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Expedice Osamělá Hvězda 2019 - cestovní report

Day -365 – Year planning

Planning this trip was initiated long before the actual trip. I chose the method of "placing everything interesting in the map, then optimize", to form at least plus or minus the functional plan of the trip. It's hard to of course plans to detail how I'm used to here in Europe, because in the USA everything can be different, but in the end it turned out that in general the plan worked very well.

What is needed in the planning to take into account, in short, is this:

1) list and opening hours of museums and other attractions that a person wants to see. You will soon find out that two of the attractions located not far from each other have one closed on Monday and Tuesday, the other has been open just over a week and on the weekend něpremáva. Such a hitch is on the way he finds many, in general we can say that the majority of american museums won't open before nine, but rather on the tenth, and the fifth afternoon is the final frontier. What you miss in this window, so too bad. In general plan your long crossings either in the morning or in the evening, you have free time at the museum at a time when they are open. You can rest at home Very Happy

2) transport, hotels. If you drive through a "road trip" like us, I recommend to choose the same airport for arrival and departure from the united states. Save for returning the car outside of the original car, and it really not a few. Hotels can be booking during the journey, in addition to the public holidays and generally the weekends is not at all a problem the hotel to choose that day around 16. the clock in the afternoon, on the contrary to the evening begin to appear beneficial discounts. The above is true only for the larger cities, where you have the choice from hundreds of hotels. In smaller cities it should be only 8 hotels and there I recommend too to hesitate. We tried to contact all the bases and their contacts to come into contact with the public, but the information was very contradictory. Part neodpovědela even part of the promised aid, but ultimately left us in the lurch, part of the answer, and except for small things (poor entrance gate) everything was true. A soldier cares, a soldier has a ... applies here more than anywhere else.

3) the location of the museums - a number of museums with a military-historical theme is located inside the military base. Browse through the web site of the museum, find out the rules if is at the base, visit the web site of the base and search for information for visitors. If it is požádován "sponsor" or "federal ID", it usually means that you to base with Czech passport they won't LET, you must have a green card, u.s. driver's license and often other documents. At the visitor centre, where a temporary inputs they're releasing, nobody will not be discussed, be prepared for this in advance!

4) the distances in the US are large, without a car really is vital!

5) be prepared to improvise. Despite all the planning and tracing eventually come across a closed museum, since the opening hours changed barely a week ago, or because of, that, next to just burning chemical factory. That's life, you can do anything Smile.
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Day 0 – the Day on a plane

The first day of our expedition was probably the longest, but the least interesting day. Getting up before the third hour of the morning, that person could be around the fourth at the airport, in time to take care of all necessary procedures and at six to fly, not much. But perhaps it dospíme in the plane ...

We flew with KLM from Prague to Amsterdam, and otamtuď then directly up to Houston, Texas. The first part of the flight was about half an hour delayed because of the large traffic over the Amsterdam, but with enough time to change the us not attacked by. On the contrary, we enjoyed all three of yet another security check, which we got on the plane among the first, and could be so calm to settle before almost desetihodinovým flight. Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" KLM is a truly comfortable craft on such a long track, equipped in each seat own funny system where a person (true, knowledgeable of languages, because in English there really you hit) can watch movie news and proven classics, listen to music or play solitaire or a different game. Years also thanks to the constant care of on-board personnel, several side dishes, ice cream and sufficient I back it right up drinks passed without problems, although I must say, that's a really long flight. Sleep I failed, so at the airport in Houston I had only one dream – to shower and bed Smile

First, we are waiting for a welcome procedure in the form to the immigration officer, but it was very short, consisted only of a photograph, fingerprinting and a single query, what is the purpose of our trip. I went through first, and then wanted to take a moment to get away with the rest of the team, but I was immediately out of the area of customs officers banished and had to wait in the hall, where she was to arrive our luggage. Again, no one here discussed, do not try to act smart and listen Smile

Then we just had to tensely wait, if the same way as we graduated and our luggage, but luckily after some waiting, once again reunited with their suitcases, and be able to move into the rental car, where we had booked a car.

Even here everything was done over the peace easily, we've been offered a better car for an additional fee, but which include navigation, which we originally did not demand, but which seemed to be a good addition, we were given a choice of several cars and in the end we left the car the Nissan Ultima. To process a rental, give really great care, what services eventually you're signing, what you are offered and what will be the total fee. Something to say, but the reality may be different and before you let this ruin our vacation some sleepless nights ... Smile

The first raid on the first highway was not without obdivných povzdychů over the fact that what is for us the whole highway, so here comprise only the connecting strip, and then we went down the road between the refinery, which is in Texas and in the vicinity of Houston, in particular, really a lot towards the hotel. This way, it is in America, just all great Very Happy where šestiproudou highway lines yet another dvouprouda frontage, next to the railway with a duplex-style wagons on the containers that they pull 4 locomotives in the front, 2 in the middle and for just even 3 at the back, where you pass by cars with a trailer on which to carry the other 4 cars you necessarily a European must seem, um, tiny Smile

After accommodating we went (unlike all the people here) walk to the nearby nákupny and to the fast food restaurant for dinner, and then we went to cope with fatigue and sedmihodinovým jet lag.

The first night it failed completely ideally, I woke up by the Czech time, so at two in the morning local time, but after some time again taken and woke up to "morning"..
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Day 1 - a Day in a submarine

The first hotel breakfast set certain level of expectations – can't wait twere breakfast, which a person can indulge in better hotels in Europe, but the selection was sufficient for us to gather strength for the day that we had ahead of us.

