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Allah's bride

So they are already among us. Czech Muslim women. They began their private struggles to win the hearts and heads of other adepts "surrendering to the will of God." Their internet jihad, an effort to shed light on the true and direct path to Allah, is imbued with enthusiasm and determination to resist adversity.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 17.497

Allah's party in Lebanon or when the community replaces the state

A portrait of Hasan Nasrallah is seated in the salon of Muhammad Mahdi Barru, the smiling owner of the " best " patisserie in al-Asahira, Baalbek. A charismatic leader of Hezbollah, a Shiite idol and a hero of the " anti-Zionist front " in the eyes of many Arabs, including Sunnis. Muhammad is not an activist of the " Allah Party ". However, he supports it " unconditionally ".
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 16.357

Bitter fruits of Russian decolonization

The Georgian crisis is interpreted differently. Human rights, superpowers, economically and strategically. The giant stepped on the dwarf. The bear raises its head. Restrictions on the control of oil and gas routes from and around Russia will not be allowed by Moscow. Different interpretations with a common denominator. The Eurasian empire is reviving, and the short democratizing intermezzo is giving way to deep-seated tendencies to dominance and despotism.
🕔︎ 04.09.2008 👁︎ 14.967

Certainties and uncertainties of Islamic justice

The slogans of political Islam are not losing popularity among Muslims, on the contrary. They are becoming more and more popular. It does not matter whether political Islam calls for peaceful rule or incites hatred. In other words, the public in Muslim countries favors Islamic types of government and earthly administration over secular, secular regimes, including civic democracy practiced in countries where the state and religion have separated. How to react to it?
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 14.076

Dancing elephants

A bag of conferences, seminars and lectures on Islam and the West has burst around the world. A way is being sought to stimulate interfaith dialogue and thus prevent a "civilization war". In such exchanges of views, there is usually a commendable consensus. Relations between the world's religions and the countries associated with them should not be bothered by "stereotypes", "untruths" or "prejudices". And it is also said that it would be appropriate for religious leaders to put their authority into public affairs. Whether it's business morale or global warming.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 13.159

Dutch warning

It seemed that something like this could only come to mind to the author of catastrophic stories. Hand on heart, who would ever think of thinking about the pairing of European secular law with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia Code. But it's clearly talked about it seriously and the world, wonder where? In "good old England", right in its Anglican heart, Canterbury. The Primate of the Anglican Church, Archbishop Rowan Williams, is toying with the prospect of transferring some civil matters of Muslim believers, such as divorce, child custody or inheritance, to courts following the principles of Islamic law.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 13.476

From the garden to the guillotine

Marie Antoinette has played a number of roles during her short life. They are performed by an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. About 300 works of art borrowed from all over Europe are set in a spectacular spectacle. The administrators of the exhibition chose well when they invited Robert Carsen to design the exhibition. The imaginative Canadian opera director, among others the author of Dvořák's remarkable production of Rusalka in Paris in 2002 at the beginning of the Czech season in France, boldly combines scenery, light and music. And it offers the audience a dramatically theatrical journey through the life of the last French queen.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 11.484

Has history betrayed them?

The French historian Marc Bloch, executed by the Gestapo in 1944, recalls in the introduction to his article Defense of History, published posthumously in 1949, the arrival of German troops in Paris and the collapse of the French administration. He asks, "Has history betrayed us?" The scattering of Fatah during the Battle of Gaza in June 2007 and the disappearance of Arafat's historic resistance organization from Gaza's political space put the PLO in a similar situation. Like the French administration in 1940, the rooftop Palestinian national institution may think it has been "betrayed by history."
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 12.462

How not to consider the past as the past

Europe has a Christian foundation and that is its hope and commitment. During a weekend visit to Paris, Pope Benedict XVI reiterated today's news. But what are those Christian roots of European identity?
🕔︎ 23.09.2008 👁︎ 12.113

How to win the war with jihad

Islamist terrorism alone will not be defeated by force. That struggle requires reason and also patience. However, we foreigners in the world of Islam will not win it, but it is a task for the Muslims themselves. Sure. It won't be tomorrow, not even in a year. It will take a long time. The " war on terror " in Afghanistan and Iraq is going differently than its clients seem to have wished. But what has begun should be completed. Despite all the doubts and criticisms, the West has not completely lost the opportunity to help Muslims and their world get rid of extremists.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 13.026

Information or provocation?

