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Kříž Varšavského povstání [1944]

Krzyż Powstania Warszawskiego / Cross of the Warsaw Uprising

Warsaw Uprising Cross "For killing an SS officer in combat"
(Cross of the Warsaw Uprising "For killing an SS officer in combat")

Cross of the Warsaw Uprising " For killing an SS officer in combat " - unofficial military decoration from the period of the Warsaw Uprising. It was awarded to Polish soldiers from the Home Army (Armii Krajowej) "Chrobry II" units, which fought in the Warsaw districts of Środmieście and Wola during the Uprising.

The insurgents used German-acquired 1939 Iron Crosses of the Second Class, on the reverse of which was affixed a Polish coin of 1 złoty from 1929, to produce their decorations. On the breast of the eagle was printed the emblem "Kotwica" Polski Walczącej * and the date - the year 1944 whose numerals 44 were stylized into the form of the runic SS.

The decoration was suspended from the ribbon of the War Cross of 1920 on which the white stripe on the right side was painted red.

* Kotwica - Czech for anchor, it was a stylized letters "P" and "[b:W" Polska Walcząca or Fighting Poland in the shape of an anchor. This emblem was used by the Polish underground army during World War II.

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