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Bulletproof vests

The use of vests was mainly due to the Air Force. It started using them during the First World War, there was a need to protect the crew, especially against ground fire. The armor of the aircraft was unthinkable due to the unacceptable weight gain ...

Czechoslovak Army´s Summer Camouflage Oversuits

A brief article on camouflage disguises used in the Czechoslovak Army - officially Summer camouflage clothing with spots - variant 1 - 4 and Summer camouflage clothing with a knitted bast - so-called oak trees,clouds, birches, hejkal ...

Distinctions of the Ottoman army during the Great War

Shortly after the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the Ottoman Empire sided with Austria-Hungary and Germany, and its army numbered more than one million men after the mobilization. Although Sultan Turkey was then considered a "sick man on the Bosphorus", its armed forces went through several conflicts before the Great War (the Young Turks Revolution of 1908, the war with Italy on Libya in 1911, and the Balkan War in 1912-1913), which were valuable to them. source of knowledge. Although the Ottoman Empire lagged far behind its Western allies and opponents in industry and economics, its troops achieved remarkable success, the most important of which was the heroic and ingenious defense of access to the Sea of Marmara in 1915-1916, known as the Battle of Gallipoli, or the mighty 1916 offensives in Iran and Egypt. However, the protracted war exhausted the Ottoman Empire. By mid-1918, the initiative on all fronts had been taken over by the enemy, so there was no choice but to conclude an armistice on October 30. In Turkey, the sultanate was abolished in 1922, and the following year the country became a republic.

Pictures on US uniforms

Surely each of us, when visiting the Army shop, has already encountered the fact that a large board hangs somewhere on the wall, full of lots of different colored patches. And surely each of us should think about buying something only if we knew what the patch meant. And, of course, each of us had seen a military-historical event or the wander of a young man dressed in tigerstripes and boasting an Indian head patch on the lower half of his right sleeve.
Is he wearing it properly?

The rank is recognizable

From January 2011, we should meet soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic with slightly different rank designations in the streets of towns and villages, in buses, trains and trams. In connection with the amendment to Act 221/1999 Coll. on professional soldiers, the current rank structure is being adjusted, among other things. The basis of the vast majority of NATO armies is the non-commissioned officer corps, while in our country these ranks have so far been reserved for soldiers in the basic service and reserve. We have literally become an army of batches. And that is why change is happening now. In this article, we would like not only to introduce you to the upcoming news in this area, but also to make a small excursion into the history of the rank designation.

The success of air missions depended on the navigator's watch

It's dark all around you, the deafening roar of aircraft engines tearing at your eardrums. You're wearing thick flight clothes and you're still cold. The success of the mission and the lives of your comrades depend largely on your skills as a navigator. You don't have much to hand. Apart from a map, astronomical charts and an aerial sextant, you have an important helper on your wrist, a precision B-Uhr watch.

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