The first target was battlefield key battle at San Jacinto and at the same time the place where the moored battleship USS Texas. Despite the warnings along the road, that work is ongoing, we continued up to the point of both attractions to see, that is a closed car park and after a short consultation with the worker and the fact that today at the open will be Sad The culprit is the recent fire nearby chemical factory, which was also in our media, and thanks to which after dohašení occurred to the rupture of the levees and release of toxic substances into the nearby bay. Concentration decreased enough to be able to open the road and begin work on the restoration of the damaged factory, but the two tourist attractions remain yet closed. You will see that in less than three weeks, when we return, they will no longer in operation. I don't mind, let's move on to see that we have still enough.

We're moving from Houston and La Porte to the Galveston, where is Galveston Naval Museum – in this museum there is to see druhoválečná submarine USS Cavallo (SS-244) and the accompanying destroyer USS Stewart (DE-238). Parking is included in the admission price and both ships are to a large extent accessible. Destroyer coming through on its own wheels, on a submarine waiting for us one of the veterans of the US Navy, the us carried out and in detail explains what this or that hejblátko in the submarine service. Hat down, in an almost třicetistupňovém heat even in the inside of the submarine is no easy job. And this quantity of information, which we in the short time learn it was really cool! Did you know, the more they are driven by the american torpedoes, and why are they behind them to see bubbles, when the torpedo rushing water? Well, I don't Very Happy

Excited we are leaving our first museum and heading the direction to Lake Jackson, so we could finish what we can't handle immediately after arrival, buy a local sim card into the phone, get some přednabitý tariff for mobile data and phone calls between each other, and also something to eat and to quench their thirst.

Forget it, that you would at any of the restaurants given a choice nesladké drink, everything is sweetened with, and it's not in this weather really ideal. We buy then at Walmart water, some sweetness, bread, ham. A quarter pound of sausage that you don't buy the smallest package starts at half a pound. Well, so gonna out-eat, well Smile From Walmart, we'll take it over fastfood, in which floats a haze of smoke from the kitchen, and where they gave us the best shrimp, chicken and mac&cheese, what we could wish. In the parking lot then doptávám local, where is this store with electronics, what we're looking for – very willingly us are heading on the right side of the shopping complex, where afterwards we find the electronic Mecca, therefore, the branch network of electronics stores Best Buy. Here we enlisted the help of the local dealer, who gladly and quickly provided the necessary information, arranged for a new AT&T sim card (ten dollars) and her monthly prepaid plan with data, either limited to the 3 to 6-10Gb I think, or unlimited.

Take the card to the phone, another card in the camera and one battery (well worth the price, don't buy it!) the question was about hours before it got sorted out everything needed, then we sit in the car and we are changing the the Czech, totally incapable of sim cards for the us.
Thanks to this morning's power outage at the program, we have a little lead time and so we are embarking on a roughly 300km journey the direction of Corpus Christi where the us will be another day of waiting aircraft carrier USS Lexington. The way the planes of the coastal zone of Texas is lined with other refineries, and in spite of the boring flat landscape and straight roads passes by surprisingly quickly, until finally we find ourselves face to face Lexington to check out what another day of waiting. Then just accommodation at the hotel and the road to a nearby sports bar for dinner, download photos, backup, charge the battery and go to bed..
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Day 2 - a Day on the aircraft carrier

Had breakfast we are, and a little popruzeni the nearby construction of the highway we're going to start opening hours of the museum on the USS Lexington. There will to see certainly many and although it is Monday, so I'm concerned that there will be a lot of people - on the photograph of mif mof. The whole waterfront is under reconstruction, but even so we manage to park right at the starting of the bridge to the ship and we're going to let it consume you. This is not the first aircraft carrier, which in my life I can see, but the dimensions of a man totally out of balance. It will hurt your feet ... Very Happy

In addition, the weather is not really ideal, is under a cloud and the wind is blowing strong. So we start a tour of the hangar deck, in which are placed the planes

SBD-1 Dauntless

N3N Yellow Peril

TBM-3E Avenger

F-4 Phantom II

along with engines and other artifacts of machinery and keepsakes especially of the second world war. Then down we plunge into the bowels of the ship, we went through two circuits, which make us closer acquainted with the life of the sailors and airmen on the ship, with their work responsibilities, worries, and fun.

And then the highlight, the flight deck full of interesting machines from the current era.

F/A-18A / Blue Angels

T-6/SNJ-5 Texan

F-14A Tomcat / VF-103 Jolly Rogers

F2H-2 Banshee

F9F-8T Cougar / VF-43

A-4B Skyhawk

TA-4J Skyhawk

T-28B Trojan / VT-27

T-2C Buckeye / VT-19

KA-3B Skywarrior

A-7B Corsair II / VA-215

A-6E Intruder / VA-176

T-34B Mentor

T-34C Turbo Mentor

AH-1S Cobra

Like so many times during our journey and here we come to a pleasant discussion with other visitors of the museum, from the canadian Edmonton, and we have the opportunity to get acquainted with their views on many things that are for our media say, taboo. Don't talk with strangers about politics, it sounds basic rule of travel, but what when you start? Very Happy

The carrier did not disappoint, feet hurt, hungry to reports, and from the wind I have such a blowout that it neučešu by the end of the tour Very Happy But what's the use, it's time to go on, yet a couple of photos in front of the ship, a cannon, a torpedo, an anchor ... and he's going up!

The original plan of the trip was from Corpus Christi to move even more to the mexican border to the city of Brownsville, where is the battlefield of the battle of Palo Alto, but in the end we made this detour took the plane off and went directly to San Antonio, where we will be waiting the two-day program, and we can thus make the change ahead of schedule.

