2006 / 06

Armády, Technika, Militaria - ATM
4, 2006, no. 6

Content numbers:
News (4-5)
Honed, Zdeněk: Iran: how serious is this threat (6-9)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Medzinárodný veľtrh defense techniques IDEB 2006 (10-15)
Kaucky, Stanislav: AGS - air system NATO to survey the battlefield (16-19)
Chaplain, we had; Maňas, Pavel; Benda, Martin: the Removal of flood damage to bridge structures (20-22)
Foldyna, Thomas: the Practical logistics (1. part): a Small infantry units (23-26)
Messages (27)
Honed, Zdeněk: Grumman F-14D Tomcat: the Last deployment (28-30)
The accident of a military air force - April 2006 (31)
Martinec, Jan: the CZECH army and Hercules (32-34)
News (35)
Zajac, Ivan: the Attack on the USS Stark (2. part) (36-39)
Máče, Jan: How to sink an aircraft carrier (40-41)
Martinec, Jan: BAZ-135MB 42-47)
Máče, Jan: the Czechoslovak air force after 1945 (6. part): the Purchase of equipment abroad (1. part) (48-51)
Máče, Jan: the Fight for air technology during the cold war (6. part): "Jednadvacítka" with the star of David (52-55)
Martinec, Jan: From the Fenian Ram to the USS Holland (56-58)
Máče, Jan: the Battle of Jutland (59-60)
Kupka, Vladimir: the Defense of the british isles (2. part) (61-65)

Military professional:
It happened (70)
The conference of war veterans (71)
Uher, Michal: The Falcon (72-73)
Uher, Michal: Specialna Enota (74-75)
Zeman, Jan: Strong Campanier 2006 is approaching (76-77)
Pajer, Jaroslav: How to fly šestnáctikilové "CONES"? (1-2)
Plescher, Henry; Sýkora, Peter: Sense the pulse of life (3)
Dvorakova, Magdalena: Who will build the bridge of hope? (6)
Marek, Vladimír: Napalm examination (7-8)
Zeman, Jan: the Revolution in technology. The Czech military maps are already fully in line with NATO standards (9-12)
Žiak, Jozef: Our trained svet (14)
Žiak, Jozef: Deduction of defence (17-19)
Aktuálne (20)

COMPETITION: anti-aircraft missile ensembles (15. part) (96).
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