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Cold War Era (1945-1989)

The period between the second world war and the collapse of the Soviet Union


Zhukov's nuclear exercise

In Tockij training space of Souther Ural military district is a memorial plaque with the inscription: “In September 1954, tactical manoeuvres of the troops under the leadership of Marshal of the Soviet union G.K. Zhukov took place on the territory of the training area. On any military firing range exercises are carried out almost continuously, but to a memory of just this one there is the framed commemorative plate.


Wars in Vietnam [1945-1975]

Vietnam War was a set of conflicts between 1945 and 1975 in the country of Vietnam and the border areas of Cambodia and Laos. First as colonial war with France, then as a proxy war between Communists supported North Vietnam and USA supported South Vietnam.

Suez war [1956]

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