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  • PP-Mi-Na


    The PP Mi-Na 1 anti-personnel landmine is designed to mine the terrain against the enemy's manpower and wheeled vehicles. The mine is designed mainly for fast surface mechanized laying from vehicles and helicopters.

  • Supermarine Spitfire HF Mk.VII


    According to the original plans of the designers of the Supermarine ovary, the Rolls-Royce Merlin 61 engine with a two-stage and two-speed compressor was to use a high-altitude Spitfire HF Mk.VII, the medium heights were to control the Spitfire Mk.VIII.

  • Viktor Mikhailovich Chebrikov - head of the KGB for six years


    The only post-war high party and government official of the Soviet Union who went through the war as a first-line soldier. He was wounded three times in the fight and also took part in the liberation of Czechoslovakia. For six years he led the secret service of the Soviet empire to end up as the head of security of a popular singer at the end of his career.

  • 2 cm FlaK 30 auf Selbstfahrlafette (Sd.Kfz.10/4)


    Army and Luftwaffe units evaluated this vehicle very positively and formed an integral part of anti-aircraft units throughout World War II.

  • Naval Aircraft Factory TDN-1


    In 1938, the first idea for the use of drones for naval bombing arose, but interest was not aroused until 1940, when Farnhey demonstrated to the Navy his first unmanned machine controlled by a television system.

  • Artillerie Panzer Beobachtungswagen (Sd.Kfz.251)


    In 1944, there was an effort to create a modern reconnaissance artillery armored vehicle.

  • AM-70 (bridge car)


    The AM-70 bridge car is designed for bridging dry and water obstacles for the needs of transporting equipment with parameters in MLC 70 (Military Load Classification) according to STANAG 2021. To do this, it uses a guided bridge structure, which allows seamless connection of individual bridge fields. The bridge car is equipped with a bulldozer blade, which is designed for landscaping for the construction of the bridge and for the modification of access roads.

  • 17. November – International students ' day


    A brief description of the events of 1939 that led to the recognition of November 17 as International Student Day.

  • Leopold M. Ferko - American fighter ace of Slovak origin


    The life story of an American fighter ace of Slovak origin, which shot down five Japanese planes in three days.

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  • Auto-Union Vollketten Aufklärungsfahrzeug


    Reconnaissance vehicle

  • BB - Aki (1906)


    It is the second battleship designed and built in Japan.

  • Atatürk - the father of the Turkish nation


    The biography of a remarkable man who transformed Turkey into a modern state.

  • 2S25 Sprut-SD


    The development of the 2S25 fighter was started on the basis of the assignment of the Russian airborne troops, which required a new airborne machine designed to fight the enemy's armored vehicles. Construction work on the new vehicle began at the Volgograd Tractor Plant probably in 1994, based on the BMD-3 airborne vehicle.

  • Operation Judgment - Part 1


    A British naval air attack on the Italian battle fleet in Taranto harbour.
    The first part of a four-part series.

  • Soviet volunteers in the Korean War


    On November 1, 1950, six Soviet fighters were assigned to patrol the Yalu River: Maj. Strojkov, Lt. Guts, Kaznachev and Lt. Monachov, Chiz and Sanin. The MiG-15 of the latter failed to start, so the remaining five led by a World War II veteran Strojkov, who had 16 individual victories, set out for the sky. At 14.15, the leader of the second pair of Lt. Col. Guts saw three Mustang fighters and the Soviets attacked without delay. They took too high a speed during the dive, so there was not much time left to aim and shoot. The Americans easily avoided the dose fired by Lt. Chiz and escaped back south by a ground flight. However, por. Chiz claimed the first victory.

  • Marshal of the Soviet Union Grigory I. Kulik


    After the end of the Civil War, he became an important military figure in the Red Army. He was arrested in 1950 and shot on August 24 after a staged trial.

  • Battle of White Mountain (8th November 1620)


    As part of the final settlement with the rebellious Czech states and the Czech King Henry Frederick (Hereditary Prince of the Palatinate) elected by them, two enemy armies entered Bohemia in the autumn of 1620.

  • Sgt. Petr Uruba


    On the night of February 6-7, 1941, six Wellingtons of the 311th (Czechoslovak) RAF Bomber Squadron launched from East Wretham to attack the French port of Boulogne. The aircraft marked KX-T "Tamara" did not return from the raid. The second pilot of this machine was Sgt. Petr Uruba.

There are 6260 published articles here.

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