A tank mobile bridge sold for CZK 375,000 on Auction

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You must have heard about the online platform Aukro. Aukro has a twenty-year history and in that time has built a strong base of users, and especially collectors. It is collectibles ranging from numismatics to antiques to militaria that are highly sought after on Aukro. In particular, military collectibles is a strong category where you can find over 21,000 listings.


On Auction, everything is neatly categorized so it's easy to find your way around and search directly in the category you're interested in.


Auctions that were worth it

Because Aukro takes great pride in the safety and security of its users and provides them not only with verified sellers, so-called TOP Sellers, but also with a secure Aukro payment. Buyers then have no qualms about buying even more expensive items. We have selected a few successfully completed auctions as a sample.

A tank mobile bridge is a special type of portable bridge designed for military use that allows tanks and other armoured vehicles to move over water obstacles or other difficult terrain. This type of bridge is designed to be portable, quickly assembled and disassembled, allowing for the rapid movement of troops over battlefield obstacles.



The Winchester Model 1886 is a historic repeating rifle developed and manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. This rifle was first introduced in 1886 and was designed by John Browning, a prominent firearms designer. The Model 1886 was designed to fire cartridges with blade cartridges, which allowed for the effective use of even more powerful projectiles than previous models.

A self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle of the Czechoslovak People's Army.

First marketed in 1873, the SAA SAA became one of the most famous and popular revolvers in United States history. This revolver was used in famous historical events, such as the Wild West era, and has become an icon of American shooting heritage.


So if you're missing something specific for your collection, Aukro is worth a visit and a try. You might be surprised by its interesting offerings. Items can be purchased at a given price - in the Buy Now offers or at auction.

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