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  • Air Force Colonel Otakar Černý and his journey through the short 20th century


    The main trial of a group of "treacherous" pilots from the West took place at the infamous State Court in Prague from the morning of February 9, 1949. It was nothing more than a constructed process with a group of div. gene. Karel Janoušek, in which, coincidentally, he found himself Capt. Otakar Černý, who, like the others, heard a harsh verdict that afternoon. He sentenced him to three years in a heavy prison, sharpened by a hard bed. Furthermore, the loss of honorary badges, decorations and the loss of honorary civil rights for three years.

  • Hungary during the Turkish occupation (16th - 17th century)


    After the fire of Turkish artillery scattered Hungarian knights on the battlefield of Mohács in 1526, the country was torn into two, and later even into three enemy parts, which had been fighting each other for one and a half centuries. At that time, a fragmented system of smaller fortifications began to be built in Hungary, consisting of several lines extending into the depths of the territory.

  • Colonel Otto Hanzlíček


    Another of a number of brave Czechoslovak pilots fighting against the German occupation.

  • Marija Bočkarjova - Commander of the Women's Death Battalion


    A description of the varied life of the organizer of the first purely female battalion in the Russian army and one of the first women - army officers in the Russian Tsarist army.

  • Kunovice menagerie


    The story of the formation of a group of test pilots of the Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer LET Kunovice.

  • A17 Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch


    This tank had its first limited combat deployment at the end of 1942 during its landing in Madagascar (Operation Ironclad). Due to problems with engine cooling, its deployment in North Africa was abandoned. At that time, the tank was transferred from the position of a pile of scrap metal to new tasks, which were reinforced by airborne units with an armored vehicle providing them with fire support.

  • Web Presentation of 3D Models of Selected Exhibition Premises of the Silesian Museum


    The aim of the thesis is to publish interactive 3D models of expositions from two selected exhibition premises managed by the Silesian Museum on the website of this museum. Specifically, it is the Hlučín-Darkovičky Czechoslovak Fortification Complex and the World War II Memorial in Hrabyně. RGB photographs of expositions were taken by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and, detailed 3D point clouds representing 3D models of expositions were derived from them via UAV photogrammetry techniques.

  • Origin and first deployment of SS units


    The formation of Waffen-SS units and their first fighting until June 1941

  • Grigoriy Andrejevich Rechkalov - the most successful fighter in Airacobra


    Curriculum vitae of the most successful fighter pilot on the Bell P-39 Airacobra, who achieved 44 victories on them.

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  • 150 years ago, Europe went astray


    On the evening of January 18, 1871, the windows of the Palace of Versailles shone like in the days of Louis XIV's greatest glory. However, the visitors who rejoiced inside were not the courtiers of Emperor Napoleon III, but soldiers. However, they did not have French uniforms, but Prussian, Saxon, Bavarian, Württenberg and other armies of the North German Confederation , which conquered France and besieged Paris, except for the fortified belt of Pas-de-Calais. During the siege, Versailles served as the main Prussian tent, and that evening there was an event that completed the Prussian efforts to unite Germany. A moment ago, in the great Mirror Hall of the Palace of the French Kings, in the presence of German princes, field marshals, generals and other high-ranking staff officers, King William I of Prussia was proclaimed Emperor of the New German Empire and Otto von Bismarck appointed Reich Chancellor.

  • No.313 (Czechoslovak) fighter squadron RAF


    No.313 (Czechoslovak) fighter squadron RAF belonged to a total of four squadrons of the Czechoslovak Air Force in the British Royal Air Force.

  • LVT-4 Water Buffalo


    They were used in combat for the first time on Saipan, then on Guam and Tinian in the summer of 1944. In Britain, a flamethrower version of the LVT-4 (F) Sea Serpent was developed on the basis of the LVT-4. After the war, the LVT-4 was also in the arsenal of the French Armed Forces, which deployed them in combat operations in Indochina (Vietnam) and during the Suez Crisis.

  • Kommandoverband Jaguar


    During the Second World War, there were situations when their own units in enemy uniforms and with their armament were sent into battle. Sometimes it brought surprisingly good results, but sometimes the "Trojan horse" tactic missed the point and was not successful. Always, but this way of fighting was a big risk for its participants - in case of captivity they could not count on any regrets…

  • Operation Opera - IAF attack on iraqi nuclear reactor


    Iraq has been trying to acquire an atomic weapon since it was presented to the world. In 1956, with the support of the US government, the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission was established. As part of Iraq's peace cooperation, the Americans supplied nuclear research laboratories, the results of their research and also trained their nuclear scientists. However, this "brotherhood" did not last long.

  • Henry James "Jim" Smith - an ordinary tanker


    The story of one of the thousands of soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day

  • D Day - 6.6.1944


    The landing in Normandy, known as Operation NEPTUNE, represents the initial phase of Operation OVERLORD, which aimed to liberate northwestern France, which was to create the preconditions for the subsequent conquest of Germany. On June 6, 1944, the Allies carried out the largest military invasion from the sea in human history, thus fundamentally contributing to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

  • Arnost Miks


    As commander of the mortar team, he participated in the fighting in France. After the fall of France, he moved to England, where he was sent to sabotage courses, airborne course, then to the Czechoslovak training station STS 2 for continuing training and was included in the group ZINC. On March 27, 1942, he flew into action.

  • Fight of the Polish Nation for Freedom, Bar Confederation 1768–1772


    In 1763, the Polish king and Saxon elector August III died, and Russia replaced Stanislav II in his place. August Poniatowski, to support whom the army sent to Poland. This means that the new king - the favorite and perhaps the lover of Empress Catherine II. - he was nothing but a puppet in Russian hands. To stop Russian intervention, in 1768 a number of Polish nobles formed a defensive community, the so-called Bar Confederation (Konfederacja Barska).

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The last order of the Czechoslovak tankette of the AH-IV series was realized only a few years after the end of World War II. The customer was the African Ethiopian Empire (then called Abyssinia)....

There are 6384 published articles here.

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