2006 / 10

Armády, Technika, Militaria - ATM
4, 2006, no. 10

Content numbers:
News (4-5)
Kaucky, Stanislav: Missile defense the united states: Results perplexed in professional circles (6-13)
Havel, Zdeněk: an American base in the Czech republic? Supporters desperately looking for arguments (12-15)
Honed, Zdeněk: the Shorts C-23A/B Sherpa (16-18)
The accident of a military air force – August 2006 (19)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: IDELF 2006 (20-23)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Medzinárodný veľtrh defence industry mspo in 2006 (24-27)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: a New concept lacnej protivzdušnej defense LCCMD (28-29)
Zajac, Ivan: the Boats of the class, Cyclone (30-34)
News (35)
Honed, Zdeněk: BMR 600 (36-38)
News (39)
Martinec, Jan: FIAT Campagnola (40-43)
Martinec, Jan: Cars KrAZ in the present (44-48)
Martinec, Jan: the Long spear and Kaiten (49-51)
Máče, Jan: the Czechoslovak air force after 1945 (10. part): Domestic production (3. part) (52-55)
Máče, Jan: the Fight for air technology during the cold war (9. part): Achievements of the chinese dragon (56-60)
The military museum in Beijing (61)
Máče, Jan: the Civil war in Spain (3. part): From the offensive in Catalonia, to the surrender of Madrid (62-65)

Military professional:
Begala, Ján; Úšela Zdeněk: František Kašický: Theme are especially vojenskíá profesionáli (70-71)
Žiak, Jozef: the Czechs won the Anthropoid (1)
Žiak, Jozef: Slovania for mier 2006 (2)
Žiak, Jozef: the Unfinished developers misia (5)
Ujlacký, Tibor: Spiritual service (6)
Vitko, Pavol: Poti chcemickým ohrozeniam (7)
Aktuálne (8)

Uher, Michal: RIAM – Reparto Incursori Aeronautica Militare (80-81)
Uher, Michal: GEO – Grupo Especial de Operaciones (82-83)

Pajer, Jaroslav: six months topped by seven seconds (1-4)
Zeman, Jan: a Soldier without a gun (5-6)
Sousek, Thomas: Airbus soon (7-10)
Flasar, Zdeněk: Exercise ALPE 2006 (11-12)

COMPETITION: anti-aircraft missile sets (19. part) (96).
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