secret program for the development and production of biological weapons and a mysterious event in March and April 1979.



Nuclear Weapons


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