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2012 / 03

Letectví a kosmonautika

AVIATION AND aerospace
88, 2012, no 3

Content numbers:
Peed my pants, Milan: the Second "retro" Boeing CSA (4)
Inform (5-13)
Sousek, Thomas: Army Albatros are flying again (14-17)
Pribyl, Tomas: NASA is reporting a shortage of astronauts. Report on the state of the american space partition (18-20)
Balous, Miroslav: What's new: the Embraer Legacy 500 (21)
Balous, Miroslav: From the archives: Ahrens AR-404 (21)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 39-45: Reggiane Re.2000C Falco Catapultabile (22-23)
Sousek, Tomáš: Czech Airlines Technics - a Young company with a long tradition (24-27)
Pribyl, Tomas: Vega: Premiere of the one. The european fleet of launchers has a new addition (28-29)
Spacek, Jaroslav: the Last of the family Features (30-33)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Dumbo fireman celebrated (34-35)
Stolar, Michael J.; Golz, Alexander: Koncentrácia úsilia. Training príslušníkov the Luftwaffe on the system Eurofighter (36-40)
Pribyl, Thomas: the Connection to the north. Not a very happy start of the Russian communication system of the Meridian. (42-43)
Švanda, Petr: Neľahké air začiatky (44-45)
Peed my pants, Milan: a Special version of the Tupolevů Tu-204/214 (46-50)
Máče, Jan: Dutch Spitfire (52-53)
Pribyl, Tomas: Janice Elaine Voss (1956-2012). I did it - and you too can (54)
Balous, Miroslav: you Asked: a Special aerial refueling version of the B-29 Superfortress (55)
Sousek, Thomas: F-22 Raptor. Production discontinued, the operation of the still with difficulties (56-61)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 14-18: the Sopwith 8F.1 Snail (62-63)
Odehnal, Zdenek: the Raider acquires clearer contours (64-65)
Calendar of exhibitions in 2012, (66-69)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Loss, but not definitive (AT-6B) (70-71)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Latitude changing the rules of the game (72-73)
Knap, Paul: Space projects of tomorrow 3. (74-79)
Odehnal, Zdenek: the Twins from the Phantom Works (80-81)
Balous, Miroslav: Dassault Mystère, part I. (82-87)
Balous, Miroslav: Reviews (90).
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