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  • Alexandr Saburov - partisan general

    The life story of a partisan commander who reached the rank of general and under whose command the captain Ján Nálepka passed with his soldiers

  • Archduke William Francis Charles of Austria

    When fighting broke out in Italy in 1848, he went there and made himself available to Field Marshal Radecký. He underwent several operations and proved to be a brave and prudent soldier.

  • Brigade and brigade combat team in the United States Army

    History of the brigade level in the US military, from the Washington Brigades to the current brigade combat commands, which form the basic combat element of the current ground forces.

  • Guards Armored Division

    History of the division during World War II.

  • Henry Shrapnel - Inventor of the shrapnel projectile

    Lieutenant Shrapnel served in the British Army with artillery. At his own expense, he was involved in the development of new ammunition, and in 1784 he came up with an invention he called ammunition with a spherical case. It was a hollow cannonball that was filled with lead shot and exploded in the air above the ground.

  • Hermann Wilhelm Göring

    Göring was officially the second man of the Nazi regime. However, his star was gradually fading. The failure of the Battle of Britain, the constant bombing raids on Germany and the nonsensical guarantee of the possibility of supplying the 6th Army surrounded at Stalingrad by air played a major role in this. Göring then withdrew considerably from public life and devoted himself more to his hobbies - hunting and stolen art objects. At the end of Nazi rule, he tried to take power and negotiate with the Americans and British. When Hitler found out, he stripped him of all his posts. Göring was the most prominent figure among the officials of Nazi Germany indicted and tried at the Nuremberg Tribunal. He was sentenced to death for his prominent role in Nazi crimes. However, he avoided execution by committing suicide by poison.

  • John Churchill

    He encountered a German patrol at Epinette. He gave the signal to attack the German soldiers in a very unusual way - he fired an arrow from his bow, which knocked down a German trainee. After the evacuation from Dunkirk, he volunteered for Commandos. Like everyone else, he had no idea what exactly it was, but he was attracted by the vision of danger and adventure.

  • Josef Kaizl

    He never flattered the masses of the people and had the courage to represent his convictions down and up.

  • Kurt Daluege

    Kurt Max Franz Daluege was chief of the national uniformed Ordnungspolizei of Nazi Germany. Following Reinhard Heydrich's assassination in 1942, he served as Deputy Protector for the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Daluege directed the German measures of retribution for the assassination, including the Lidice massacre. After the end of World War II, he was extradited to Czechoslovakia, tried, convicted and executed in 1946.

  • 67
  • Philip, Duke of Palatinate-Neuburg

    Philip the Contentious (German: Philipp der Streitbare), a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty, was a titular Count Palatine of the Rhine and ruling Duke of Palatinate-Neuburg from 1505 to 1541.

  • Lieutenant Colonel in memorial Jiří Jelínek

    Major Jiří Jelínek joined the Austro-Hungarian army as a reserve officer as soon as he was mobilized at the beginning of the First World War. He fought on the Serbian front and in December 1914 he was captured. In October 1915 he joined the Serbian army. In the position of company commander, he was awarded several times for bravery in the fighting on the Thessaloniki front. He was one of the few to receive the honorary title of "Junak". From the spring of 1918 he worked for the Czechoslovak. legions in France and at the end of the war he was company commander of the 35th Rifle Regiment in Italy.

  • Why did the Soviets have three third-generation tanks?

    Why did the Soviet Union develop and introduce three similar main battle tanks?

  • Richard Stephen Ritchie - the first and last fighter ace

    The story of the American fighter ace of the Vietnam War with five victories. He was the first of two American pilots to become an ace in the Vietnam War. At the same time, he was also the last American pilot to become a fighter ace.

  • With a white panther in the emblem

    Moscow Praetorian Guard or the History of the Independent Division of Operational Purpose (ODON)

  • Tank Instruction Division

    History and combat deployment of the German elite tank division

  • USS Nimitz - half a century on the guard of freedom

    History of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68) from the foundation of the keel to the present

  • The attack in Pulwama and the ensuing Indo-Pakistani conflict

    Current events between India and Pakistan

  • Big red one

    History of the US 1st Infantry Division from its inception during World War I in France to its deployment in Europe in Operation Atlantic Determination

Druhá světová válka
  • Guards Armored Division

    The British Army deployed three armored divisions in northwestern Europe. There were several major differences between these formations. While the beginnings of the 7th Armored Division date back to the interwar period and the unit underwent a number of combat deployments, the 11th Armored Division and the Guards Armored Division were not established until 1941 and trained in Britain for three years to experience their baptism in combat in Normandy.

