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  • Israeli airborne troops

    📕17.902 🕔04.08.2002

    Of all the elite units in the world, none have participated in as many battles as the Israeli ones. They were founded in 1948 during the War of Independence and their equipment initially consisted of one Curtiss C-46 aircraft and 4,000 second-hand parachutes. The unit consisted of Israeli veterans of the British Army and Palmach, graduates of the airborne course, which took place in Czechoslovakia, and a number of adventurers.

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  • M4 Sherman and its variants

    📕54.703 🕔29.03.2003

    When the M4 tank appeared at El Alalamein in September 1942, the Axis units were surprised by its superiority over the Panzer IV and Panzer III tanks, and therefore it soon began to be called the king of the battlefield.

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  • SAR Assault Units

    📕18.709 🕔02.02.2003

    After more than 20 years of fighting in South Africa, SADF is not conducting any action beyond the country's borders today. The SADF raid units were established during the war in Angola and Namibia and today are the elite of the South African army.

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  • SdKfz. 251

    📕56.893 🕔07.07.2003

    Half-track vehicles, traditionally called "hakl" in Bohemia, appeared in the German army at the beginning of 1935. The chassis of the Hansa-Lloyd SdKfz. 11 (SondenKraftFarzeugh-special vehicle) half-track tractor proved to be the most suitable. According to General Guderian's specifications, the vehicles were to transport troops to the place of combat, from where they were to continue on their own. The reality, however, was that other soldiers were forced to fight directly from the vehicle as they had to advance along with the tanks.

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  • Working with resin models and detail sets

    📕16.657 🕔02.02.2003

    Nowadays, more and more modellers do not have to build a model only from a box and cut it in various ways and add various accessories such as an engine, a new detailed interior, metal barrels and belts for tanks or photo-etched parts.

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