As we pull away from the sea, the refineries and chemical factories is decreasing, but the landscape has not fundamentally changed, is it a pancake Smile, but we're still as am here in his miracles, everything is so different ... Each passing "truck" will require the admiring cries and laudatory comments on the amount of polished chrome, and yes, we're stopping at the gas station, where we see the large parking lot of trucks, we could take pictures Smile

Accommodation in the hotel has its usual procedure, the query on a good restaurant, way through half the town, really delicious food, drive back and shower, bed ... Tomorrow awaits us "Remember the Alamo!", I can't even sleep!.
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Day 3 - the Day of the Alamo

No, I haven't redone my will, it's not "day at the Alamo", but the day of the Alamo. Day cruel defeat, but only we get.

Breakfast, the usual mix of eggs, slabs of meat, toustových breads, muffins, donuts, wafflí, coffee and juices. Zvykejme you, nothing else for us after all the way waiting Very Happy

On opening night we're off to downtown San Antonio, where is located the original mission of the Alamo, which in 1836, fought a fierce and futile fight of the texas volunteers led by William Travis, James Bowie (the one who invented the well-known knife Very Happy) and Davy Crockett outnumbered the mexican army, headed by Santa Anna. From the original building are preserved only the church and several parts of the enclosing walls, you can walk through the garden with hints of the local renactmentu, the most space probably takes up a souvenir shop.

The visit did not exceed an hour, if you know how the battle took place, so the place itself has more of a psychological value than information. Before Alamem is still standing a monument, and what is also interesting is the wider city centre.

The fine rain we walk back to the parking lot (we parked about one block further, at the church, the parking fee is $ 5 for the whole day) and we're moving direction of the military base Joint Base San Antonio or her part of Fort Sam Houston. Our first experience with access to the base but unfortunately it wasn't good - contact for public relations this base was one of those who didn't bother to our questions about the possibility of access to the base for foreign visitors to answer, and when in place, therefore, we find, from the gate of this base and its three museums are closed to us - we don't have that "sponsor", then we don't know anyone on the base who would be for us to guarantee. I take ownership of the us phone numbers and I'm trying still to contact the office of public relations, but unfortunately do not have anyone who would give us to the hands. You can't shine, the day of the Alamo, the day soup gazpacho, we just need to catch my breath.

Anyway, we've got no idea about our scheduled visits to the base in Fort Hood. With this we entered in negotiations many months ago, and it was really the story of how from the Head 22. I write e-mail to the base. It gets me the answers that I have to contact the u.s. agency for contact with journalists. I am writing therefore to them. It gets me forwarding to the next person, this time responsible for liaison between the media and the army, somewhere in New York ci Washington, D. C. of course Very Happy The lady writes me that I should go to the base directly. But I already did. Oh, I have them napstat using the form that they have on the website, not by email. I am writing back to base. The same person who I first sent to the son of the... the, uh, to the agency to come into contact with reporters, I depreciated that they have a unit that us "takes in charge", and that I have to send the passports (not passy, I didn't jump! Very Happy), in order to allow for security clearance. It happens about two months before our departure. As departure time nears, I think more than a month will have to do, and I write, therefore how things are. The answer is no. I write, therefore, instructed of the previous failures, using the form. The answer is no ... Well, we were re-shooting the Day of the Alamo, where in the midday heat and dust sitting in the car and I'm calling to Fort Hood. Apparently, I'm a soldier interrupted from the baguettes, but looking for me, mr. Haug, to whom I communicated originally, to me that says that even Fort Hood and we can't, we'd have to ask across the department of defense and that it depreciated every time I badgered the security clearance. Uh (fast forward), I ran then all of the mail logs for the past few years, and guess how many times there was that the tried to contact? Exactly twice, hence the two emails I received from him, otherwise of course nothing, no rejected email from the domain .miles, nothing in spam, nothing. In that moment, I was like a pressure cooker, if you like French dick-minute, and I don't know why in my head was haunted only cimrmanovské a dork, a nerd, a dork, a nerd. Why not the person responsible for public relations, nor a department for contact with journalists, even she the lady responsible for contact reporters-the army, on a clearly posed question, that we three person of Czech citizenship and we visited then, and then, here and there base, they were not able to give fundamental information that we request through the MoD? Especially at the moment when we had clearly already were in the middle of such a process, which shouldn't start and vice versa was a time it through and successfully handle?

Well, after odkvačil Valetin Stokurev it was time to think, what to do, how it will affect our quest? In the end we worked it out šalamounsky - what to do when a woman has worries and blues? Goes shopping! Because we have one more night in the hotel in San Antonio, we can't go on, but we can look at the local nákupny and support the local economy ...

First, what we wanted to see, was of course the arms trade. Here but you can't rely on the Google maps, because in stores are often not allowed to take pictures, and according to reviews, although you come across experts, who know about weapons of the first to the last, but, um, the store is empty, what hardware are concerned. Second up was armyshop, and it was another cup of coffee. A lot of outdoor equipment, the original and neoriginál fatigues, caps, hats, jackets, backpack etc etc, just one heart will flutter (and wallet you spins off two meds for depression). Be careful, the equipment in these sales is often "second hand" or "second quality" so often you come across the goods damaged, clothes holes, frayed, etc. But we choose and in the end we are leaving happily're all garlanded in shopping bags Smile the Third place is the local clothing outlet, more of a curiosity, but the local heat and moisture gives the hint that maybe more clothes will be a hell of a throw. For the money it is often better to get new things to buy, than to fight it, what the person is bringing with them, of course, provided that you have enough space in the trunk ... by the Way, the washer and dryer were in the common rooms of each hotel, where we slept, as well as a greater or lesser gym, swimming pool and similar equipment.

In the evening the usual dinner (this time mexican, our first tex-mex) and back to the hotel. San Antonio has left a bitter aftertaste, we have to sleep it off and keep going!

