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Cold Weapons



A few brief pages on the martial art of AIKIDO


Interview with Morihei Ueshiba


Lecture on the meaning of aikido - Morihei Ueshiba from 1960s

Bujinkan Dojo

Bujinkan Dojo Martial Arts School

Ju jutsu

Ju jutsu martial art


Martial arts JuDo - a gentle journey


Martial arts using different types of weapons

Krav Maga Global in the MΓ½to malting plant

For some time now, I have been going to visit a paintball field set up quite recently in MΓ½to ( Rokycany district ). Therefore, I was happy to use the invitation on the occasion of the shooting course of trainers of the self-defense and tactical system Krav Maga Global (KMG). On that occasion, I was also lucky enough to ask a few questions to the director of KMG in the Czech Republic, Jakub Otipek.

List of equipment of the Roman legionary

I bring you a list of equipment and armaments of a Roman heavyweight from the period of the 1st century AD. It's a regular infantry kit. The equipment of officers and non-commissioned officers differed on several points. The legion was one of the most effective military units in the history of the military, and the legionaries became famous for their tenacity and physical condition. After the reforms that Gaius Marius first made in the army in Christ's army, the professional army became the foundation on which every candidate for government over Rome built. So what did these "history makers" use in their daily lives?

Naginata do

Martial arts Naginata do - halberd


Ninjutsu martial art


Ninjutsu martial art

So jutsu

Martial arts So jutsu - fight with a spear

Uniform sabers in the armament of the Austrian cavalry since the middle of the 19th century

By the middle of the 19th century, the cavalry of the Habsburg monarchy was armed with several models of cold weapons. Weapons differed not only between different types of cavalry, but also between ranks, even between officers. This fact brought with it several problems, which led the high command of the Austrian army to unify the armament of the cavalry and the introduction of the so-called uniform cavalry saber, which was to be armed without distinction of all cavalry components.

We will defend ourselves - part I. (The beginning of the journey)

This article is the first in a series that will address self-defense on the street. The reasons that led me to write it are simple: about 400,000 crimes are committed in the Czech Republic every year. About 5% of this number (around 20,000) are violent crimes. This means that approximately every 25 minutes in this republic, someone is attacked, beaten, robbed, raped or murdered. However, there are people who simply do not feel like being beaten, robbed, maimed, raped and killed whenever a crook gets hurt. And these people have the right to defend themselves!

We will defend ourselves - part II. (Stun Guns and Defensive Sprays)

Self-defense, according to its method, is divided into two main categories: 1. defense by non-lethal means 2. defense without weapons and with the help of cold and firearms in this work we will focus more on non-lethal defensive means. However, because this is a very broad topic, I will focus in this section only on defense through electric stun guns and defensive sprays. We will discuss gas guns and other aids next time.

We will defend ourselves - part IIa. (gas guns, lamps, personal alarms)

In this part of the series, we will deal with the self-defense of gas guns and the use of intense flashlights and personal alarms. Although in the case of these means (meaning lamps and alarms) it is no longer possible to speak of self-defense in the full sense of the word, they are nevertheless useful aids in personal safety.

We will defend ourselves - part III. (Self-defense and the law)

In the last part, we talked about non-lethal defense. From this part we will deal with defense in case we are fully determined to transfer all risks to the attacker and we are not completely impressed by the idea of an attacker whose blood flows after our defensive intervention. However, before we move on to the technical aspects of self-defense, let's talk about the legal limits of defense.



Long Weapons



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