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Yom-Kippur War [1973]


Arab-Israeli conflict (1)

Almost every day, we hear about " news " in the Middle East from various media. I deliberately write news in quotation marks, partly because the conflicts in Palestine are certainly nothing new under the sun, and partly because it is precisely these news that are no sensations one would look forward to. In my opinion, however, most people don't even know what is causing these conflicts and how far their past goes. In fact, I am one of them. Maybe that's why I chose this thorny topic - I would like to understand it more and what leads people to mutual hostility.

Arab-Israeli conflict (2)

In 1922, the so-called Churchill's White Book was published. It confirmed to the Jews the right to establish a nation-state in Palestine, but rejected the Zionist interpretation of a purely Jewish Palestine.

Arab-Israeli conflict (3)

The winner of the Suez crisis was the Nasir regime. The response to Eisenhower's doctrine was the unification of Egypt and Syria as a whole of the United Arab Republic in February 1958. Yemen joined them in March. Egypt played a major role in the new state, but did not take into account Syria's differences. Therefore, it was not surprising that at the end of September 1961, a military coup took place in Damascus and its organizers announced the withdrawal of Syria from the alliance with Egypt. In December 1961, Yemen also separated. Nasir's authoritarian and statist decrees were rejected not only in Syria, but also by Egyptian Muslim brothers and parts of former Free Officers . For Egypt and Syria, the new war with Israel was a safety valve of accumulated internal tension.

Arab-Israeli conflict (4)

Egypt and Syria are preparing revenge for the lost Six-day war. They planned this event exactly on the day of the great Jewish holiday of reconciliation - Yom Kippur.

Arab-Israeli conflict (5)

In the spring of 1985, there were a number of new assassinations and violence between Palestinian and Jewish radicals. The abductions of Western and Soviet diplomats, professors, Jewish citizens, etc. are being carried out.

Henry Alfred Kissinger

A brief biography of one of the most important creators of American foreign policy of modern times and his relation to nuclear armaments.

History of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Television, newspapers and other media very often directly "bomb" us with reports of riots, violence or even war conflicts in the Middle East. The problems of this region can be divided into several basic groups and this work should focus on the issue of Arab-Israeli relations and the causes of today's situation. Therefore, we will be mainly interested in the State of Israel and neighboring countries (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon).





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