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Day 4 - Bratwurst day in the Pacific

Breakfast, loading bags, the usual morning ceremony, and then the 10 freeway to the north, the direction of Fredericksburg. As we approach this town are German names, inscriptions and names. Interesting, of this town comes one of the most famous admirals the U.S. Navy Chester W. Nimitz. Next to his house, where is his museum, this time unfortunately closed and under renovation, is National Museum of the Pacific War. The museum is divided into two locations, the second is a few hundred yards further on, it is good to give out.

This part right in the center of town has a garden with many, many monuments in memory of persons and entire units deployed in the fighting in the Pacific, the outdoor exposure of the cannons, gun turrets and torpedo tubes, and then an extensive internal exposure, we step by step get acquainted with the course of the fighting in the Pacific, so with the individual artifacts, of which there is actually a plethora of, including miniature submarines!

The other part is located about a block further away from the center, and contains an exhibition of TBM-3E Avenger, the american patrol torpedo boat and a sort of outdoor amfiteatr, in which are held the combat examples (outside the schedule).

Tire from it after a good 3 hours in the museum we sit at the dining table, and what else is there in the German restaurant in the German town could give, than bratwurst? Very Happy Nicely with cabbage, two přílohama, as it turns out, even bratwursty were two and we barely koulíme back to the car. Moving forward, the direction of Austin, the capital of Texas. There are psychological test - Camp Mabry, a military base, which hosts Texas Military Forces Museum. They'll let us in? Let?

Upon arrival to the gate, it is apparent that perhaps this time it will be different. No navštěvnické center, nothing official, just a friendly guard. And where he says we are. From the Czech republic, and I'm going to say, Europe, because, you know, Americans, you have no idea where it is such a small country like the Czech republic. Au contraire, mes amis! Oh, Czechoslovakia, my first wife was from Czechoslovakia. Now he says he has a wife Belgičanku ... Well, I'd probably change, but whatever, the important thing is that the us through the desert, just on the basis of the passport, and explains the way to get to the museum. Clearly, the base of the national guard is not the right buzz, but for us, it is truly spectacular victory. Don't worry, all pose*e before I go through the whole museum Very Happy

The museum is in two large halls, opposite the statue of the most decorated soldier of the U.S. - Audiho Murphy's (more on that tomorrow) and the eponymous training center, but we are interested in those halls, and those tanks are around Very Happy Hall guides us through the military history of the Texas, with an emphasis on the war with the Indians, the First and the Second world war, Korea, Vietnam ... a Lot of artifacts, tanks and other vehicles, small arms, just a cool museum. Outside, about a few tens of meters further, and then the museum "continues" an exhibition of tanks and armored vehicles, which at all bad for the uncovered space and the vagaries of nature, but what can you do. We ask the question, what is better than Patton? Three Pattony! And we're shooting about one hundred and six, however, near the sound of thunder and approaching something between rain and the end of the world. Around the next corner appears another technique, this time artillery. For the first time in my life I see such a Scorpion (for players of WoT known that machine Smile) and more. And in the den under the roof she's hiding several pieces of towed artillery. Uff! It's raining, but it's nothing to do.

And then it happened. Look, I know it, but not the war. Even other sites. No, I don't know ... So the conversation has started, which deprived me of dinner, and a further 8 hours, when most people here were asleep and I was fixing assy ruined the database Sad it Was around two in the morning, when I jakes takeš fixed it to make here in the Czech republic could start a new day, even with and fell into unconsciousness. I'm glad I had the laptop with me and available backup, so as not to zásádním losses in the data. But the Murphyovský style of the last few days he seemed to me somewhat unhappy. Fortunately, from this point on we basically just managed Smile.
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Day 5 - Day texas Kapitolace

Day in the Austin and the neighborhood began like every other, laborováním over how to turn on the shower, breakfast replacing neabsolvovanou dinner, and packing the suitcases Smile Our goal is parking next to the texas Capitol, where we'll take a look. Journey to the centre remains beyond the expectations of easy, no big traffic, and parking, we hit the first good (but in America, when you pass, so just go around the block and will come again, I became a fan of their square system!) and we're leaving the direction of the Chapters. The map shows that in addition to the building itself is around in the park a number of monuments to the soldiers and wars of the recent and the ancient. Still there can be a monument to southern soldiers, which kvitujeme with gratitude, at least in Texas, is the world still in order. The Capitol building does not differ from the other, including in the capital, only the statue on top of the dome is always related to a strong local "špecifikám". After the security check is a free option Chapters to visit and walk the halls, where the local laws. Feel special, so fulfilling. Finally, after a series of trouble, something I really enjoy Smile

We start on the opposite side of the building, to save you the long walk around, and look down into the underground, where it was extended, the original building of the Capitol after what just occurred office location Smile Nearby is another monument to the Vietnam war, some playing squirrels, and then in the direction of the car and Greenville, Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum.

Yes, the museum of the cotton and at the same time one of the bravest soldiers, Audie Leon Murphy, whom the United states ever had. If I borrow a sentence from the information panel in the museum, for Audieho war actually began in Sicily (although before that landed in Africa) and than finished, he had all american honors for bravery. Some twice ... The highest military decoration, Medal of Honor (and unlike many other not in-memoriam). The museum is relatively small, but interesting, as well as walk to the nearby monument, which you Audie welcomes on arrival from the highway (don't try to příjíždět the city, the street is on the edge of the museum property překopaná and can't use).

In the end we jumped into the car and we move to Dallas. Evening Dallas offers a free parking space directly in the center, and so we're making the route, after which he rode in his last moments, us president J.F. Kennedy. Finally we park and we go to that fateful place, where he hit two shots, look at them in person. The two white crosses on the road, as well as the museum in the places where the killer shot, they are a permanent reminder of this tragic event in american history. Dallas himself would have wished to be a famous anything else, but the history of things to change won't they.