  • Police school for the fight against gangs II

    The reason for the establishment of this school was the expansion of the guerrilla movement in Moravia and the lack of qualified forces to fight it among members of the riot police.

  • Fighter Squadron 2 / Jagdgeschwader 2 (JG 2)

    Origin, development, deployment of Fighter Squadron 2 (JG 2) during Second World War.

  • Fighter Squadron 2 Richthofen

    A brief history of one of the first fighter units of Nazi Germany.

Druhá světová válka Bitvy a operace
  • Battle of Berlin

    The Battle of Berlin was the last of the most significant combat operations of World War II in Europe. The fighting continued for several days after the fall of the city, but it was only a question of how many German soldiers could fight their way into captivity by the Western Allies and how many would fall into Soviet hands. The fall of Berlin meant a symbolic blow to the interior of the Nazi regime. After all, the German leader committed suicide during the battle. The hoisting of the Soviet flag over the Reichstag building symbolized not only the fall of the capital of the Great German Empire, but also the expansion of Soviet influence into Central Europe.

  • D Day - 6.6.1944

    The landing in Normandy, known as Operation NEPTUNE, represents the initial phase of Operation OVERLORD, which aimed to liberate northwestern France, which was to create the preconditions for the subsequent conquest of Germany. On June 6, 1944, the Allies carried out the largest military invasion from the sea in human history, thus fundamentally contributing to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

  • Operation Blockbuster - a duel not only for the Hochwald Forest

    Bloody clash of Canadian and British infantry and armor with German airborne and tank units on the northern part of the left bank of the Rhine.

  • Operation Corkscrew

    An article on the conquest of the strategically located island of Pantelleria and the adjacent islands of Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione in 1943, as well as on the (in)effectiveness and importance of aerial bombardment.

  • Operation Varsity

    A brief description of the historically largest airborne operation carried out in one day in one place

Druhá světová válka Životopisy
  • Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger de Saint Exupéry

    French writer and partly also a philosopher, a pilot (later a war pilot). Author of popular fairy-tale prose and humanistic and morally allegorical stories, which are permeated with philosophical considerations seeking the moral and spiritual meaning of human life in the superpersonal goal of a man who transcends himself.

  • Brigadier General Vladimir Prikryl

    Biography of a member of the Czechoslovak legions in Russia and the commander of the 2nd Parachute Brigade. A man who, like many others, was imprisoned after 1948 instead of being rewarded for his work in the Czechoslovak foreign resistance.

  • Hasso von Manteuffel

    Biography of a German tank commander.

  • Mad Jack - Lieutenant Colonel John Churchill, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar

    Biography of the legendary commander of the Commandos, who took part in the fighting in Europe and led his men to attack with a sword in hand. He was wounded many times during these actions and eventually fell into German captivity.

  • Walther von Hünersdorff

    Biography of the commander of the German 6th Panzer Division at the time of the Battle of Sokolovo.

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  • Carl von Ossietzky

    Intellectual, pacifist, leftist journalist of Jewish descent.

  • General Marcel Bigeard – hero or villain?

    Corps General Marcel Bigeard was one of the most popular and controversial French soldiers. He was celebrated as a hero by Dien Bien Phu, but at the same time he was suspected of being involved in the torture of prisoners.

  • Major General John Charles Frémont

    The Pathfinder.

  • Marshal of the Soviet union Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria

    Beria was one of the worst phenomena produced by the Stalinist Bolshevik system. It has played a significant role in the unfortunate fate of millions of Soviet and foreign citizens. He was not, unlike some of his predecessors or colleagues, a " mentally limited butcher " and had a certain outlook, but this does not diminish the seriousness of his negative deeds.

  • Polizeipräsident Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel

    Biography of a Berlin police president who did not intend to give in to either the Communists or the Nazis.

  • Sergei Arsenevich Goglidze

    A brief biography of the 2nd level Commissioner of State Security, Colonel General Sergei Arsentevich Goglidze.

  • Saint Wenceslas

    A brief biography of the Czech prince and the main guardian of the Czech state.

  • King of East Francia Henry the Fowler

    A brief biography of King Henry I Fowler, King of East Franconia, who consolidated the Kingdom of East Franconia and laid the foundations for the creation of the Holy Roman Empire.


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