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15.03.2012 - Norské letectvo pohřešuje Hercules

The Norwegian air force's missing the machine Hercules C-130J (5630) "Siv", who took part in the exercise Cold Response 2012.
The machine was on its way from Evenes to Kiruna in the Sweden. At 14:43 last heard from, and subsequently at 14:56, disappeared from radar in the area near the mountain Kebnekaise approximately 15 km from Kiruna. On board were five crew members.
In the quest to engage the Norwegian P-3 Orion and the helicopter Sea King, two Danish helicopters Merlin, the Swedish helicopter Sikorsky S-76C++ (- JOJ, Lifeguard 906) and an unspecified police helicopter, a pair of Norwegian aircraft F-16 and the american Hercules. There are also Swedish Gripeny. The Danish helicopter captured in 19:01 faint distress signal aircraft from the nearby mountains.

Missing crew members are:
Ståle Garberg
Truls Ørpen
Bjørn Yngvar Haug
Siw Robertsen
Steiner Cuts

Machine C-130J named Siv was officially handed over to the Norwegian air force 11. may 2010. Delivered he was to the 335. squadron of the Norwegian air force.


photos of the airplane:
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The wreckage of the aircraft were found by the Swedish soldiers on the top of the mountain Kebnekase. The operation was changed from search to rescue.
Investigation of the accident leads the Swedish commission for the investigation of aircraft accidents.

Today, Sunday, the event was changed to search for the dead.
At 13:00 was held the units involved in the exercise Cold Response 2012 a moment of silence. At the base of the Evenes was at the same time organized a memorial act.

Footage of the crash site from the reconnaissance aircraft P-3 Orion.

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