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  • History Me 262 Schwalbe


    On April 18, 1941, the first takeoff of the Messerschmitt Me 262 took place in Germany, but because jet engines were not yet available, the aircraft was powered by piston engines.

  • Maximilian von Weichs - a man who conquered Yugoslavia in two weeks


    A biography of a German general, under whose command German troops conquered Yugoslavia in two weeks.

  • Special Group D in the United Kingdom


    Establishment of Special Group D. Creation, training and deployment of individual airborne groups of Czechoslovak foreign troops in the UK.

  • Commemorative medal of 75 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945


    New Russian medal.

  • ZSU-23-4 Shilka


    On April 17, 1957, Resolution No. 426-211 of the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR on the development of new self-propelled anti-aircraft means Shilka and Jenisej with radar fire control means was adopted. This was, in fact, the answer to the introduction of the M42A1 into the US military.

  • Short Bomber


    After the aircraft armed with torpedoes, which did not have very suitable targets in the early stages of the Great War, Commander MF Sueter, the head of the Air Department of the British Admiralty, turned his attention to machines designed more for attacks on enemy ports and ships moored in them.

  • Carl Pettersson - The adventurous life of a Swedish sailor


    Thanks to his adventurous life among cannibals, Carl Pettersson served as a model for Father Pipi's longstocking for the author of her novel adventures, Astrid Lindgren.

  • Miroslav Štandera


    In France, during a duel with Messerschmitt Bf-109 on June 11, 1940, his Moran's tank was overshot and the fuel leaked. After an emergency landing, he suffered a spinal injury and was hospitalized in hospital. He was captured by German soldiers, but managed to escape from the camp under construction. As one of the last, he was evacuated in the plaster on June 26, 1940 (according to other sources June 27, 1940) by an Egyptian ship from France to Liverpool.

  • Agustín Munoz Grandes soldier from Moroco and general of Blue Division


    In the African heat, he raised to become a very skilful officer. When Spain became to be a republic rewarded him for his services with imprisonment. Subsequently after the outbreak of civil war, he did not hesitate to join the insurgents and very reliably commanded large combat bodies.
    His reliability, command skills, and popularity between his soldiers predestined him to receive command a volunteer division that represented the determination of the Spanish people to repay the Soviet Union for interfering in Spanish internal affairs and support the civil war as well.

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  • Polish infantry in the wars III. and IV. coalition


    For many years I have been attending events commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of the Three Emperors at Austerlitz. In the village of Tvarožná, in the cadastre of which the memorable Santon hill rises, I almost regularly greet the infantry in picturesque blue-yellow uniforms, with square caps. These are members of the KVH from Poland, representing part of the army in the history of this country. The fact remains, however, that no Polish national unit fought near Austerlitz in 1805, and as far as I know, it was not part of any of Napoleon's corps, which then crossed the Rhine and advanced to our lands. However, brave Poles always deserve attention.

  • Challenger II


    Challenger 2 is a product of the British armaments industry offered as a replacement for the obsolete tanks of the British Army Chieftain and Challenger 1.

  • Marienwagen II


    A modified truck in which conventional wheel axles have been replaced by tracked chassis.

  • Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong


    Light fighter and multi-purpose aircraft developed at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries in the People's Republic of China in cooperation with Pakistan.

  • KV-7 (U-13)


    Project of a self-propelled gun on the chassis of a heavy tank type KV-1.

  • Otto Kissenberth - fighter ace in prescription glasses


    A biography of the World War I ace and balloon destroyer with 20 kills, which was also known for piloting the fighter in prescription glasses.

  • Disinformation in Ladislav Bittman’s life


    We may have encountered misinformation since time immemorial, as human conflicts, wars, and the attempt to manipulate the enemy are as old as the world itself. The most famous disinformator in the history of our country was undoubtedly Ladislav Bittman. His "Neptune" event became one of the most controversial events of the communist regime in our country.

  • Armored protection of socialism - Sonder Kraftfahrzeug 1


    The story of the creation of the only armored vehicle mass-produced in the German Democratic Republic.

  • Republic F-105D Thunderchief


    The F-105D is a modified version based on the F-105B. The main goal of the modernization was to create a fighter-bomber capable of operating in all weathers, which was not much variant B.

There are 6361 published articles here.

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