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  • Panzerbeobachtungswagen V


    At the end of 1942, a project of a reconnaissance artillery-guidance version of the PzKpfw.V "Panther" tank was created. Originally, the cannon was Kw.K. 42 L / 70 replaced by a 50 mm cannon Kw.K. 39/1. Additional armament was to form a machine gun MG 34. The original plan to arm the tank with a cannon was later reconsidered and it was decided to replace the cannon armament with a dummy one.

  • T810-ZČ-1R0R26 13 177 6x6.1R


    The off-road special medium-duty car - a flatbed with a lifting front - enables the loading and folding of material on the loading surface of the vehicle with its own, rear-mounted lifting front with a load capacity of up to 1,500 kg. The flatbed platform is intended only for the transport of material - unlike the classic T810-V flatbeds, it is not equipped with folding benches for the transport of people.

  • Major General Emil Milan Uzelac


    During his life, he became the founder of three air forces, three different independent states.
    He became a pilot and commander of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force, the Royal Yugoslav Air Force and the Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia. He was not destroyed by the enemies of Austria-Hungary, fascists or communists.

  • František Peřina


    ... he took off into the clouds, he sang Moravian song, Boschs which he shot down on the hull marked had ...

  • Plastic explosive Pl Np 10


    Plastic explosive Pl Np 10 belongs to the category of high efficiency explosives. From a military point of view, it is one of the special engineer charges.

  • Cartridge 45 Colt


    History and description of one of the oldest revolver rounds in the world. The cartridge is still being manufactured, and some time ago it was even started by the Sellier & Bellot domestic ammunition.

  • Pechora 2M


    Modernization of anti-aircraft missile complexes S-125 Pechora (export designation PLRK S-125 Neva) used for air defense of important military and administrative facilities before the strikes of aircraft, helicopters and missiles with a flat flight path.

  • Gaius Marius


    An excellent military leader, reformer and politician. He entered the history of the Roman state with a fundamental reform of the Roman army, in which the recruitment of citizens who did not have land ownership was admitted for the first time. In addition, he reorganized the organization of the legion, whose basic unit became a cohort instead of manipul.

  • Versuchflakwagen


    At the beginning of the project of a heavy self-propelled anti-aircraft tank was the order of the German army for three 8.8 cm self-propelled guns Flak L / 56 mounted on the platform Pz.Sfl.IVc developed by Krupp. These were to serve to destroy the heavy fortifications of the Maginot Line during the planned invasion of France. The construction of these machines was not in time to participate in occupation of France and subsequently their role was reclassified as tank destroyers. However, due to their light armor, this was not an appropriate task. They would be easy prey when clashing with enemy tanks.

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  • Mr. historian - Ivo Pejčoch


    One of the most prominent personalities among Czech and Slovak historians in recent decades, author of a large number of books and articles in the field of military history.

  • T810-VP-1R0R26 13 177 6x6.1R


    A military vehicle with an armored cabin designed for the transport of bulk and fixed piece material and persons. This is the first all-terrain truck in the Czech Armed Forces, where ballistic protection of the crew cabin was used. The armor of the cabin was caused by the need to ensure the protection of persons in the cabin when deploying vehicles in foreign missions.

  • Jean Casale - Marquis of Montferat


    An event-rich but short life of a French ace and a World War I balloon destroyer with a wonderful balance. 13 confirmed and 11 probable victories.

  • Self-loading pistol Browning FN 9 mm HP No.2 Mk. AND


    John Moses Browning, working for the Belgian armory Fabrique Nationale, began work on a new pistol in 1921 at the request of the French government. French requirements included the possibility of using a stock, adjustable sight up to 500 m, caliber 9 mm Luger, etc.

  • Deployment of German small armored combat groups on the example of Panzer-Brigade 101


    In response to Soviet successes during the initial phase of the Belarusian strategic offensive against Army Group Center (Operation Bagration), Hitler ordered on July 2, 1944, to build small, highly mobile armored combat groups capable of responding quickly and effectively to enemy breakthroughs. Here is the story of one of them.

  • De Havilland DH82B Queen Bee


    The De Havilland DH82B Queen Bee was created in response to the 18/33 specifications, which required a radio-controlled drone to serve as a target for anti-aircraft artillery training.

  • The most famous Soviet tank ace - Dmitry Lavrinenko


    First shot, hit! Second, hit! The charger loads one grenade after another! The third hit! Charge, the fourth sits! Next, the fifth German tank is on fire! Charge and reload. Hit! Charge. Hit!!!
    Life story of a World War II tank ace.

  • Strv m/31


    The Strv m / 31 project (Landsverk L-10) was extremely progressive for its time. The tank was light construction, had a powerful engine, a powerful cannon and a slanted armor of decent thickness.

  • Věra S / M


    The Věra S/M set is intended for searching, identification and tracking of air, land and sea targets.

There are 6306 published articles here.

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