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[12.01.-18.01.] Adminovo geopolitické okénko

ISIL in the Middle east and in Europe

Sobotka: Secret service needs after years of cuts, the money and new people

The threat persists: France are looking for the other terrorists, guarding jewish schools

Twitter of the U.S. army attacked the hackers published the data of the generals


The ministry of industry wants special missions aviation

Aircraft Industries last year, it earned a 1.8 billion, about 300 million less

Brent crude oil fell to a new six-year low

Germany achieved a balanced budget for the first time in almost half a century

Foreign trade surplus of China increased by almost half

Russia, Ukraine and other

Russia made to support the ruble almost two trillion crowns

Stoltenberg: the Fighting in the east of Ukraine to mitigate the

Ukraine last year has spent nearly two-thirds of foreign exchange reserves

Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Yanukovych, Russia probably will not issue

Situation in the world

Cuba has fulfilled the condition of the US release of over 50 political prisoners

Afternoon, called on the distributor of electricity in the united states. Threatens to blackout

the Situation in the Czech republic

Nečasová feels innocent. Testified for two hours

The Slovak military is considering the purchase of helicopters for € 300 million
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this is a week old, but worthy of recording (Ukraine needs up to $ 19 billion):
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Afghanistan - about 10 Taliban commanders have sworn allegiance to ISIL

France - a reassessment of defense policy - the possibility of providing aircraft carriers in the fight against terrorism, probably the end of the reduction of the army - rather they will increase their numbers
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another sequel to the popular soap opera...
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Freedom of speech does not give you the right to insult. New Charlie Hebdo pohněvalo Turks

Switzerland odpoutalo frank, the strengthened sharply and knocked the euro down
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Belgium - crackdown against islamic radicals, 2 dead 1 seriously wounded, has to deal by returnees from Syria, in Belgium has to be pretty strong to radicalisation
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GJ : because I got in last time a lot of the advice you my blog of E15, they're just quite enough rekapitulujou and shrnujou, it's not just one paragraph about what it is right now, vytrzene from the context. So maybe about obrim requirements of Ukraine on the billion dollar man docte also in that link

"Ukraine last year, has spent nearly two-thirds of foreign exchange reserves".
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Armáda nakoupí radary, vrtulníky i další Pandury

ze 7. ledna 2015
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Naše hromadné sdělovací prostředky jsou standardně poněkud pozadu, veřejnoprávní TV a rozhlas pak svorně drží bobříka mlčení ...
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