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01.04.2012 - Izrael: Drsný apríl izraelského admirála

Israeli vice admiral Ram Rotberg, the commander of the naval base of Haifa and the commander of the israeli navy, announced on a Saturday evening several senior officers, that will be held naval exercises off the coast of Italy together with the Italian and american forces. Said that the exercises will last ten days and that, so far, has to be kept secret, only in the narrow circle convened by the officers. Despite the fact they were aware the sailors on the three rocket ships, who overnight have prepared the vessel for departure.

In the morning it turned out that it was an April fool's joke by the designated senior officers.
In the meantime, however, the crew prepared the vessel for sea and their loved ones went to say goodbye to them and bring them things.
Families of the sailors complained that they were this jokingly harassed. The navy has them now trying to explain that the event had hit the common sailors. The Incident is under investigation.

The actual exercise takes place in the present time with the forces of Greece and the USA.

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