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Propojení uživatelského jména / jména autora a profilu na Facebooku a Google+

If you want to, it is possible to connect your articles and posts on the forum with Facebook, and it the following way:

- if anyone on Facebook will share the article from you, as the author, or
- if anyone will be on the Facebook to share a topic in which you have an active contribution (thus not historically odmazaný or zaarchivovaný)

is displayed in addition to the annotation and the image of the post or a logo at the bottom of your name with a link to your profile on FB, see annex 1.

To link all the articles and the authorship of the posts on the forum occurs automatically, if you have in your profile link to a profile on Facebook.
Just to give view your profile :
Then click on the iconku editing, see annex 2
and in the field Personal Facebook profile paste the address on your FB page (personal profile), including the http at the beginning!
After the save occurs, the link and at the other vkládáních and shared on FB should already be your data visible.

Similar settings apply for the profile in the network Google+, just by analogy to edit the profile of the Personal Google+ profile

Of course, if your name you want (it will display a nickname here from the forum), just these two fields blank Very Happy.
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