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World Religions

List of main aspects of the most important world religions


Allah's party in Lebanon or when the community replaces the state

A portrait of Hasan Nasrallah is seated in the salon of Muhammad Mahdi Barru, the smiling owner of the " best " patisserie in al-Asahira, Baalbek. A charismatic leader of Hezbollah, a Shiite idol and a hero of the " anti-Zionist front " in the eyes of many Arabs, including Sunnis. Muhammad is not an activist of the " Allah Party ". However, he supports it " unconditionally ".

Allah's Prophet

The emergence and rocket spread of Islam is one of the most interesting phenomena in world history, the causes of which are still not sufficiently clarified. The area of ancient pre-Islamic Arabia was highly fragmented, both culturally and religiously. There were both astral cults and religious pantheons from neighboring areas - Baal from Syria, Coptic Christianity from Ethiopia and the Nabataean Christianism. The priesthood did not exist as a state, certain families only treated traditional shrines, such as the Kaaba in Mecca. Due to its location between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, the germinal urban population could feed on trade. The second, main component of the population was the opposite of civilization - wild nomadic tribes, which saw the robbery as a legal way to earn extra money.

Buddhism in Japan

Buddhism was the first consciously adopted religion in Japan. Originally formed in India, it gradually penetrated throughout South and Southeast Asia, and along the Himalayas also north to China, Korea, and Japan. The teachings of Buddhism were divided into two main currents. Mahayana and Hinayana. Hinayana is sometimes called Theravada - the teachings of the elders of the order. It is widespread in Ceylon, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, while in China, Korea and Japan, Buddhism has developed in the direction of Mahayana.

Cathars and Catharism

The Cathars were one of the sectarian currents that emerged in Europe after the year 1000, and today they are both a well-known symbol of the bloody settlement of religious disputes and a beneficial tourist item in southern France.

Certainties and uncertainties of Islamic justice

The slogans of political Islam are not losing popularity among Muslims, on the contrary. They are becoming more and more popular. It does not matter whether political Islam calls for peaceful rule or incites hatred. In other words, the public in Muslim countries favors Islamic types of government and earthly administration over secular, secular regimes, including civic democracy practiced in countries where the state and religion have separated. How to react to it?

Dancing elephants

A bag of conferences, seminars and lectures on Islam and the West has burst around the world. A way is being sought to stimulate interfaith dialogue and thus prevent a "civilization war". In such exchanges of views, there is usually a commendable consensus. Relations between the world's religions and the countries associated with them should not be bothered by "stereotypes", "untruths" or "prejudices". And it is also said that it would be appropriate for religious leaders to put their authority into public affairs. Whether it's business morale or global warming.


In today's world, the word fundamentalism is synonymous with something very negative. Just calling someone a fundamentalist puts a person or movement in the category of dangerous people and groups ...

Islam in the politics of Arab countries: 1 Historical context of Islam

Areas in which Islam has transformed different cultural elements from ethnically diverse nations into a specific education include North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, including Syria and Palestine, the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, Asia Minor, Iran, Central Asia and Central India. In the past, Islam also played an important role in the Iberian or Balkan peninsulas and the island of Sicily, from where it was pushed out by changing political conditions. The East Indian archipelago as well as Central and East Africa are also characterized by a high number of Muslims. However, they contributed very little to the political or cultural development of Islam.

Islam in the politics of Arab countries: 2 Islam in culture and politics

The basic principle of Islam, on which this culture and the religion is based is Unity. From the beginning, Islam perceives life comprehensively, does not ignore and does not forget any aspect of human existence. "The nature of the absolute and omnipresent God, which manifests itself almost everywhere and in everything, is a kind of way of integration, a means of forming the whole and realizing the deep unity of all existence. "