In the center we're looking unsuccessfully for something to eat, finally we leave the hotel and starving we the pizza. Only in the "pizzeria" is not where you sit, it's just a ticket counter, where the pizza will do, but eat it you must in the hotel room Smile Well what ...

I fall asleep and in my head I align the diverse incentives that we've met today..
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Day 6 - the Day of the Comanche and steak

Today we're waking up to another rainy morning, but it's so much bother. Waiting for us to cut our driver, who left the lure on our way, that eventually up to one day, the whole drove (8700 km ...), with the fact that we will also visit some museum of the american cars. Old cars. Lots of chrome, Polish and so Smile And thanks to the fact that we're on throughout the 3 days prior to the original plan, so it is not the smallest problem. Awake, therefore, to Nocony to Horton Classic Car Museum. In addition to rain us upon arrival, welcomes the thunderous rumble of the engines, or directly in front of the museum held an auction of historic vehicles. But one after the other, after all it's raining ... So we hide in museums. Three large halls full of cars richly uspokujují autofanouška in the us. Then a quick run to the auction, but then we have to move on.

We're leaving because of Texas. Become huge, become interesting, to become beautiful, I'm afraid to say. What would be Oklahoma? Continue along the rectangular paths between the mountain and the pasture, we cross the border into Oklahoma, řesíme the first of a series of "cross-border" loss of signal on my phone (to switch to airplane mode and back on it usually solves Smile), and racing to Lawtonu. Because we still have a great time, we go straight here to the two planned museums - the Museum of the great plains (Museum of the Great Plains) and Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center. The museum focused on local indian tribes and the period of the "wild West" are more for the children and visitors, but even grown-ups get there, they find the mine and we both museums liked very much. Eventually, even the local indian at the box office knows where is the Czech republic ... guess I'll have to change some of the stereotypical expectations Smile out of all Of this monitoring of the bison and their history, native american products from the bison hides or bones we got hladno, and so as soon as managed to resolve the issue of the monsoon rains and the cars in the parking lot VERY far indeed, we're heading out to your local Texas Roadhouse to give you some red meat. And what was, I can't even describe it!

Finally, we return to the highway, where right next to the comanche casino we have our hotel. To the casino we didn't dare, she said there stalkers not allowed and we don't want to lose the rest of the way in the cards, and so lulled gaze at the paintings of bison in each of the rooms and hallways of the hotel, happily fall asleep..
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Day 7 - Day of artillery and the native american graves

To the north of the Lawtonu, along highway 44 lies Fort Sill, a base known as a place for the gunners. Logically, the place where will be located For.With. Army Field Artillery Museum. We are going to návštevnického centre military bases, and in the neck we have the dumpling. Let? Let? But they wrote that you just need to have a valid passport, so we'll see.

Fortunately pozemáci no waves don't, and after a while, the paperwork, the photo shoot and the usual treatments, we're leaving equipment all day entry to the base, and the map - compared to the original plan, we are reminded of the new museum the anti-aircraft techniques and the cemetery of the indians, who were at this base interned after another of the losing conflicts of the red and white man.

Artillery museum, these are the two wings of the building, where is the basic display with the exhibits dating back to the days of the settlement of the Wild West, fighting the war of the North against the South, up to the present. But the greatest treasures are out there. I have to say, that such a collection of artillery technology in one place anywhere else I haven't seen yet. On one side of the building is the missiles and missile systems, on the other, then trailed and self-propelled artillery, including such gems as Atomic Annie (formally, M65). We find essentially the guns of the first world war and of modern times, Pershing i Priest, chinese, Czech and of course the american production. As in so many places before I meet a veteran, who is with me, sharing stories with the technique, on which he served, and of the history of the base, right where we're standing. Sunshine palí, but we are trying to go through all the technology and pretty pictures. Then we're moving a block away, where our visit continues the museum, the original Fort Sill, and further into the museum the anti-aircraft techniques.

After the completion of all we're a bit of a break and in my car we're moving on to the other side of the freeway, where lies the native american graves. Among them, inter alia, even the grave of the chief Geronimo. Then back to the the cemetery inside the base, where lies a number of other personalities both from the military sphere, so from the ranks of the indians, even the last chief of the Comanche Quanah Parker.

Strengthened fastfoodem directly at the base leaving Fort Sill and the path leads us to the Oklahoma City. We avoid but I-44, which is in this section of the paid and having the prospects for the oklahoma countryside. Oklahoma City is for the traffic signs too long, so that when you navigate look for a shortened form of the Okla City Very Happy

In Oklahoma City park before law school near the memorial Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, which is our goal, it is already late in the afternoon, the city is empty and the parking we have free. We came to the monument, which was erected in memory of the victims of the bombing at the federal building in 1995. A plain monument bears on one side the inscription 9:01, the other 9:03, ohraničujíc time, when the bomb went off and claimed the lives of 168 people. You resemble a bronze chair in the park, one for each person, divided into floors, in which the victim at the time of the attack were. Those little chairs remind children killed by ...

We walk around the neighborhood, the museum is in the time of our arrival had already closed, but we don't mind. We decide to visit the oklahoma chapters, the only one of its kind which has for its plot an active oil well ... that's just Oklahoma Very Happy Nearby is also the monument to the soldiers of the world wars, sailors from the sunken battleship USS Oklahoma and more.

For dinner a real Italian bastion, spaghetti with meatballs Smile, and then the usual procedure, downloading and backing up photos, charge batteries, sleep ... Tomorrow Kansas!.
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Day 8 - a Day in the car

The second week of our trip we are starting on the way to Kansas. Oklahoma we are leaving behind us, its low mounds, which have brought about so desirable a change after the plains of Texas, its typical oil wells, pastures and fields. But it's time to go away, we're curious, what will probably be Kansas?

