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Iran-Iraq war [1980-1988]


Combat deployment of the S-75 system (Part 5 - 80s to the present)

The conclusion of a five-part series of articles on the combat deployment of anti-aircraft missile system S-75. This time we will focus on the conflicts of the end of the 20th century. Although this system was already obsolete at that time, in many countries it still had to be at the forefront ...

Iraq-Iran War Part 2

The second part of the article on the war between Iraq and Iran describes the mutual relations and the situation in both countries in the period before the outbreak of the conflict.

Iraq-Iran War Part 3

In the third part of the article on the war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980s, you will get information about the armament, strength and composition of the armed forces of both opponents.

Iraq-Iran War Part 4

The storm begins! The next part of the article on the bloody war between Iraq and Iran deals with the outbreak of fighting and the first reactions of world powers.

Iraq-Iran War Part 6

The next part of the series on the war between Iraq and Iran describes the operations in 1981 and 1982, when the Iranians began to gain more and more initiative, but at the same time power struggles broke out between their leaders.

Iraq-Iran War Part 8

The penultimate part of a series on the war between Iran and Iraq describes the events of 1986-1987, including the bloody operations "Va al-Fajr" and "Karbala".

Iraq-Iran War Part 9

The final part of an article on the fighting between Iraq and Iran describes the events of 1987-1988, including the tragic incident in which a US patrol boat shot down an Iranian civilian transport plane in the area, which it considered as a military one.

Qadisiyyat Saddam - Iraq-Iran War Part 1

The Iraq-Iran War, also known as the first Gulf War, is certainly one of the longest and bloodiest interstate armed conflicts, not only in the Middle East. In terms of killing, destruction and length, it will overcome only a few conflicts. Despite the fact that it has brought both rival countries almost to the brink of economic, social and political collapse, it is part of their national myth in both countries. In Iran, designations are used as: " Yang-e Tahmili " - forced war, or " Defa-e Mogchaddas " - ( time ) of sacred defense. In Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein, this period was revered as Qādisiyyat Ṣaddām (قادسيّة صدّام) - as a modern equivalent of the battle of Kadisiya between Muslim troops and the army of Sasanian Persia. As a result, it was the trigger for events that culminated ten years later in the occupation of Kuwait and the subsequent confrontation of Iraq with the international community under the leadership of the United States.

Tomcats in the Iraq-Iran war

Although the Iranian Air Force became the only foreign user of these powerful fighters, it was in his ranks that the F-14 Tomcat aircraft achieved their greatest combat success.




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