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  • The Germans will not win this war either

    Since the dawn of modern times, Rome (Italy), the Franks, now France, and the Germans, now Germany, have played a major role in the history of Europe. England has a special position. It is in the logic of history that each of these mainland powers tried to transform Europe into its own image. Germany, as the organizer of the largest human slaughterhouse in Europe, is stuck in our memory more due to the fact that in the past, every military and political assassin had to find enough people to do the killing nicely "by hand". Only modern times were able to kill people industrially, which was used by one of the most industrialized countries in the world - Germany. Neither the ancient Romans nor the Catholics and Protestants during the Thirty Years' War had these technical capabilities, and Napoleon, with the exception of the guillotine, did not.
    Each time also uses an ideology to try to conquer its surroundings. The Frankish King Charlemagne used Christianity, Napoleon the philosophy of Voltaire, from whose ideas the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen emerged, which ended in a monstrous massacre of hundreds of thousands and war throughout Europe ...

  • Beneš's Sophie's Choice

    A reminder of the events from October 5, 1938 to March 15, 1939 in a broader context.

  • The powerlessness of the powerful

    If you read that headline like "Too Powerless," nothing happens. This also happens to me sometimes when the eyes run so fast that the brain interprets the text according to an experienced template. Havel's world-famous text describes a certain reality of the world, where the so-called powerless can do almost anything. However, the above-mentioned headline on "helplessness of the powerful" occurred to me after the conference: "Current Trends and Future of Global Jihad: Why Should We Fight the Islamic State?", Organized by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the CEVRO Institute in Prague.

  • Fight for the Republic 1918-1920 (1)

    Hunger and Poverty From great politics and great struggles, let's look at the ordinary civic life of Austria, including the Czech and Moravian lands in 1917 and 18, until the Czechoslovak Army appeared in the republic as a "black swan". That is, as an unexpected force that ultimately helped resolve the dispute for the future.

  • Fight for the Republic 1918-1920 (2)

    2. Economic and political spasm of the Sudetenland and rescue of Czech children from Vienna.

  • Fight for the Republic 1918-1920 (3)

    3. Food Wins the War This was reportedly said by Herbert Hoover, later the 31st President of the United States, during World War I. In 1917, when America entered World War II, he was head of the US Food Administration .
    Hoover was aware that the most important thing for Europe's future was to provide food for children, as they were more sensitive to malnutrition than adults. Malnutrition affects children under the age of two first and foremost, but children under the age of 15 and adolescents are also at risk. In crisis situations, malnutrition is one of the most common causes of illness and death.

  • Fight for the Republic 1918-1920 (4)

    Law and collective guilt After many centuries, when Czech, Moravian and Silesian Germans were members of the national majority and considered themselves part of everything "German" - including Austria - they suddenly found themselves in 1918 in a situation where they were members of a minority. Czechs and Slovaks, overlooked by their German and Hungarian neighbors and underestimated as they flourished, began to be considered brazen competitors. The war ended and the "nobodys" were suddenly called Czechoslovaks ...

  • Would Hitler be a European Commissioner for the Environment today?

    Thinking over a book.

  • The devil in a lovely landscape 1

    The town of Mauthausen and the death camp.

  • The devil in a lovely landscape 2

    Mauthausen - continued.

  • The devil in a lovely landscape 3

    Mauthausen - continued.

  • The devil in a lovely landscape 4

    Mauthausen - continued.

  • The devil in a lovely landscape 5

    Mauthausen - continued.

  • Today's "Nazi Armee Fraktion"

    Anyone who remembered the Rote Armee Fraktion while reading the headline won and can go to their own fridge for a bottle of beer, according to the TV competition moderated by Mr. Nárožný. For the others, I would just like to remind you that the Red Army Faction ( German Rote Armee Fraktion, RAF ) was a West German left-wing terrorist group operating from 1970-1998. They called themselves a communist urban guerrilla group and claimed to be revolutionaries responding to unpunished Nazi crimes or to Germany's "failure to come to terms with its past." Which was basically true, and they so-called "solved" it with murders and assassinations.

  • Historical geopolitical reflection on the present

    To understand what this is all about, just a brief introduction to its history. For, as George Santayana said, "He who forgets his past is doomed to relive it." Today's conditions are not so different from, say, the days of Sama or St. Wenceslas. Danger comes from the East. For Samo, it was the Avars, for St. Wenceslas Huns. And from the West, the Franks, today the Germans and the French.

  • Heroes who didn't fit (1)

    Originally, it was supposed to be just an article about the unveiling of one memorial plaque. But then it turned out that it would probably be small, even in relation to those who were left with only letters engraved in marble. Remember living, brave people. They don't even have a grave. Their ashes were dumped in the dump of the Mauthausen concentration camp and on roads in the surrounding area. Of course, it is a memorial plaque to 294 heroes of the Heydrich's dead revenge (photo: Jiří Wagner) writing long. Who doesn't want to, don't read it. But everyone should ...

  • Heroes who didn't fit (2)

    In order to best clarify our own history and get rid of all the deposits and propaganda purposeful lies, the study also uses documents created by the "other party" - the Nazis ...

