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Cold war [1946-1989]


F-104 Starfighter - The phenomenon of speed

Nearing the end of 1951, conventional fighters introduced into service flew at speeds of about 1 MACH, rather less. They reached supersonic speeds mostly only in dive flight or completely without weapons. Lockheed designer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson visited United States Air Force (USAF) pilots fighting in Korea to find out which aircraft would suit them. He received an unisono response from the fighters: a light aircraft, overcoming the enemy in speed, climbability, access and dexterity.


In 1981, Colonel Ryszard Kukliล„sky, Colonel of the Polish People's Army, contacted the CIA and handed over 35,000 pages of secret documents about plans to prepare for a massive Warsaw Pact offensive, with which he did not agree. He also provided the West with information on 200 state-of-the-art Soviet weapons.

The Downing Of The U-2

In 1958 and 1959, reconnaissance flights over the Soviet Union took place only sporadically. Eisenhower was constantly worried that overflights could provoke the Soviets to react, and perhaps even start World War III. Beginning in 1959, the Soviets fired U-2s with their SA-2 ground-to-air missiles, and some came dangerously close. The question of the size of the Soviet arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles still remained unanswered.




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