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  • Aviatik 30.24


    The prototype of a single-seat fighter triplane was created in 1917 and the first flight tests took place in October of the same year. The aircraft was structurally based on the Aviatik DI type, from which the fuselage and tail were used.

  • Siege of Prague 1648 (2) - Soldiers


    Thanks to qualitative changes in armaments and tactics, the material and time requirements for the training of soldiers gradually increased to such an extent that already at the end of the sixteenth century untrained "amateurs" from the provincial milita had no chance against military professionals. Thus, as in the late Roman period, the war again became a lifelong vocation for soldiers. Unlike antiquity, however, medieval mercenaries were not hired by the state, but - in today's terminology - by military entrepreneurs who received a so-called "patent" from the state (monarch), entitling them to recruit a certain number of soldiers.

  • She shot and recieved Order of the Red Star


    Marie Ljalková-Lastovecká was the star of all Czech and Czechoslovak snipers.

  • Report on the presence of members of the US Army in the territory of Czechoslovakia


    The issue of the participation of US military units in the liberation of Czechoslovakia has not yet been fully addressed, despite the expansion of interest in this area of history after 1989. Existing publications focus on sub-topics or are a difficult source for the incompetence of authors.

  • Amazons from the Brazilian rainforest


    Two years after the discovery of the New World, on June 7, 1494, it was divided (without anyone asking the natives). In the so-called Treaty of Tordesilla, the Pope established a dividing line from north to south, which ran 370 miles from the Cape Verde Islands. To the east of this axis fell the newly discovered territories of Portugal, to the west of Spain. That's why Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and Spanish in the rest of South America.

  • Mauser K98a


    In 1908, the German army introduced a new carbine with a length of 1100 mm, called the Carabiner 98, for the needs of certain types of troops.

  • IAI Kfir


    Israeli Kfir aircraft used by the US NAVY and the US Marine Corps to train pilots in maneuver air combat.

  • Sd.Kfz. 7/1


    These anti-aircraft vehicles were developed and manufactured primarily for Luftwaffe units, later used in the Wehrmacht, where they served as anti-aircraft protection armored units armed with tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled guns.

  • Siege of Prague 1648 (1) - The last battle of the Thirty Years War


    The mistake of the teacher of the nations
    The last battle of the Thirty Years' War was the battle that most likely decided the continuation of the lands of the Czech Crown in the Habsburg Monarchy and proved with final effect that if the Czechs wanted something, it was not the return of the Comenius "government yourself" ...

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  • Josef Valčík


    A member of the Silver A parachute group fell in battle in the Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Resslova Street in Prague, together with six other paratroopers who took part in the assassination of the deputy Reich-Protector Reinhard Heydrich.

  • The Municipal Public Prosecutors Office in Prague returns to the events of March 15, 1939


    On March 15, 2021, 82 years passed since the entry of German troops into the rest of Czechoslovak territory. What happened that day is now being re-examined by the Municipal Public Prosecutor's Office in Prague. Why?

  • Smaller vessels of the Ottoman fleet during the Napoleonic Wars


    The wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire over control of the Black Sea have been going on - with various breaks - since the end of the 17th century. Another conflict with the Ottomans took place against the background of the Napoleonic Wars, in the years 1806-1812. The goal of the Russian Danube Army at that time was to expel the Turks from the Balkan Peninsula. The fighting took place mainly on the territory of today's Bulgaria, where the aforementioned battle also took place.

  • ATX8


    Flatbed all-terrain truck designed to transport 16 people and cargo up to a maximum weight of 21,100 kg.



    60 mm mortar constructed at the end of the first decade of the 21st century in VOP 026 on the basis of a light mortar ANTOS.

  • LGM-30 Minuteman


    Minuteman is a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile for solid fuels, capable of carrying one, respectively more (Minuteman II and III) nuclear warheads (W59, W62 or W78). LGM in the designation of the missile means that the missile was designed to launch from an underground silo (L), to attack ground targets (G) and it was a guided missile (M).

  • Tupolev TB-3


    TB-3 bombers have been involved in many conflicts. They fought against Japanese troops at Khalkhyn Gol, dropped bombs on Finland's defenders and took part in the invasion to Poland.

  • Švehla Antonín


    It was mainly thanks to him that during the 1920s, domestic political conditions stabilized and, despite many aversions between politicians and journalistic skirmishes, parliamentary democracy functioned. Švehla's strong point was the knowledge of people, his excellent ability to negotiate, to agree on a compromise and to make others agree. He was a pragmatist and was able to successfully lead complex political games. However, the interest of the republic has always come first.

  • Sabers Honorary units of the President of the Slovak Republic


    The armies of the bodyguards, or guards, have always served the flowering of society, or extraordinarily capable and certified soldiers, devoted to their commander in chief - the head of state. Their primary task was to protect the monarch and members of his family in residences, on the roads, or even on the battlefield. Last but not least, they contributed to increasing the brilliance and prestige of the head of state at court festivities, audiences, military parades, etc. For all these occasions, the guardsmen were equipped with a magnificent uniform and equipment.

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Chassis intended as a carrier for special superstructures of military use weighing 16,900 kg with a total permissible vehicle weight of 29,000 kg. The vehicle is equipped with ISO 1C container...

There are 6364 published articles here.

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