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  • Hot summer in Britain

    📕9.942 🕔14.02.2012

    Summer in Britain is really unusually hot this year (2011). Following the wiretapping scandal of the tabloid newspaper media mogul Robert Murdoch, News of the World , which is unparalleled in British history in its scope and depth, comes another shock for British society. The biggest, most destructive and worst riots in decades, which engulfed Britain's most important metropolises for five nights.

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  • Lone wolf terrorism - attacks in Oslo

    📕11.673 🕔07.08.2012

    Although the terrorist attacks in Oslo shocked the whole world, terrorism perpetrated by individuals, so-called " lone wolves ", is not a completely unknown phenomenon. The following article outlines this issue against the background of the tragic events in Norway.

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  • Nuclear weapons in the strategic relationship between India and Pakistan

    📕17.015 🕔14.02.2012

    India-Pakistan relations and conflicts are extremely important internationally. This is a region where there is currently the most real risk of the possibility of a war between two nuclear powers. The following study aims to explore the nuclear weapons of Pakistan and India and to compare their development, deployment options and nuclear doctrines in a broader strategic context.

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  • Shadow over Bucharest

    📕6.902 🕔08.08.2012

    While most European media have long focused on the debt problems of the old continent and the never-ending summits of the European Union to save the euro, a serious political crisis has been taking place in Bucharest for almost half a year. Many commentators even talk about the worst crisis since Ceausescu. But what exactly is happening in Romania? The following comment will try to answer you.

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  • The American Pacific Century?

    📕10.037 🕔13.02.2012

    In her article published this month in Foreign Affairs, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called this century and the coming decades in American foreign policy a Pacific era. According to her, this region will become a key engine of global politics in the coming years, and the message to the whole world ( and primarily to Beijing ) is clear - Washington will be there.

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  • The empire (does not) strike back

    📕12.604 🕔07.08.2012

    Commentary on the approaching 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.

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  • The South China Sea region as a security complex

    📕15.509 🕔08.08.2012

    The South China Sea and the growing interest of great powers in it are filled with newspaper headlines. The following text aims at a thorough analysis of this area from several dimensions, hoping that it will contribute to a better understanding of this remote, but probably key to the geopolitics of the 21st century.

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