  • Heroes who didn't fit (3)

    After the killing of Heydrich, terror began in the Czech lands that had not been practiced here since the 17th century. However, the Nazis were fundamentally mistaken in assessing its impact. The obsession that Hitler obviously suffered towards the Czech nation and personally towards Beneš led in its political consequences to significantly negative results for the Germans themselves ...

  • How to additionally win World War II

    "Those who are experts in the art of war will subdue the enemy's army without a fight. They conquer cities without having to attack them, and they defeat governments without having to fight them for long. He established thirteen "golden principles" that are still valid today. The first says: discredit everything that is good in the enemy's country

  • The key to power is peace

    The key to everything is peace. And love and friendship. For, as has been said a thousand times, “Do good to the enemy as well! Love does not harm one's neighbor. ” (Bible, Romans 13:10)

  • BOOK: Death awaits over the BIskay

    Commentary on the book.

  • Christianity legitimizes our state 1

    Czech choice between Western and Eastern Christianity.

  • Christianity legitimizes our state 2

    Czech choice between Western and Eastern Christianity.

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (1)

    Munich agreement - whose loss was it ?!

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (2)

    History of Germans in Bohemia

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (3)

    A fundamental book about Czechs that Czechs do not know.

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (4)

    Overture, Act 1, or Blood is not water As the blogger "egon" wrote on the net: "A few days ago (October 2001), random pedestrians in front of TV cameras answered the question of when our republic was founded. As every year, some respondents have no idea events in 1918, and since many of us have forgotten what they taught us at school, let us recall the sequence of events leading to our independence. "

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (5)

    The rise of nationalism under Austria This is how Karl Marx put it for the Neue Reinische Zeitung in 1848. The quote was exactly as follows: "… irreconcilable struggle, war to the death of the Slavs, those traitors of the revolution… their extermination is needed, unbridled terrorism against them - not in the interests of Germany ( of course not, Karl .... ), but for the sake of the revolution… The situation between the Slavs and the Germans was already so tense at that time that the greatest revolutionary - Charles Marx ( himself considered a revolutionary and the GERMAN ) - immediately knew what to do with what he said, " Slavic splinters in the body monarchy ". So this comrades from Moscow and Prague somehow kept it secret from us …

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (6)

    Znojmo capitulated. We are going to Bratislava! Moravia, even though it has been a part of the Czech lands for more than a thousand years, is not Czech and everything is always a little different. It was no different in 1918.

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (7)

    Front-line veterans In general, not much is known about the Czechoslovak Army, which began in October 1918 to liberate and occupy the territory of the new Czechoslovakia. During the First Republic, it somehow "officially" pretended that the victory was brought by the legionaries. Under the communists, there was only talk of Czech Red Army men, and the legionaries were soldiers of imperialism or fought against the Bolsheviks, and the Great October Socialist Revolution was the only one that actually brought us freedom. Moreover, as far as I live, everyone is talking about cowardly Czechs. Fully in line with the views of Vienna's nationalist propaganda under Austria-Hungary and the post-February Communists. It is interesting that Hitler, as a soldier fighting in World War I, was very careful in his views on Czechoslovak soldiers and the nation as a coward during the war. During the Protectorate, he refused to involve any Czech soldiers in the war, although otherwise I would be willing to use Bosniaks, Albanians and Indians ...

  • Bloody Years 1938-45 (8)

    Lost Heroes The maturity and self-confidence of a nation can be recognized by the way it evaluates its soldiers, even though they have been on various warring sides due to political and personal events. The young and new republics did not behave badly towards the soldiers serving the emperor, but adored mainly legionnaires. It was understandable then. We can say that if it were not for the brave Czech " Austro-Hungarian " soldiers who formed the basis of the new Czechoslovak army, the Czechoslovak Republic might never have emerged. Because it was created by diplomacy, supported by a substantiated force.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (1)

    The real history of our state in the twentieth century is basically not taught in schools until 1918. It also ceased to be politically correct to show what happened during the war here in the Protectorate and what happened after the war. In particular, any notes, photographs, or documents about Nazi crimes evaporated like steam over a pot. What a difference, for example, from Germany, where exhibitions are held on the crimes of Nazism, on the crimes of the Wehrmacht, children learn what Nazism or the Holocaust were…

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (10)

    Personal memory of how it was in April 1945.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (11)

    "The Slavs, or us. And because we are stronger, the choice will not be difficult! ” R. Tannenberg

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (12)

    The first defeat of the idea of Great Germany Three most successful Austrian lies:
    1. Mozart was Austrian
    2. Hitler was German
    3. Austria-Hungary was broken by the Czechs

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (2)

    In order to further investigate what actually happened, we need to ask ourselves the basic questions that the world has known since ancient Rome and is used by forensic scientists today.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (3)

    Werwolfs (and Volkssturm) from 1944 to 9 May 1945.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (4)

    The Final Infernal Phase of War - Death Marches.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (5)

    The fates of those who "were not gods".

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (6)

    Do skeletons excercise?

