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  • 8,8 cm PaK 43 Steyr


    In 1944, the year of retreats and defensive battles of the German army, there was an acute need for mobile artillery armament in conventional infantry units. In retreat battles, the prevailing shortage of tractors resulted in high losses of conventional towed artillery weapons. Many were destroyed by their own troops only because of their immobility. Cannons such as 7.5 cm PaK 40, 8.8 cm PaK 43 or 10.5 cm PaFH 18 were too heavy for the soldiers and difficult to handle.

  • Do table medals and their miniatures belong to faleristics ?


    One of the less significant and therefore neglected areas and faleristics.

  • Signal pistol Mk. 44/81


    History of the last of the council evolution of the signal pistol, which origins date back to the time of the Second World War

  • Kätzchen K1


  • Bessarabia 1940-1941


    Most of the history knowledgeable people usually associates Russian (Stalinist, Soviet) aggression with the joint invasion of Poland in 1939 in close cooperation with the German Wehrmacht and the subsequent invasion of neutral Finland. However, the violent secession of the northern territory of Romania in June 1940, known as Bessarabia and northern Bukovina, seems to have been the dust of oblivion in our region. But not in a country which, like the Poles, Finns, Lithuanians, Latvians or Estonians, experienced what it means to have the stamped shoes of the Stalinist empire.

  • T-12


    In 1927, a project called T-12 of a "maneuvering tank" was developed at the Kharkov locomotives production plant  "Im.Kominterny".

  • Lieutenant Ján Režňák


    Fighter ace of Slovak Air arms - 32 aerial victories

  • The Korean war (1950-1953)


    A brief overview of the war on the Korean peninsula.

  • schwere Panzer-Kompanie Hummel


    History and combat deployment of forces armed with heavy Tiger tanks from September 1944 to April 1945

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In 1928 started a French general Etienne development program for a special type of vehicle called a "defensive role of the tank" (char darrêt), which should have a weight of from 45 to 55...

There are 6212 published articles here.

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