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Dummer's war

Dummer's War aka Lovewell's War
🕔︎ 20.07.2004 👁︎ 17.211

Ernst Barkmann

Some interesting facts from the life of this tank commander.
🕔︎ 27.07.2004 👁︎ 40.438

György Debrődy - Hungarian fighter ace

In the 1944 fighting, Hungarian fighter pilots had to fight against multiple enemy overwhelming forces. Comradeship was the factor that could ensure survival in seemingly hopeless battles and situations. In May 1944, Lieutenant-General György Debrődy had already won his 16th air victory, and his good fortune always saved him from death.

🕔︎ 03.12.2004 👁︎ 26.862

Hugh Godefroy

Dutch fighter ace of WWII
🕔︎ 03.12.2004 👁︎ 21.265

Italian Air Force on the Allied side 1943 - 1945

After the armistice in 1943, some pilots fled north to form the Republican Air Force and continued to fight for Mussolini. The majority of the Regia Aeronautica, however, took up arms against the Axis, flying over 4,000 missions between September 1943 and May 1945.

🕔︎ 15.09.2004 👁︎ 27.543

Joaquin Garcia-Morato

Joaquín García-Morato y Castaño was a Spanish military and aviator who participated in the Civil War on the rebel side. He is considered the greatest Spanish aviation ace to date. In 1950 he was posthumously awarded the title of Count of Jarama.

🕔︎ 03.12.2004 👁︎ 25.696

Johannes Kümmel

Brief biographical data of the tank ace Johannes Kümmel
🕔︎ 27.07.2004 👁︎ 27.326

Major Walter Nowotny

One of the best German fighter pilots, the fifth most successful in history and the commander of the first combat unit armed with jets called Komando Nowotny.

🕔︎ 06.07.2021 👁︎ 4.628

Monte Grappa 1917-18

The strategic location of Monte Grappa did not go unnoticed by any of the warring parties. The Italians built their fortifications on the northern part of the summit, a huge maze of positions with cannons and machine guns, which was sunk deep into the rock, thanks to the experience of the French from Verdun.
🕔︎ 28.12.2005 👁︎ 51.982

Nicolae Polizu

Romanian fighter ace; he scored for the first time against Hungary in 1940 on the He 112 and then continued his victories on the Eastern Front on the Bf 109.

🕔︎ 22.07.2005 👁︎ 20.928

Otto Carius

Brief biographical data of this tank ace
🕔︎ 27.07.2004 👁︎ 41.860

Queen Anne's War

Queen Anne's War: The War of the Spanish Succession 1702-1713
🕔︎ 20.07.2004 👁︎ 23.051

The end of the existence of Regia Aeronautica

the Italian surrender ended the existence of Regia Aeronautica, the Italian Air Force from this date fought on both sides of the front under new names.
🕔︎ 15.09.2004 👁︎ 20.571

Whisky Rebelie

Whiskey Rebellion - 1794
🕔︎ 15.07.2004 👁︎ 14.499

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