Can the media only inform and not provoke or are they allowed to provoke in order to bring the essence of the information closer? A similar question can be asked in the context of two recent cases from France.
🕔︎ 23.09.2008 👁︎ 11.695

It will not work without humanity

" Respect for life " as a starting point for Christian dialogue with Islam? One of the contributions in the collection, which is published on the occasion of the sixties of our well-known intellectual personality, suggests something like this. It sounds nice, even though I feel formless caution. But what bothers me the most is that a person has disappeared somewhere. Am I to understand that it would bother in dialogue with Muslims?
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 13.813

Less freedom, more hatred

The illusion of a global consensus on the universality of human rights has lost its luster. The rich world puts civil and political rights at the forefront, poorer countries claim that economic, social and cultural rights are more valuable. The controversy intensifies and the hope for a reasonable compromise is shattered by the obsession of the countries of the Muslim world. Islam does not want to accept the existence of Israel. The first disturbing signal was sent by the Durban Conference against Racism, Intolerance and Xenophobia in 2003. Since then, it has only gone for the worse.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 13.346

Love and tradition

Saudi Arabia's interpretation of Islam, conservative and fundamentalist, may in the future speak quite prominently of the way Muslims will mostly live and practice their faith. The new generation does not rebel against the strict rules of religion at home, and Saudi money opens the door to the world for pious and conservative Islam.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 12.448

Messages from Damascus

They called him a "faceless terrorist." Before Osama ibn Ladin claimed responsibility for the September 11, 2001 assassination, the US secret services judged that he, Imad Mughniya, was to blame. Until then, he held the lead in the number of Americans killed in Islamist assassinations around the world. On Tuesday, February 12, his earthly pilgrimage, followed by a great speck of human blood, ended. Whatever one treats, one also lacks. In Damascus, he was killed by a bomb blast located in his off-road Mitsubishi.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 13.672

Muslim woman without veil

The multiculturalist illusion was once one of the manifestations of Dutch tolerance. The onslaught of radical Islamism at the beginning of the new millennium dramatically changed established customs. A wave of contagious populism is rising, and the very word Islam is enough to arouse anger and resentment. The living "Dutchness" sharply challenges the coexistence of the locals with Muslim immigrants. After the ousting of Aján Hirsí Ali, Naema Tahirová takes over the baton of critical Muslim women. At the time of the dispute over Geert Wilders' film, which no one has seen yet, but everyone is afraid of because it is known that a populist politician likens the Qur'an to Hitler's Mein Kampf, the Dutch "veil-free Muslim woman" offers a different kind of criticism of Islam.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 13.580

Rendez-vous with Allah?

Two members of our blogging community on iDnes have agreed on a joint project. It is a kind of reciprocal exchange of personal experiences, knowledge and experiences with religion. The two young practicing believers, the Muslim A´isha and the Catholic Thomas, apparently want to tell each other and their readers what Islam tells them on the one hand and Christianity on the other. At the same time, it is impossible not to hear the unspoken but intrusive question in the subtext: “ Can we understand each other? "
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 12.646

Sex, lies and Islam

France is living a court scandal. It started quite innocently. A court in Lille annulled the marriage of two Muslims. It would be said there are thousands of such divorces. Nevertheless, the case caused a stir and the commotion reached the Bourbon Palace in Paris, the seat of the National Assembly. The chair swings with the Minister of Justice. The public discusses no less excitedly than the political and intellectual elite. The judicial verdict struck France at a sensitive point, raising a mix of questions about gender equality, the non-religion of civil society and the pressures of the Islamic tradition on the behavior and attitudes of individuals.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 16.035

Spirit of atheism

When you meet someone who tells you, " I know God doesn't exist, " he's not an atheist in the first place, but a fool. The same is true of someone who tells you, " I know God exists ." He's also a fool. He pretends his faith to be the knowledge.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 14.285

Terror notes with tyranny

"Repression, misery, oppression, loss of hope, the absence of any common national goal," one of the heroes of the last novel by the Egyptian writer Ala al-Aswan is angry at his Arab homeland. The book is called Chicago. "The Egyptians are no longer hoping for justice on this earth and are waiting to come from the other world. But there is no real piety in that. Egypt is dominated by a collective neurosis accompanied by religious exhibitionism. "
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 11.742

Terrorism: Decline or Rebirth?