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (7)

    The Germans are the Germans are the Germans.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (8)

    After the previous chapter, it would be "politically correct" to write something about those "good Germans" who did not participate in Nazi crimes and tried to either oppose or simply survive this terrible time.

  • Bloody Spring of 1945 (9)

    It is not in anyone's power to describe and list all the places of horror that Nazism has brought to the world. Even the description of what happened in the original territory of Czechoslovakia is frightening and extensive, that it goes beyond today's ideas. To show the horror of that time, I will focus in this section only on a small, selected section of crimes, both spatially and temporally.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (1)

    Central Europe 1914-1920 - bloody return from oblivion.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (10)

    Slovaks as Czechoslovaks.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (2)

    The annexation of Slovakia was no walk through the rose garden.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (3)

    Legionnaires, militia, fronts, Czechs, Moravians and Slovaks.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (4)

    Hooray for Bratislava and Košice!

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (5)

    Czechoslovakia rules in the military-occupied territories as far as Košice.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (6)

    1918-1920: "Trma-vrma" all around us.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (7)

    The Bolsheviks are moving to Europe.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (8)

    Defeated Wotan.

  • Lightning over the Tatras - (9)

    Red glow over Komárno.

  • Anti-State Center or Process with Slánský 2.0

    Each of us sometimes has a feeling of déjà vu, that is, seen before. It occurred to me at the moment when I read in the news that the anti-mafia unit of the police had been secretly investigating the case of Jana Nagyová for a year as a " suspicion of sabotage ". According to them, an unnamed " organized group " of persons " intentionally damaged the constitutional establishment or the defense of the republic ."
    Rostislav Bajgar prosecutor said on May 19, 2012, that on 20 March 2012 (ie two years ago! Sic!) police started "steps to verify the fact the offense of sabotage in the case now known as 'Nagyová and co.'"

  • August 68, occupation and forgotten heroes

    If we can trace something that runs through the history of the Czechoslovak Republic and today the Czech Republic as the famous red thread, it is a perfect "forgetting" of the heroes. First Republic Czechoslovakia purposefully forgot about the brave soldiers fighting in the uniforms of Austria-Hungary and praised the "legionnaires", the communists tried to wipe out the memory of the nation with slander and crime foreign soldiers and domestic resistance, by erasing from history and often from life even communist heroes who were not the real Marxists-Leninists and especially Stalinists.

  • After all, flying is so easy!

    “Fly like a bird! Hover to the clouds and meet the sun! Enter Svazarm! ”
    Well, they didn't take me to Svazarm, because, as I learned a lot later, the pilot school of gliding was intended mainly for future proven defenders of the homeland, which today some former Vassarmos in the biographies somewhat deny. For me, comrades decided that even if I had learned to fly by chance, which according to the results at primary school was not so certain, I would probably, in their opinion, flee to capitalist abroad with the entrusted socialist property - that is, by plane. This had to be prevented in advance. So I don't sail the plane.

  • Remembering the Prague Uprising

    Today, it is modern to collect the so-called "oral history", ie the stories of those who have experienced or seen something and will soon be no longer here, so their memories disappear with them. My friend Ota often persuades me to write some memories, but it seems a bit daunting to me. For the most part, the stories of witnesses are colored, often unbelievable. It is seldom possible to write something as nice as when Professor Vondráček ( Vladimír Vondráček - Memories ) wrote.

  • Requiem Mass for 294 Brave

    St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle, more properly the Cathedral of St. Vít, Václav and Vojtěch, on October 23, 2012, was waiting for us to attend an extraordinary and important funeral mass. In the presence of evangelical and orthodox priests, Cardinal Dominik Duka was to celebrate a funeral mass for 294 dead on the seventieth anniversary of their torture. However, they were not just some accidental victims of the Nazi rage, but brave opponents of Nazism. People who helped Anthropoid, Silver A, Out Distance and Intransitive to complete their task. And help save the endangered nation. Perhaps that is why such a solemn mass was celebrated only seventy years after their death, because from the beginning and unfortunately until now there have been and are too many those to whom the brave Czechs and Czechoslovaks did not fit and do not fit into their political " agenda ".

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (1)

    If you think that it is unnecessary and that there is no need to deal with history and thinking about it in any way, keep in mind the old motto, which also applies in our dispute and in dealing with our neighbors. Some of whom try to convince us that we are just a nation of cowards and fools: If we want to destroy a nation, we must first destroy its morals and it will fall into our lap like a ripe fruit. And now I will let you wonder if this was said by Sun Tsu, the famous Chinese military leader and philosopher, or by V.I. Lenin.

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (2)

    Bloody War - Czechoslovaks 1918-20.

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (3)

    First defectors, later legionnaires. Bloody War - Czechoslovaks 1918-20.

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (4)

    The third was the Serbian flag - Czechoslovaks 1918-20.

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (5)

    Under the French flag - Czechoslovaks 1918-20

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (6)

    Under the allied flags of the USA and Canada - Czechoslovaks 1918-20.

  • Life, battle and death under the seven flags (7)

    Italian flag - Czechoslovaks 1918-20.


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