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A war hero and a perfect politician or a despot and a monster?

Cromwell is one of the most controversial figures in British and Irish history, considered a regicidal dictator, a military dictator, a bourgeois revolutionary, and a hero of liberty. His tolerance of Protestant sects did not extend to Catholics, and some later scholars have characterised the measures he took against them, particularly in Ireland, as genocidal or near-genocidal. His record is strongly criticised in Ireland, although the worst atrocities took place after he had returned to England. He was selected as one of the ten greatest Britons of all time in a 2002 BBC poll.

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Admiral of the Fleet Philip Louis Vian

During World War I, he served on the destroyer HMS Morning Star and took part in the Battle of Jutland in 1916. In July 1941, at the age of 47, Vian was specially promoted to Rear Admiral by First Admiralty Lord Sir Dudley Pound.
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Battle of Brunanburh

A little English poetry for good night

Translation of a poem from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle The Battle of Brunanburh
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Charley Havlat, a useless death with a great deal of irony

The last American soldier killed in action during World War II on the European battlefield.
Charley Havlat was the son of Czech emigrants Antonín Havlát (born in Ronov) and Antonia Havlátová birth name Němcová. Fate has prepared for him an end full of irony.

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Farewell to Andula or the old lady is leaving, Miss CASA is coming

On April 28, 2011, after 29 years, the Czech Air Force said goodbye to the Antonov An-26. On this day, the last two aircraft of fuselage numbers 2408 and 2507 were ceremoniously decommissioned at Prague-Kbely Airport in the presence of the staff of the 24th zDL, former and current members of the flying and technical staff and other guests of honor.
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Ford GPA Amphibious

The vehicle proved to be too slow, heavy and clumsy on land and too small to fit on the high seas. The vehicle was used by the Americans during the landing in Sicily on September 9, 1943, where it played an important role, but most of the vehicles ended up in the Red Army as part of Land-Lease deliveries. The irony is that the Russians found it so useful in crossing rivers that it became the basis for the development of their own post-war version (GAZ-46).

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At the beginning of the First World War, together with the Australian fleet, it participated in the occupation of the German Pacific colonies. Together with her sister AE2, she participated in the operation leading to the occupation of the German part of New Guinea, including the surrender of Rabaul on September 13, 1914.
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HMAS Parramatta

The fate of the first ship of the Australian Navy.
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Ivan Mikhailovich Chissov - seven kilometers by free fall

Ivan Mikhailovich Chissov, a war pilot with an unwanted record. If the parachute does not open, one can enter the list of war losses or the record book. This man did the latter. The flight attendant overcame him.

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John Paul Jones

A pirate for the English, a great military leader for the Russians and a ( lost and rediscovered ) national hero for the Americans.
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Operation Jaywick

Operation Jaywick was a special operation undertaken in World War II. In September 1943, 14 commandos and sailors from the Allied Z Special Unit raided Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour, sinking six ships.

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PRP-1 Kopáč

This Czechoslovak passive searcher was developed mainly on the basis of patents of doc. Vlastimil Pech CSc., who was the first to bring the technique of detecting the target using the time-hyperbolic method, a system today called English TDOA (time difference of arrival / capture (signals)), to such perfection that it was possible to track the target accurately and display it in real time.

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Lightweight two-dimensional surveillance radar. The device is intended for low-altitude airspace reconnaissance and fire control of the following V-SHORAD category anti-aircraft missile units at platoon level (up to four firing elements).

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Saint Martin or It Started with Mars

Mars, Martin, Saint Martin What do these three have in common, or the journey from God, the protector of the harvest, through the god of the warrior to the Christian saint, the patron saint of soldiers.

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Szent István, tragic movie star

He was the worst and yet he became a movie star. He became Goliath in a clash with a modern-day David. Though almost exclusively Hungarian, his strength came from Bohemia. And who or what is this mysterious star?
Meet the tragic star of the movie screen, the dreadnought of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, SMS Szent István.

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The Fighting Temeraire

The painting that was voted Britain's most popular painting in England. A painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner. What is so interesting about it and what makes it special? What or who is Temeraire? And why it appears here, on a server that is not dedicated to art, but, as the name suggests, war, battlefields, soldiers, weapons and related things. This article can answer all this.
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USS Liberty

Israeli mistake on June 8, 1967
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