Al Qaeda vs. Al Qaeda. War of bosses and quarrels of tendencies. An image of the current state of the main base of Islamist terrorism. Is it the result of successful intoxication by the Western secret services or a reflection of the natural fission that will sooner or later affect every extremist movement?
🕔︎ 27.11.2008 👁︎ 13.439

Terrorist on his own

Don't think they're fundamentally different from you and me. I admit that it's hard for me to say. It's easier to think that furious young Islamists are crazy psychopaths. Or sexually frustrated young men. With brainwashed fanatical imams in dark madrasas. But if we just relax a little in prejudices and myths, there is someone who is used to us. Marc Sageman, an American terrorism expert, offers a much more prosaic solution. Terrorism is a disease that begins with quite natural human emotions. It is spread by " little brother ".
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 13.029

The last day of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

On August 6, 2008, Alexander Solzhenitsyn definitely returned to Russia. After a dramatic earthly pilgrimage, he will rest in the Don Monastery, south of the center of Moscow. At the end of the 16th century, this sanctuary was built by Boris Godunov, an icon of the Don Bogogodice. Twice in the name of this saint, Russia successfully defended itself against the Mongol invasions. From now on, today's Russia will come here to pay homage to one of its greatest writers of the 20th century.
🕔︎ 08.08.2008 👁︎ 15.367

The War of the Turbans

The March parliamentary elections in Iran strengthened the wing of religious conservatives. However, they did not do much good to President Ahmadinejad. His re-election in 2009 is far from certain. The future of the country will be decided by the war of the turbans, the rivalry of the conservative and reform wing of the Iranian clergy. Washington's new White House tenant could help Iranians get rid of the hysterical radical.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 11.254

There is a smoldering fire under the ashes

For a long time, we regarded Islam as something uniform and Muslims as a whole mass. Today we know that this is not entirely true. According to reports from Iraq, we already know that Muslims of the two main branches of the Islamic religion, Sunnis and Shiites, compete with each other and that their disputes take a very bloody form from time to time. If we were to take stock of the current threats of religious wars, hatred between Sunnis and Shiites would come to the fore.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 11.435

Too many people for one God

There is snow on the tops of the Lebanese mountains and a pleasant chill is blowing from the cedar groves. In the past, caravans drove ice from there to cool drinks to the caliphs' courts in Baghdad and the Sultans to Egypt. The mountainous corner, which has long been a refuge for religious minorities, is beautiful and sad at the same time. The history of Lebanon, in short, is "snow that does not cease to mourn." Snow white is constantly colored with the blood of ruthless war. Even today, the violence is not over.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 11.483

Ukraine, a European country?

" Ukraine is a European country that shares common history and values with EU countries, " the statement said in a statement emerging from a September summit between Ukraine and the EU in Paris. Europe has indicated that it intends to start the process of Ukraine's integration from next year. Remarkably timed helpfulness. It came after President Sakashvili's disastrous adventure in Georgia and the demonstration of Russian power that followed.
🕔︎ 04.11.2008 👁︎ 16.336

When it comes to life, it's about something

In practice, religion does not have to mean just godly spiritual and charitable activity. Behind this façade may be a relentless struggle of different directions and denominations for supporters and followers, for their voices and purses, for their unconditional support, forced psychologically and by the threat of violence. The story of today's Iraq is a clear example of how far a religion can go that does not want or cannot distinguish worldly and spiritual, temporal and timeless, clan and spiritual. Human life is losing value for him.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 12.738

When the West asks conscience

They lived in symbiosis with the desert and the savannah. Tens of thousands of years. They composed and sang ballads, painted on the sand and on the walls of the caves. They created an ingenious composition of kinship and social ties. Aborigines of the Australian continent, Aborigines. They contributed to the birth of one of the many faces of humanity. Neither the best nor the worst compared to others.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 12.404

You will find the truth in exile

I admit that I sharpened my pen to question Kosovo's independence. However, a number of colleagues from other blogs preceded me. I will not multiply what has been said and add oil to the fire of Jeremiah. While there are concerns, it is an exaggeration to say that this is a signal for the Balkanisation of Europe and the birth of a dangerous focus of Islamization of Europe. I'm going to pour a little water into too strong a wine.
🕔︎ 19.05.2008 👁︎ 12.051

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