Cross the border, and one of the first things that we meet, are packages with cotton, flattened on the edge of the field. Our first cotton fields. Interesting. We're going on I-35, but shortly beyond her we're leaving and we're getting after the parallel free road, to you again a little more swept the countryside. Just before wichita and I on I-35 we're back and we arrive at the the Kansas Aviation Museum on the other side of the air base McConnell AFB. We have a lot of time, as they open at noon, so waiting for the ravioli, we're gaining strength and pokukujeme over the fence on our first strategic bombers, which on the way after US we meet Smile

Museum (the original airport building, a style not unlike that of the South terminal of prague airport) opens up and we get acquainted with the history of the base, the airport and the development of some of the components of the strategic bomber B-52, which here took place. In the building there are several aerobatic aircraft and from the windows is a view of the flock of tankers weaned on a military base (it is but an explicit prohibition is out to take pictures, a shame). Finally, we set out into the sharp midday sun, to know about the outdoor exhibits. We enjoy that we're in the museum almost to yourself, when you will have B-52D just for yourself? Or in the peace circle KC-135E? Or hide in the shadow of wings WB-47E ... The vision is here Boeing 727 or 737-200, Cessna T-37B (factory Cessna is in sight from the museum), Lockheed T-33B, Republic F-84F and more.

The heat is like in Ecuador, so after less than two hours with pleasure we sit back to klimatizováného the car and away we go. We pass the huge silos for agricultural products, it is clear license plate Kansas, as well as the trains with the cattle. The purpose of our trip is the remote Topeka, the capital of Kansas. In the end there in the early evening we arrive at, and because we are more naseděli than walked, so we're even an evening walk around the city. Nearby is the the cost a railroad station (with the inconceivable stop passenger trains, where it seems for years there was no incoming ...), then we go through a kind of industrial districts, to come to the river Kansas, then back around the police station (ooh, click, click, click ...) back to the hotel. This time, we don't live in the usual "motel" a two-storey hotel, but in the eight stories out of a building that has seen better days, but at least we have a view. Tomorrow is the third of the chapters, so let's go to bed..
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Day 9 - a Day in prison

Topeka, capital of Kansas, and its Chapters. We're heading out first thing in the morning to catch the next program that is waiting for us. Parking again is not a problem, right next to the building is a large parking lot, just got to watch out what is for visitors (visitors) and what for the employees. Building with the style different from other Kapitolů, on its top then stands a statue of an indian, heading the bow to the star of the north star. Chapters you walk around, take pictures along with other memorials, which are always in the area.

Then we move to the nearby airport, in front of which lies the Museum Of the Kansas National Guard. The museum at first glance, the smallish hides behind a pile of military equipment exposed under the open sky, including KC-135, CH-54 Tarhe and other affections.

But first, in the premises of the museum getting acquainted with the history of the Kansas national guard, armament and equipment, and in a truly dazzling array of exhibits (just arms there are a few dozens of, as well need bayonets etc.), artifacts from the time of the first world even from relatively recent times Afghanistan or Iraq.

The most me, but take a replica of the tent from the tv series M*a*S*H, the famous Swamp Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John McYntira! Like Hawkeye, he's leaving his hat barely a few minutes ago and left the hall. She can't miss Radarův teddy bear.

Then we go through the rest of the museum and finally we go to the outdoor exhibitions, which takes an honest two hours at least, so much that we really weren't expecting! The last three aircraft of the click and move on!

Before us is the next target - Leavenworth. The city famed for its prison, military and civilian. Rather than prison us at the base interested in the museum. We stop at the civilian prison in the heart of the city in the parking lot for visitors of the prisoners and let's do a few photos. But before we get in front of the building itself, is in us official and informs us that we are on federal territory and is not allowed at the building of the prison did not take pictures (unless we wanted to take a look inside, for quite a long time Very Happy). With thanks to the offer of a "search warrant" we reject and we are guided by the council - it is enough to cross the main road, where, once again, the territory of the state Kansas, and from here it is possible to prison, without penalty, to take a picture Smile

Anyway we don't want to tease the snake with his bare foot and quickly leaving this zamřížovanou area and moving to the base of the Fort Leavenworth. Here, sadly, is just not coming through, because for a change there is the "american driver's license" (which basically means have at least a green card or U.S. citizenship), but an officer making is very kind and offers us alternatives in the area. In Kansas City is a great monument and the museum of the first world war, but today has a how to on the creature closed and therefore we choose option "continue" the direction of Nebraska.

We, therefore, with Kansas, it was an honor. In the following days, hitting a number of of the places about which you just read, massive rain, floods, tornadoes ...

Road in a northerly direction from the Leavenworth by Omaha in Nebraska us for a short time introduced into Missouri across the river before we turned to the west.

Heavy rain has caught up with us already on the way, a harbinger of days to come. Never mind, the weather won't change, only we the torrents of water temporarily trapped in the car and we hope it soon abates Smile in the end, we're defecting to Mama's Pizza for dinner and to Walmart to pick up more supplies on the way. A pity that already sell texas Rozárka, uh, Ozarka, very good bottled water in a reasonable amount Very Happy But what, we will advise you. We are accommodating in the hotel at the edge of the Omaha towards tomorrow's destination, Ashland and its Strategic Air & Space Museum! Our first night in Nebraska..
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Day 10 - Day in Nebraska

Imagine all the people, where with Nissan go? In Ashland we go, the museum of the SAC there, eh!

