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28.03.2012 - Havárie F-15 si vyžádala jeden život

While flying in the southwest Asia crashed the machine F-15E Strike Eagle of 366. operating group 366. fighter wings of the base of the air force Mountain Home.
In the crash killed the pilot and second crew member was airlifted for treatment with minor injuries.
The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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The victim was the pilot of the plane captain Francis Imlay, cause it was a waste of orientation in night flight, which not caused srazku with transmitting vezi pri very nizkem flight. Operator zbranovych system tried both of the airplane to fire just before the srazkou, the initiation of a network of 1.2 seconds before narazem, but from aeroplane just got on, while the pilot crashed the aircraft into the vega during the katapultovaci sequence and utrpel mnohocetna injury neslucitelna is life Sad

getting a description of the incident is here

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