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  • Philip Henry Sheridan


    No one but Grant and Sherman had more credit for winning the Civil War than he did. In 1876 he took part in the war with the Indians on the Red River. Then he made a well-known statement: "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

  • Major Gazda, or rather Major Terazky?


    Major Haluška - or Terazky - was actually named Andrej Gazda. During the Second World War he really fought against the Russians and after the war he remained in the Czechoslovak army.

  • 9K35 Strela-10


    The self-guiding warhead of the 9M3xx series missile alone without data from the 9V385 missile launcher can not detect whether it has caught the target or interference. In the case of the S-10, a signal on the position of the optical sensor relative to the missile axis is fed to the operator's optical sight.

  • Strv m/37


    A variant of the AH-IV tank from ČKD made for Sweden.



    The VERA-NG set is designed for searching, identification and tracking of air, land and sea targets. It represents the fifth generation of Czechoslovak and Czech passive surveillance systems for military use (Kopáč, Ramona, Tamara, Věra).

  • AMX International AMX


    Multirole combat aircraft

  • W / Cdr Alois Vasatko, DFC


    Czechoslovak air officer during World War II. Together with Josef František and Karel Kuttelwascher, he was one of the most successful Czechoslovak fighter pilots of the war.

  • Alexandra Fyodorovna Akimova - a heroine after 50 years


    The life story of an aviator of a night bomber regiment, who received the Gold Star of the hero until 50 years after the end of the war.

  • Wenceslaus IV


    Wenceslaus IV appears, especially in the German bibliography, as a lazy king and a drunkard, but this could be said of every other medieval ruler. The problems that eventually led to the outbreak of the Hussite wars were caused by social and climate change in Europe and began in the last years of Charles IV's reign.

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  • Chaj-kchou (171)


    Missile destroyer class Type 052C, whose primary role is air and anti-submarine defense of the group. The Type 052C class was created by further development of the Type 051B class, and China compares this class to American destroyers equipped with the AEGIS system.

  • Tatra 815-7T3R21 4x4.1R


    Chassis designed as a carrier for special military bodies weighing 9,400 kg with a total permissible vehicle weight of 19,000 kg. The T815-780R59 is a two-axle vehicle with all-wheel drive and a system for central tire inflation while driving.

  • 3 cm Mk 103 auf Grille M


    At the end of 1944, a modification of the self-propelled gun Grille Ausf.M using the chassis PzKpfw.38 (t) was ordered. Instead of a 150mm howitzer, a fast-firing 30mm MK 103 high-speed cannon was to be mounted by Rheinmetall.

  • KRTP-86 Tamara


    The designation was derived from the Czech phrase "Komplet Radiotechnického Průzkumu" meaning "Radiotechnical Reconnaissance Set". It was claimed to be the only one in the world able to detect military "invisible aircraft".

  • Croatian Legion


    Croatian volunteers - members of the Reinforced Croatian Infantry Regiment 369, also known as the Croatian Legion - supported Nazi Germany during the invasion of the Soviet Union. The war did not end for them in Stalingrad, at the instigation of the Soviets they formed the First Yugoslav Volunteer Brigade and fought again - this time against the Germans in the Balkans

  • Ahmad Sukarno


    Indonesian politician, founder and first president of Indonesia. Creator of the state ideology of pancasil, based on nationalism, Marxism and political Islam. The initiator of the international so-called Movement of Non-Participating Countries. During the Japanese occupation, he openly collaborated with the occupying power, but also cooperated with the resistance. Under his rule, the country waged a military conflict with Malaysia and withdrew from the United Nations.

  • S-400 Triumph


    The S-400 anti-aircraft missile system is to gradually replace the S-50 anti-aircraft system defending the Moscow region and at the same time the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow, in the near future. The system is structurally based on the S-300P system with several changes, including in particular new electronic, hardware and software equipment, a new automated command system and the use of chassis exclusively of Russian (Belarusian) origin.

  • Panzerbeobachtungswagen III


    Reconnaissance tank for artillery

  • Tatra 815-7T3R31 6x6.1R


    Chassis designed as a carrier for special superstructures of military use with a maximum weight of 15,900 kg with a total permissible vehicle weight of 29,000 kg. The T815-7T3R31 is a three-axle vehicle with all-wheel drive and a central tire inflation system while driving.

There are 6341 published articles here.

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