Islam in the politics of Arab countries: 3 Saudi Arabia

In the 18th century, the reformist movement Wahhabism began to develop in the inland region of Najd, named after its founder, Imam Mohamed ibn Abd al-Wahhab ( 1703-1787 ). He " required strict monotheism, rejecting the cult of saints and the Prophet Muhammad as a manifestation of polytheism, proclaiming the restoration of original social practice and Islam based on the literal wording of the Qur'an and Sunnah, ie sets of sayings and stories of traditions ascribed to Muhammad. The demand for a return to the old and simple way of life or the condemnation of usury gained the support of Wahhabism, especially for small-scale farming. "

Islam in the politics of Arab countries: An Introduction

We consider Islam to be the youngest monotheistic religion. It represents "the same Truth " that God has revealed to every nation through His prophets. His followers acknowledge the importance of Judaism and Christianity in the history of prophecy, but believe that the pinnacle of revealing God's will was reached through the Prophet Muhammad. From a religious point of view, the word Islam means " surrendering to the will of God and submitting to His commandments ." Believers profess a religion of peace, mercy, and justice, and the vast majority disagree with extremist manifestations or terrorism. " But Islam is not and has never been just a religion. Rather, it is a holistic way of life that defines the right moral, political, and economic behavior of both individuals and nations and states. "

Islam in the politics of Arab countries: Conclusion

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant benefits of the Islamic religion is the fact that it has been able to unite economically, socially, ethnically or religiously fragmented tribes. Therefore, the basic principle of this monotheistic youngest religion is Unity. However, since its inception, Islam has influenced not only the social sphere in the life of every Muslim, but as a holistic way of life it has also had a significant impact on the political and economic behavior of individuals, nations and states.

It will not work without humanity

" Respect for life " as a starting point for Christian dialogue with Islam? One of the contributions in the collection, which is published on the occasion of the sixties of our well-known intellectual personality, suggests something like this. It sounds nice, even though I feel formless caution. But what bothers me the most is that a person has disappeared somewhere. Am I to understand that it would bother in dialogue with Muslims?

Rendez-vous with Allah?

Two members of our blogging community on iDnes have agreed on a joint project. It is a kind of reciprocal exchange of personal experiences, knowledge and experiences with religion. The two young practicing believers, the Muslim A´isha and the Catholic Thomas, apparently want to tell each other and their readers what Islam tells them on the one hand and Christianity on the other. At the same time, it is impossible not to hear the unspoken but intrusive question in the subtext: “ Can we understand each other? "

Sex, lies and Islam

France is living a court scandal. It started quite innocently. A court in Lille annulled the marriage of two Muslims. It would be said there are thousands of such divorces. Nevertheless, the case caused a stir and the commotion reached the Bourbon Palace in Paris, the seat of the National Assembly. The chair swings with the Minister of Justice. The public discusses no less excitedly than the political and intellectual elite. The judicial verdict struck France at a sensitive point, raising a mix of questions about gender equality, the non-religion of civil society and the pressures of the Islamic tradition on the behavior and attitudes of individuals.


Traditional Japanese religion

Spirit of atheism

When you meet someone who tells you, " I know God doesn't exist, " he's not an atheist in the first place, but a fool. The same is true of someone who tells you, " I know God exists ." He's also a fool. He pretends his faith to be the knowledge.


A few sentences about Taoism

The key to power is peace

The key to everything is peace. And love and friendship. For, as has been said a thousand times, “Do good to the enemy as well! Love does not harm one's neighbor. ” (Bible, Romans 13:10)


The most important forerunners of the Reformation were the Waldensian, popular sect or current, which tried to restore the original church and achieved significant expansion in its time before it was militarily suppressed.

When it comes to life, it's about something

In practice, religion does not have to mean just godly spiritual and charitable activity. Behind this façade may be a relentless struggle of different directions and denominations for supporters and followers, for their voices and purses, for their unconditional support, forced psychologically and by the threat of violence. The story of today's Iraq is a clear example of how far a religion can go that does not want or cannot distinguish worldly and spiritual, temporal and timeless, clan and spiritual. Human life is losing value for him.





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