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  • Mitsubishi 1MF Type-10


  • VOV-1p


    Command armoured vehicles VOV are designed especially for the mobile command of mechanized battalions and to secure the command and control of mechanized battalion (heavy type) incorporated in the framework of the alliance group or when participating in peace-support operations outside their own territory.

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  • A43 Infantry Tank Black Prince


    This tank was a real Super Churchill and, as such, was well-known. Has been developed as a result of the time delay of the project A30 Challenger and as a temporary solution of existing project A41 Centurion.

  • Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B Tiger


    The origins of the creation of the Tiger II go back to the times when the first prototype of the Tiger I(P) was not built yet. The history of the VK 45.01(P) (Porsche's project for a new heavy tank Tiger) is known. Porsche was hoping for with a win in the competition for a new heavy tank, and therefore started production of the first 100 platforms. After the lose of most of the platforms will serve for conversion to a fighter tank destroyer Ferdinand/Elefant. Porsche's plans, however, reached even further.

  • Combat Car M2


    The Combat Car M2 is a tracked combat vehicle designed to support the cavalry of american ground forces. The designation of "combat vehicle" has been used because of legislative restrictions adopted in the USA after World War 1, on the basis of which could only infantry to refer to the armored tracked vehicles like a tank.

There are 6095 published articles here.

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