I don't know if it's worth to wait, that the rain will pass, and B-1A Lancer is lákávý goal, so I'm going to run in one hand an umbrella, in the second backpack, in a third camera ... in front of the museum then a few missiles, and then goes under the roof, to Strategic Air & Space Museum. Already the entrance with the SR-71A is impressive, and after payment of the admission fee and the entrance to the first hangar is falling jaw. There is simply everything. The back B-52 for her B-36 Peacemaker aka "the big stick" in your configuration of the "six turning, four burning", the B-58 Hustler, F-111, B-17 in addition, everything looks like a younger sister Very Happy This will be FOR a LONG time. Around the aircraft is a number of other exhibits, equipment, various artifacts, simulators, even the table from the control center of nuclear missiles, the room dedicated to "father" Strategic Air Command Curtis LeMayovi and much more. Above it all peacefully hanging the U-2C and a number of other machines. I shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot before the first school trip (that in the end not long to wait). The second hangar continues B-29kou, a vířidlem dust, KC-97G Stratotanker, F-101B Voodoo, F-102A Delta Dagger ... the Third hall is not accessible, only allows you to take a peek at the process of renovation of machines, that will be in the museum exposed.

Outside meanwhile (after about 3 hours ...) the rain stopped, right on cue, and so we're getting a few more outdoor photos and then we continue to the capital of Nebraska Lincoln where the us waiting for the next chapters.

The capitol building in Nebraska differs from the "usual appearance" and we are interested to walk around the whole site, including the governor's house directly across the street to the capitol. We parked again near, so there is no problem at all. And because singing "is to the west a long way", we set out again on a journey - the aim is to reach early to the next the museum of the american cars in Kearney, and then continue toward the Wyoming.

First, we use the shlaví a giant station in the Lincoln. The station is for us little Europeans really monstrous and if you like the technique, I recommend to stop there and try to find some nice place with a view. Unfortunately, it started raining again, so we don't stop, just přibrždujeme, and then get away.

Classic Car Collection on the edge of the city of Kearney is away from highway 80 in places where it verily much else to see. According to the debate with the lady behind the counter it could be in Omaha, but in the end won this place. And it's led by a truly with great care and concern is seen on any car. Huge hall and several rows of vehicles of a whole century of american motoring, it is a mixture of technical achievements, lots of chrome, huge fins, air conditioning and automatic transmissions, and several generations of memories that the you of all those cars dýchnou. We have about an hour and a half before the museum closes, but for fans of cars it is definitely a little, plan more. Me alone enjoyed more discussion with the lady at the box office, which was in the pedigree and the Czech republic, so there was a Czech proverb, and eventually another lord, what is there cares about the cars named something like Machacek, so it was very pleasant chat, in the end, as always.

After all a silver lining of chrome we set out again on the road - weather and time of day of us very much wanted, and so we just missed the already closed museum Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles (not in the plan, I don't know how interesting it is there) but mainly the Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center at the North Platte. This observation tower is directly above the busiest seřazovacím station in the U.S. (at least according to the sign Very Happy), and so you can feast your eyes on hundreds of wagons and locomotives during their daily journey across Nebraska. But even here it's closed for the day and so we arrive up to Ogallaly, where that night we sleep in a hotel with a carriage Smile

For dinner (though it's barely a few hundred meters, so because of the weather we're cowardly car ...) is this time a real genuine mexican bastion, which burns like hell, um, twice ... and then goes to sleep Smile.
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Day 11 - Day democrats

Another day, another rain. Even the strong character in our car are considering a visit Dollar Store to get a proverbial dollar to purchase a plastic raincoat. Nothing surprises me, I am from home, but I'm hopeful that the weather will get better. Well, there are days when optimists had to shoot ...

We continue to the west, the direction of the Cheyenne, capital of Wyoming. It's not too big a slight detour on our way to Colorado, and at least in this south-eastern corner of Wyoming we won't have to next time to come back. Plus, there's, well, hadejte what? Chapters Very Happy Western Nebraska is starting to curl and lift, finally a change from all those planes. See the Rocky mountains? Who knows, the weather becoming mif mof.

I don't know why in the name of the Cheyenne think of western a Time in the west Very Happy we're Parked a few blocks from the capitol, and we okouknut. This time it's more of a kapitůlek, nothing too big, moreover, in the reconstruction, so they can't even get a good picture. Well, we can do nothing. After a short stop (yes, in addition to the rain, too, has cooled off considerably towards zero ...) we are moving to the museum of the wyoming national guard.

Wyoming National Guard Museum is not too large, itself Wyoming is among the "youngest" states of the U.S. and so even the history of its national guard is much shorter, but no less relevant or full of brave and determined soldiers. The local manager of the museum uses the fact that we're in the museum so far by yourself, and thoroughly acquaints us with the whole collection, including all kinds of details and references to the minor "fakes as early as" in the collections of Very Happy in the end, we go on the "backyard" of the museum, where crouching two tracked machines, and where the us in addition to them, there's also a real genuine blizzard! Well, that nene! Cvakám camera, cvakám teeth and quickly back into the warmth of the museum ...

But nothing lasts forever and we once again we have to put you on the path, facing the south, the direction of the Colorado. It would be good even for light to get to Denver, we know about the next chapters in one day Very Happy

The path is in spite of the weather fine, it is recommended to refuel the full, because you don't have to run to the gas station, but no such problem has not been documented. On the contrary to this, as we pointed out in the Cheyenne that Colorado already dubbed rather Calorado, because it is the focus of a massive influx of people from California, who carry with them your perspective on many things, we remember almost immediately in the center of the Denver we leave our underground parking lot and we'll head out to a nearby chapter. The fact that the Colorado since January 2014, legalised marijuana, it is immediately evident. For our whole trip we met so many junkies (or any ...), like right here, during those few minutes when we are in the heart resided. We posed your chapters, kličkujíc between the junkies, the homeless and the beggars, and the too well to us it wasn't. Attempt to visit the toilet at the nearby bus station ended up in that toilet was inhabited by a kind homeless man, no matter that was right next to the guard booth, in which sat two guards ...

