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Krav Maga Global in the Mýto malting plant

For some time now, I have been going to visit a paintball field set up quite recently in Mýto ( Rokycany district ). Therefore, I was happy to use the invitation on the occasion of the shooting course of trainers of the self-defense and tactical system Krav Maga Global (KMG). On that occasion, I was also lucky enough to ask a few questions to the director of KMG in the Czech Republic, Jakub Otipek.

Law on Weapons and Ammunition

A new law on weapons and ammunition has been in force since 1 January 2003. Here you can get acquainted with it ...

The most famous military weapons of the Colt brand

Despite the inconvenience that has hit the company recently, the name Colt still has its sound. Irreparable romantics ( like myself ) love the legendary past of this famous armory. The name Colt has become a legend and a synonym for quality. After all, even today the little boys call all revolvers Colts. What is even more surprising is that today few people know that the Colt is not just a revolver and what is really behind this brand. That's why it's time to meet her.

The most famous military weapons of the Colt brand

At the time of Colt's death, Europe had switched to Lefaucheux revolvers charged with a single metal pin cartridge. In America, Smith & Wesson began manufacturing revolvers for metal single rounds with edge fire. Mr. Horace Smith and Mr. Daniel B. Wesson managed to obtain a patent for the young inventor Rollin White.

The most famous military weapons of the Colt brand

After the turn of the century, self-loading pistols were added to the Colt production program. They were designed for her by perhaps the greatest genius in the field of firearms, John Moses Browning ( 1855-1926 ), originally from Utah, who was the first ( April 20, 1897 ) to patent a self-loading pistol of essentially modern type with a removable magazine in the handle. In the years 1900-1909, seven models of self-loading pistols were created, initially called Colt - Browning, later only Colt. At first, the inscription " Browning's patent - patented April 20, 1897 " was even embossed on the left side of the holster of these pistols.

The most famous military weapons of the Colt brand

For many readers who associate the name of Colt's armory only with revolvers, it may come as a surprise that Colt also produced machine guns. It can even be said that she had extensive experience, because since 1866 she has been producing rotary weapons for the Gatling system. Her Browning machine guns later fought in both world wars, in Korea and in Vietnam ...

We will defend ourselves - part I. (The beginning of the journey)

This article is the first in a series that will address self-defense on the street. The reasons that led me to write it are simple: about 400,000 crimes are committed in the Czech Republic every year. About 5% of this number (around 20,000) are violent crimes. This means that approximately every 25 minutes in this republic, someone is attacked, beaten, robbed, raped or murdered. However, there are people who simply do not feel like being beaten, robbed, maimed, raped and killed whenever a crook gets hurt. And these people have the right to defend themselves!

We will defend ourselves - part II. (Stun Guns and Defensive Sprays)

Self-defense, according to its method, is divided into two main categories: 1. defense by non-lethal means 2. defense without weapons and with the help of cold and firearms in this work we will focus more on non-lethal defensive means. However, because this is a very broad topic, I will focus in this section only on defense through electric stun guns and defensive sprays. We will discuss gas guns and other aids next time.

We will defend ourselves - part IIa. (gas guns, lamps, personal alarms)

In this part of the series, we will deal with the self-defense of gas guns and the use of intense flashlights and personal alarms. Although in the case of these means (meaning lamps and alarms) it is no longer possible to speak of self-defense in the full sense of the word, they are nevertheless useful aids in personal safety.

We will defend ourselves - part III. (Self-defense and the law)

In the last part, we talked about non-lethal defense. From this part we will deal with defense in case we are fully determined to transfer all risks to the attacker and we are not completely impressed by the idea of an attacker whose blood flows after our defensive intervention. However, before we move on to the technical aspects of self-defense, let's talk about the legal limits of defense.




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