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Military history website

2012 / 01

Letectví a kosmonautika

AVIATION AND aerospace
88, 2012, no 1

Content numbers:
Peed my pants, Milan: Airbus tests the sharklety (4)
Inform (5-12)
Fojtík, Jakub: the Training of foreign pilots in the Centre of air training in Pardubice (14-17)
Pribyl, Tomas: News from the Red planet (18-19)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 39-45: Martin-Baker M.B.2 (20-21)
Fojtík, Jakub: DUBAI Airshow - the Last time on the traditional site (22-25)
Odehnal, Zdenek: the Beast of Kandahar still a mystery (26-27)
Sousek, Thomas: Aktuálne from EasyJetu (28-30)
Balous, Miroslav: What's new: the ATE Pulsatrix (31)
Balous, Miroslav: From the archives: SNCASO SO.30P Bretagne (31)
Stolar, Michael; Golz, Alexander: German military reform – Reach zmien to the air force (32-37)
Polak, Michal: Which spacecraft will replace the Soyuz? (38-40)
Orlita, Albert: 40 years from the start of the regular transport L-410 (41-43)
Sousek, Thomas: Switzerland in the club's Gripen (44-45)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 14-18: Hanriot HD.6 C2 (46-47)
Peed My Pants, Milan: The Jubilee Of The Boeing C-17 (48-51)
Sousek, Thomas: Libya U.S. point of view (52-57)
Švanda, Petr: Restore pamätník hero of the previous flight (58-59)
Pribyl, Tomas: the Museum at the gate of the cape Canaveral – Florida grow space museums like mushrooms after the rain (60-61)
Sousek, Thomas: the Real work for NATO (62-65)
Novák, Martin: a Visit in Air Force One (66-68)
Pribyl, Thomas: China is taking hold in orbit – Successful years station Tiangong-1 and unmanned spaceship Shenzhou-8 (69)
Odehnal, Zdenek: the Citation M2 with a number of question marks (70-71)
Peed my pants, Milan: Retro Boeing CSA (72-73)
Knap, Paul: Space projects of tomorrow (74-78)
Balous, Miroslav: you Asked: Avro Lancaster in France (79)
Máče, Jan: Avenger of the foothills of the Alps (80-81)
Balous, Miroslav: a Memoir: Blackburn Beverly (part I.) (82-87)
Balous, Miroslav: Reviews (90).
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