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  • 23.05.2012 - Crash of Russian aircraft An-30B in Caslav

    Russia's Antonov An-30B crashed while landing at a military air base in Caslav.

  • 3rd Squadron (Remote) Reconnaissance Group 33 (3rd (F) / 33)

    Brief history of the Luftwaffe remote recon unit - 3rd Squadron (remote) Reconnaissance Group 33 (3rd (F) / Aufkl.Gr. 33), including the known losses of its aircraft Junkers Ju 88 and Junkers Ju 188.

  • 44. SS-Panzer-grenadier-Division Wallenstein

    ... or Kampf Verband Wallenstein or Kampfgruppe Wallenstein. Some units of this division intervened against the insurgents during the Prague Uprising.

  • BONUS vz. 85

    Combat assault knife special - BONUS vz. 85 was to be introduced to the Czechoslovak Army as a replacement for the assault knife vz. 75. However, he was not introduced into the army. It was to be intended as a multi-purpose working tool for reconnaissance units.

  • Estonia 1939 - 1941

    At the end of the 1930s, the position of the Baltic states deteriorated. Anschluss of Austria, the Munich Conference on "About Us Without Us", the capitulation of France and Great Britain, and the occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia drew the contours of future developments that were clearly unfavorable to small states, although Hitler officially demonstrated to the world his disinterest in other territorial demands.

  • F/O Leo Anderle, DFC

    A pilot of the 138th RAF Squadron for Special Tasks, which deployed paratroopers to occupied Europe. He performed a total of 55 combat operations.

  • Major General Richard Tesarik

    On December 3, 2015, 100 years will pass since the birth of Major General Richard Tesarik, a tanker and hero from Sokolov and Dukla, who was decorated with the highest Soviet honor - the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Gold Star medal.

  • Josef Černota

    Wolfram team member, co-founder of the Czechoslovak airborne troops.

  • Compact assault rifle SR-3 Vichr

    Mini-assault rifle for Russian special forces caliber 9 mm.

  • Savoia Squadron - Italian transport aircrafts in Luftwaffe

    A brief history of Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 Marsupiale aircraft in the service of the Luftwaffe on the Mediterranean battlefield.

  • Czechoslovak Army´s Summer Camouflage Oversuits

    A brief article on camouflage disguises used in the Czechoslovak Army - officially Summer camouflage clothing with spots - variant 1 - 4 and Summer camouflage clothing with a knitted bast - so-called oak trees,clouds, birches, hejkal ...

  • Miniature radar searcher MRP-4

    Equipment for scouts and paratroopers of the Czechoslovak Army and the Czech Armed Forces. Many photos and video.

  • APS underwater assault rifle

    Soviet assault rifle 5.66 mm (APS) for combat swimmers. Unsurpassed underwater rifle.

  • R-2 (Mala class) - Yugoslav diversion minisubmarine

    The unknown mini-submarine R-2, Mala class from the former Yugoslavia is used to transport combat swimmers and attacks on moored vessels.

  • Special assault noiseless rifle AS "Val"

    A special noiseless assault rifle AS "Val" has been developed since the mid-1980s for special units of the Soviet army. Competition to the German H&K MP 5 SD submachine gun?

  • SS-Fallschirmjäger-Bataillon 500

    A unit that isn't talked about much. Yes, the Waffen-SS also had their paratroopers involved in an operation to capture J.B. Tito.

  • Assault knife Mk. 75

    Assault knife vz. 75 or UTON or UN-75. A practical knife that has been used in the army for over thirty years.

  • Assault knife Mk. V07

    The predecessor of the famous UTON knife, which served in the Czechoslovak Army from the 1950s to the second half of the 1970s.

  • VEGA - the first Czech vehicle of the MRAP category

    The first prototype of a MRAP vehicle ( M ine R esistant, A mbush P rotected) manufactured by the Czech company SVOS, ltd. Time will show whether this vehicle is able to compete (not only in price) with the brands Dingo, RG-33 or MaxxPro from renowned armaments groups. Concluding remark - the vehicle is allegedly to be offered to India, as evidenced by the right-hand drive of the prototype.

  • Inner Guard (1952 - 1966)

    The Internal Guard units were used to protect and guard factories and facilities of special importance (railway junctions, bridges, government buildings, transmitters), to provide external guarding of convicts' workplaces and to participate in the prosecution of fugitive convicts, anti-state groups and individuals, and the liquidation of counter-revolutionary actions.

  • Throwing star

    The throwing star "Rotačka" was to be introduced to the units of deep and special reconnaissance of Czechoslovak army


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Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse (1914)


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