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A few brief pages on the martial art of AIKIDO
🕔︎ 19.01.2005 👁︎ 21.440


Interview with Morihei Ueshiba
🕔︎ 19.01.2005 👁︎ 16.166


Lecture on the meaning of aikido - Morihei Ueshiba from 1960s
🕔︎ 19.01.2005 👁︎ 12.574

Buddhism in Japan

Buddhism was the first consciously adopted religion in Japan. Originally formed in India, it gradually penetrated throughout South and Southeast Asia, and along the Himalayas also north to China, Korea, and Japan. The teachings of Buddhism were divided into two main currents. Mahayana and Hinayana. Hinayana is sometimes called Theravada - the teachings of the elders of the order. It is widespread in Ceylon, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, while in China, Korea and Japan, Buddhism has developed in the direction of Mahayana.
🕔︎ 07.09.2005 👁︎ 32.382

Bujinkan Dojo

Bujinkan Dojo Martial Arts School
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 21.145

Bushido - the samurai moral code

A samurai moral code containing the basic principles of conduct that every samurai followed. Originally, these were unwritten rules, determined mainly by philosophical direction.
The basic principles are: loyalty to the master, respect for ancestors and parents, honesty, truthfulness, courage and sincerity, virtue and self-improvement.

🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 169.024


The present of the elite Japanese military academy of the naval defense forces.
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 14.081

Japan 1945 - Terror or peace efforts?

The effort of Japanese politics to end the war in the Pacific without losing face, as opposed to the hard militaristic line of fanatics. Why did the Americans insist so hard on their intransigence in surrender conditions?
🕔︎ 18.01.2005 👁︎ 24.653

Jo jutsu - JoDo

Martial arts with a stick Jo.
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 22.306

Ju jutsu

Ju jutsu martial art
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 15.963


Martial arts JuDo - a gentle journey
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 13.447


Martial arts using different types of weapons
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 29.082


Martial art of archery
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 24.538

Naginata do

Martial arts Naginata do - halberd
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 19.264


Ninjutsu martial art
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 35.482


Ninjutsu martial art
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 21.518


Traditional Japanese religion
🕔︎ 07.09.2005 👁︎ 44.991

Shuriken jutsu

Martial arts Shuriken jutsu
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 30.356

So jutsu

Martial arts So jutsu - fight with a spear
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 13.220


Sumo martial art
🕔︎ 20.01.2005 👁︎ 20.062


A few sentences about Taoism
🕔︎ 07.09.2005 👁︎ 27.935

The era of Japanese history

Individual eras and a brief list of significant events in the history of Japan.
🕔︎ 23.09.2008 👁︎ 21.190

Zen Buddhism

a little about Japanese Zen Buddhism.
🕔︎ 07.09.2005 👁︎ 41.332

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