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  • We will defend ourselves - Volume VIII (Self-defence with short firearms - pistols and revolvers)


    This article is not intended to teach anyone how to shoot or to help with gun selection. There is plenty of literature on this topic on the market, both Czech and foreign. Rather, the article emphasizes the most heady part of self-defense with short firearms - the reality of a real encounter.

  • Iron Arnost


    Arnošt Steiner was a Czech soldier, colonel and war hero who took part in all the battles from Sokolov through Kiev, Bila Cerkev, Zaskov and Dukla to reach Prague together with his comrades in May 1945. He became legendary especially in the battles at Dukla during the conquest of Hill 534 and Hyrowy Mountain, when he earned the nickname Iron Arnost, because he survived unharmed even in situations where his comrades in arms said it was impossible to survive.


  • King Gaiseric


    Gaiseric, also known as Geiseric or Genseric was king of the Vandals and Alans from 428 to 477 AD. He ruled over a kingdom and played a key role in the decline of the Western Roman Empire during the 5th century.


  • Panzer-Brigade 103


    In July 1944, on Hitler's direct order, 10 tank brigades numbered 101 to 110 were formed to hold back the Soviet advance into the Reich. These highly mobile units were able to respond quickly and effectively to local breakthroughs at the front, but they did not reverse the unfavorable strategic situation. Most of them were disbanded during the winter and incorporated into panzer divisions. Tank Brigade 103 was not deployed until March 1945.

  • CAS 30-S3VH


    CAS is designed to intervene in traffic accidents, technical accidents, environmental accidents and to assist in combat and training activities of troops where there is an increased risk of fire.

  • VK 28.01 Mehrzweckfahrzeug


    That the VK 28.01 "Mehrzweckfahrzeug" standardised platform project is little known? What about its planned version for moving on rails?

  • GKN Saxon


    The Saxon is an armoured personnel carrier used by the British Army and supplied in small numbers to various overseas organisations. It was developed by GKN Sankey from earlier projects, AT 100 IS and AT104, and was due to be replaced by the Future Rapid Effect System.

  • Harris's Battle of Berlin - A Failed Attempt to End the War


    Maintenance of morale has become the most difficult problem facing the domestic authorities in Germany. Awareness of the full extent of the consequences of the air attack has spread to all parts of the country since the destruction of Hamburg, and the general attitude is that peace must be achieved at all costs and the destruction of other German cities prevented.
    Royal Air Force Intelligence, November 1943

  • Battle of Makin (landings and ground operations)


    Already in January 1943, when Guadalcanal was still being fought, Admiral King presented a plan for further combat operations in the Pacific area at the Casablanca conference. According to him, the next attack against Japan was to be conducted through the islands of the Central Pacific. But General MacArthur was strongly opposed. He demanded that the main direction of attack should come from the Solomon Islands area and then proceed through the Philippines and Taiwan to Japan.
    Where will the fight be after Guadalcanal?

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  • Order of Victory


    There are a number of decorations in various countries that were awarded in smaller numbers than the Soviet Order of Victory, but it is still rightly considered the rarest and most expensive decoration in the world.

  • 17. November – International Students' Day


    At the end of 1939, Nazi authorities in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia suppressed a demonstration by students of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. The demonstration took place on 28 October on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia (1918). During this demonstration, a student, Jan Opletal, was shot and died of his wounds on 11 November. On 15 November his body was to be transported from Prague to his home in Moravia. His funeral procession was made up of thousands of students who turned the event into an anti-Nazi demonstration...

  • GAZ-51


    Soviet truck with a payload of 2.5 tons, one of the most widely used trucks in the USSR in the 1950s to 1970s.

  • The journey of the United States to Vietnamese hell


    American professional athlete Rocky Bleier almost lost both legs in Vietnam. In a later interview, he had only one regret. No one ever told him what it was all about. Not at the training center, not in his platoon in Vietnam. "I wanted to know why I was going there," he said, "but I never found out."

  • Stormer 30


    Stormer 30 is a variant of the Stormer family of tracked vehicles and the development was based on proven technology from the Scorpion range of light tanks for operation on any terrain and in any environment. The vehicle is operated by three crew members, a driver, a commander / loader and a gunner.

  • LP-257


    Double canon 257 on a T-34 tank

  • Philip, Duke of Palatinate-Neuburg


    Philip the Contentious (German: Philipp der Streitbare), a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty, was a titular Count Palatine of the Rhine and ruling Duke of Palatinate-Neuburg from 1505 to 1541.

  • Mithridates VI Eupator


    Mithridates or Mithradates VI Eupator was the ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus in northern Anatolia from 120 to 63 BC, and one of the Roman Republic's most formidable and determined opponents. He was an effective, ambitious and ruthless ruler who sought to dominate Asia Minor and the Black Sea region, waging several hard-fought but ultimately unsuccessful wars (the Mithridatic Wars) to break Roman dominion over Asia and the Hellenic world. He has been called the greatest ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus. He cultivated an immunity to poisons by regularly ingesting sub-lethal doses; this practice, now called mithridatism, is named after him. After his death, he became known as Mithridates the Great.

  • T-34 platform cable groover and installer


    The top civilian conversion of the famous T-34 tank, which combined a grooving vehicle and a cable-laying vehicle. Unlike the use of lighter military platform types that could only handle one task, this platform was sufficiently sized to handle both functions.

There are 7030 published articles here.

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