FuMG 62 Würzburg

The code name Würzburg was used for the mobile radio measuring device developed by Telefunken in the decimeter wave range (designation: Funk-Sende-Empfangsgerät FuSE 62 or Funk-Messgerät FuMG 62; initially also FMG 39; Flak-Messgerät), which was used extensively by the Wehrmacht air force during the Second World War to guide night fighters and anti-aircraft guns.
The FuMG 62 was one of the first impulse radars to use decimeter waves at a frequency of 560 MHz (wavelength 53.6 cm) to accurately detect the range and altitude of enemy aircraft. Development began at the end of the 1930s and the first devices were deployed in 1940. In total, more than 4000 devices of various model series were probably manufactured. It was named after the city of Würzburg, as the head of Telefunken radar development, Wilhelm Runge, preferred cities as code names (see also Lichtenstein radar).


A modern anti-tank missile with a tandem cumulative warhead controlled by a wire, with semi-automatic guidance (SACLOS), using modern construction materials and contemporary electronics such as CCD cameras and signal processors.

The UN and the Rwandan genocide

4. UN measures and their effectiveness Genocide is not an outburst of spontaneous violence, but above all a well-planned action. The perpetrator is not a mob, but an organized force; most often a political party or an army. In Rwanda, it was President Habyarimana's MRND party and the informal Akazu group.

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