Eventually less traffic congestion after the six-lane highway we publish as soon as possible out of Denver.
While I flirted with the idea of a visit in Denver some sports match (following a few days there to play baseball, it's on your "wish" list, what in the USA to even visit), but in the end we leave that be and go dálm, the direction of the Colorado Springs, where awaits us just have a big steak for dinner, and then the hotel. The weather is not improving and has further to cool, so pulling up a winter jacket and a baseball cap, will be useful tomorrow Very Happy.
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Day 12 - Flight day

In the evening, when we were falling asleep, it was raining. After waking up it is white everywhere. Oh yeah Sad At the speed we think, what we'll probably scratch the car, and if we have winter tires? The Hotel was very good, the first time I my room had a full kitchen, but in return do not have breakfast. Watching even a view from the rooms on a B-52 on nearby Academy USAF, which is one of our goal today, and then I'm going the direction of the white hell. The snow thankfully stopped, so odhrnujeme snow (fun to watch their two companions, how they're wearing three shirts and two hoodies, because they do not have to bring a jacket Very Happy) and we're moving on to breakfast to Mcdonald's. And then the instructions to the gate of the For.With. Air Force Academy. Instructions were received from the local public relations department, and they proved to be, um, inaccurate, or the right návštěvnícké center is a few miles south, at the second gate. After a short debate around the confirmation of insurance of our car rental (some bases require, so if you are planning such a trip, please indicate it when you say, the car and request a certificate of insurance, a certain analogy to our green card) we get a pass on base and vydaváme at roughly čtvrthodinovou way the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the center of the base. We pass various aircraft / monuments, until finally we arrive at the visitors center / small museum and the nearby chapel, which is our main goal. The museum also includes a well-equipped gift shop, so your colleagues can buy šušťákovku USAF Very Happy and leave a short walk from the parking lot toward the chapel. This is over a large square surrounded by buildings, in which probably takes place the theoretical training of pilots, nearby are sports fields (for physical fitness here of course puts a big emphasis, so it is no surprise that the area is a playground for football, hockey stadium, tennis courts, etc.) the Chapel is divided into several levels, its a place that christians-protestants and catholics, buddhists and jews. And behind it all a beautiful view of the mountains.

On the way from the chapel we stop with the already mentioned B-52, and at the cemetery, which is in the area of the base. Here are buried many famous personalities associated with the american airforce, inter alia, the already mentioned Curtis E. LeMay or Robin Olds or Carl Andrew Spaatz. Unfortunately, the format of the cemetery with the plates on the ground is very inappropriate, especially at a time when the country is snow, so pobíhaním and looking to spend quite a bit of time and shoes are ripe for squeezing. But it was worth it!

Shoes in the car we dry, while leaving the academy and returning to the north, where we want to climb Pikes Peak. More than 4000m of altitude, and one of "the most famous mountains of the USA", because there are races in the hill climb, Pikes Peak dominates the whole area and a beautiful view, crowned by that to the top can be reached by car ... Almost none of it but today not. You need to call the phone number to přednahraného note learn how many miles from across the 19-mile route is due to the weather open, and how high you can get. Alternatively, you can leave it to chance and come straight to the gate of the park (as in the other cases, and here is vjez to the national park charged, the car is worth 50 USD). We don't care, we just want to experience. Again, if you want to on this place a look, it is good to think about it already in the video store and want a car that has a transmission with "low gear" on a leisurely ride - on the way down it is forbidden to hinder (or would give you the power of the brakes after the 19 miles left Very Happy) and it is good engine braking. Even the journey up is full of turns and too much speed so just out of the question. In addition, what a moment we are reminded how to increasing height, so the presence of various species of wild animals, including bears ... Eventually we stopped 13 miles from the start, 6 miles and about 400 meters of altitude below the summit, on today, the road is not passable. Outside of course, it's snowing, so we take selfies, and some that view "to the region", and then otačíme back. Along the way there is one base where there is a gift shop, and then we're back to civilization.

Because we still have a good time, so we're going to Fort Carsonat the edge of Colorado Springs, where is the museum 4. infantry division. 4th Infantry Division Museum is not at the base, just in front of the gate of the base, so joining is not a problem. The museum is not the largest, it is de facto one of the larger room, which goes through the history of the division and its famous moments, including landing on the beach of Utah in Normandy. Out to see a number of tanks, a helicopter and a near and a monument dedicated to Christopher "Kit" Carson, after which the base is named. General Carson was hraničárskou legend and the man who in 19. century had explored a large part of what is known as the ' Wild west. The statue is very nice as well as the surrounding monuments.

Today for the umpteenth time ždímám shoes and continue the direction of the Pueblo, where is the monument to the holders of the Medal of honor from the Colorado - Heroes Plaza - National Medal of Honor Memorial and then the long crossing we leave the usněžené Colorado and we're heading into the capital New Mexico Santa Fe. The way you put the pizza in the local backcountry, surprised by the decor of one of the buildings - the swastikas on the ledges of buildings one of us very much accustomed to seeing is not ...

Accommodation in Santa Fe it is stylish, the mexican influence is felt in every detail and we are looking forward what the next day would bring..
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Day 13 - Nuclear day

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Day 14 - Day úžasů

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Day 15 - a Day on the supervision of the cemetery ... the aircraft

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Day 16 - Day of the Titans

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Day 17 - Rocket day

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Day 18 - the Day the Rio Grande

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Day 19 - Day Texas

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Day 20 - Day purchases and packaging

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Day 21 - the Day when we wanted to go home

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Day 22 - the Day after

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