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  • Sikorsky MH-60A Velcro Hawk


    The MH-60A is the first version of the Black Hawk helicopters designed to perform special operations. The machine, nicknamed the "Velcro Hawk", is primarily intended for covert infiltration of special purpose units into the depths of the enemy's territory, their eventual supply and subsequent covert withdrawal during the day, night and in difficult weather conditions.

  • A scramble for the Carpathian ridges


    After World War I, there were fierce battles for Subcarpathian Russia. The fact that they did not always shoot during them does not change anything.

  • sWS - the last heavy tractor of the Wehrmacht


    schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper was the last attempt to create a powerful heavy tractor. A unified emergency for little money, which also survived its "death" in evolutionary form in post-war Czechoslovakia.

  • Supermarine Scapa Mk.I


    After experience with the construction of three-engine flying boats (Nanuk - Solent - Southampton X), chief designer RJ Mitchell came to the conclusion that in terms of the ratio of performance and hydro- and aerodynamic properties, the most suitable form of flying boats is a twin-engine concept.

  • 75 Levavasseur


    In 1903, Capt. Léon René Levavasseur drafted the ideological concept of a self-propelled vehicle armed with a 75 mm cannon in a closed steel body with a crawler chassis. It was probably the first tank design in France.

  • BB - Asahi (1899)


    Asahi was built at the same time as Shikishima-class battleships, but Shikishima-class ships have three chimneys, while Asahi has only two. The silhouette is closer to British Formidable class battleships. At launch, it was the heaviest battleship built on the River Clyde.

  • DANA-M1M


    Modernization of self-propelled cannon howitzer vz. 77 DANA with the aim of prolonging the life cycle and increasing its combat capabilities. Compared to the original type, it is characterized by higher accuracy of shooting, better controllability of the vehicle and reliability of operation. The device is based on the modernization of DANA-M1 CZ.

  • Teacher with a submachine gun in her hand


    The story of Jelena Kolesova, a primary school teacher who, at the head of a diversion group, carried out malicious work in the German back in the Minsk region. She was only 22 years old when she fell in battle. She was posthumously awarded the highest Soviet award - the Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union.


  • AD Flying Boat


    AD Flying Boat is a patrol aircraft for cooperation with warships. The creator was Lt. Linton Hope and got the form of a conventional biplane seaplane with biplane tail surfaces and a double rudder. The pilot and observer sat classically in registration in the bow, behind them was an engine with a thruster. The wings were tilted forward for easier storage on the ship.

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  • Plastic explosive Pl Hx 30


    Plastic explosive Pl Hx 30 belongs to the category of high efficiency explosives. From a military point of view, it is one of the special engineer charges.

  • Panzerbefehlswagen IV Ausf.H/J


    Command modifications were created on the platforms of the refurbished PzKpfw.IV Ausf.H. The machines differed from standard tanks externally by only two antennas. By placing another radio station in the tank, the supply of ammunition for the cannon had to be reduced.

  • Škoda T-11


    This is a new factory designation introduced in 5/1939, which replaced the original designation of the tank Š-II-a adopted by the Czechoslovak army as LT vz.35. The light tank project was the result of an order from the army of the Kingdom of Afghanistan.

  • Vickers Limited


    History of British industrial giant Vickers Limited. The foundations of one of the three, maximum four of the most famous British engineering companies were laid by Edward Vickers, a miller living in Sheffield Industrial on the very edge of northern England, in 1829.

  • Supermarine S.5


    The new Supermarine S.5 aircraft was maximally aerodynamically improved, the frontal resistance was significantly reduced, the bearing area was reduced. Unlike the all-wood S.4 structure, the new S.5 had a fuselage designed as an all-metal shell.

  • Ja amerikanski tovarisch!


    The incredible story of Sergeant Joseph Beyrle, the only American soldier who served in both the US and Russian armies during World War II.

  • Dwight David Eisenhower


    The life and work of a former commander in chief of Allied troops in World War II and a prominent post-war American president.

  • DTP-90M (technical assistance workshop)


    The vehicle allows routine repairs and maintenance of equipment in field conditions, or evacuation of damaged equipment.


  • Hand-held grenade launcher RGS-50


    Hand-held grenade launcher, developed at the instigation of the Soviet KGB, still serves the anti-terrorist police units of the Russian Federation and other post-Soviet republics.

There are 6236 published articles here.

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