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Kopecký Milan, Trojánek Karel: Sergijevka, October 16, 1941

Сергиевка 16.10.41

Title: Sergijevka, October 16, 1941
Subtitle: Сергиевка 16.10.41
Authors: Milan Kopecký and Karel Trojánek
Prague, publishing house: Peter the Spot - Capricorn Publications, year of release: 2016, size: 21x29 cm, number of pages: 92, number of copies: not listed,
ISBN 978-80-87578-15-5

The book deals with the destruction of 5. company of tank regiment no. 27, which was a component of the German 19. panzer division from Lower Saxony. Description of the fight between the villages Iljinskoje and Sergijevka is set into the framework of the war operations before Moscow in the autumn and in the winter of 1941. Part of the book is 8 color pages with the elevation of the tanks and around 110 photos.

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