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  • A weapon for every family

    📕15.190 🕔15.02.2012

    If gun ownership is criminalized, only criminals have guns . "This claim by pro-gun activists is difficult to argue with. Owning a weapon also relativizes the physical strength of the attacker and the victim. An year ago, an interesting incident took place in an Israeli school. A quick-thinking teacher used his gun to shoot the attackers. A gun in good hands can therefore effectively prevent school tragedies.

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  • Azerbaijan's relations with Russia: the path of pragmatism

    📕16.505 🕔13.02.2012

    The submitted commentary aims at a brief reflection of the relationship between Azerbaijan and Russia. It pays particular attention to its changes from a very cold approach on both sides to a gradual cautious rapprochement and does not neglect the wider geopolitical context.

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  • Geopolitics in Central Asia

    📕17.595 🕔15.02.2012

    Central Asia is an important region, both militarily and economically, in which the great powers are showing increasing interest. The collapse of the USSR resulted in the independence of the five Central Asian republics, which naturally began to seek new allies and partners in the international system. The involvement of world and regional powers did not take long, and the region soon gained a distinctive name: the New Balkans. The strategic position, the rich raw material base, as well as the ethnic and religious composition are motives that continuously contribute to the intensification of the rivalry between the main international players in Central Asia.

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  • Is Russia a secular or Orthodox state?

    📕12.952 🕔07.08.2012

    The Russian Orthodox Church has experienced a revival over the last 20 years, which has significantly increased its influence in various areas of Russian society. During the existence of the USSR, the RPC was a persecuted religious organization and one of the main opponents of the regime, while in the early 90's it supported the liberal reforms of former President Yeltsin. Especially during the reign of Vladimir Putin, however, she began to be close to state power and gradually managed to gain a privileged position, which raises doubts about the secular character of the Russian Federation. So is Russia an Orthodox or secular state today?

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  • Secessionism in Texas

    📕13.571 🕔15.02.2012

    Texas is the only American state to have won independence on its own. It was originally a Mexican territory, in which the number of American settlers increased sharply at the beginning of the 19th century. However, the Texas Revolution in 1835-1836 definitively ended the Mexican dominion. The result was the creation of the Republic of Texas, which existed independently for 10 years.

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  • The Kyrgyz president wants to close Manas

    📕12.621 🕔13.02.2012

    Vision of the closure of the US base in Manas and the possible effects of such an action on operations in Afghanistan.

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  • The popularity of fascism among young people is growing

    📕11.643 🕔14.02.2012

    European media are sounding the alarm. The far right on the old continent is gaining strength and gaining more and more voters. This fact is evidenced in particular by the electoral success of the Hungarian Jobbik, the Wilders Freedom Party in the Netherlands and the recent historical success of the anti-Islamic Swedish Democrats, who entered parliament for the first time. Political scientists recall that the situation is not only due to the economic crisis, but also to multiculturalism, the long-term inability of moderate parties to solve social problems and the successful promotion of radical ideas among young audiences.

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  • Why does Moldova not occupy Transnistria?

    📕20.899 🕔08.08.2012

    A special relic of the Cold War, which today de facto acts as an independent state unit with the official name of the Transnistrian Republic of Moldova, arose in the dynamic period of the collapse of the USSR. One of the secondary effects of Gorbachev's perestroika was the rise of nationalism and ethnic separatism in various parts of the Soviet empire. An exception was not Moldova, whose high Soviet adopted Moldovan as the only official language in August 1989 and declared the return of Moldovan to the Latin alphabet.

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