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Motocykly ve Velké válce 1914-1918 - Miloslav Straka

Author: Miloslav Straka
Vidal: Moto Public, 30.09.2015
Parties: 173
hardback 170 × 245 × 15 mm
Price: about 260,-
ISBN: 9788090422193
EAN: 9788090422193

Description (from the internet)

Another in a series of books by this author is once again engaged in motorcycle history, this time on the background 1. world war. Comes at a time when a hundred years passed from its course, and the consequences of which fatally affected the further development in Europe. The book is not a historical study about the war, has only a modest ambition to approach the role of motorcycles and soldiers, who with them in the war they served. Motorcycles in the Great war fulfill a variety of specific tasks. Next to a very important courier service also in the service of the ambulances and exploratory. Military motorcycles were used on almost all battlefields, but the largest number was on the western front on the side of the Allies. The book approaches the readers to the various variants of the military machinery, the technical details, detailed description of the most used models and the history of the represented brands.
The publication brings a lot of interesting not only to our tribal those interested in motorcycle history, but should newly also reach out to fans of military history and militárií at all.

Own reviews:
I hate writing reviews for books. In this case, I have a book bought happy with the fact that it is a combination of military and motoring in me very obdivovaném period of pioneer years, the boom of technology. Taking into account that motorcycles of that period very much like. Already in the bookstore struck me that there are some photos published/printed in a smaller dimension than the original! Yet I have a book bought and immediately to her reading. Followed by a big disappointment. I'm probably already very deformed modern (expensive) titles, where it is dismantled everything to the smallest detail. Whether it's the course of any military action, the deployment of units, the detailed tables, analyses and the like... (I'm referring to publications such as the Duel in the Mist about the battle of the Bulge, the work of colleagues from, comparison with perfect books from the field motocyklismu mr. Marčíka and perhaps even their own research and finding historical context in the emergence of our publications AFV and the like.)
After a few chapters I had the feeling that the book may have originally formed as some kind of encyclopedic, or the initial comprehensive overview of the publication about the first world war, in which eventually someone has filled in a minimum of motorcycles. Motorcycles are in many of the chapters mentioned only at their end in such a form" ...and on this battlefield there were motorcycles...". Which is highly inadequate. Which is it, reads it very well. And I as an outsider get to the first world war I filled in the information about the progress. However, this is from the book primarily did not expect, and I was wondering "something more" just and only about the motorcycles! Therefore, for motorcycles in the wake of the war, not about war, where will be here, there is mentioned the motorcycle. In the archives is certainly situated numerous, so far unpublished information, tables, reports and similar materials which in any way relate to units equipped with motorcycles. Here you'll find nothing like, or in minimal quantities. Rather, it is a wikipedické information. The last part of the book is devoted to the essential information to several major brands of motorcycles the most widespread in the ranks of the various armies. This very positive, however, it is again about the history of a particular factory with that, that there is somehow nothing more mentioned about the military motorcycles. Meant so it's like how they specifically showed the war as such into production, if they develop something in collaboration or at the insistence of the army and the like.
I was expecting more information about malovýrobcích, i.e. producers of small series of bikes used by the military. These are not even on the images in the book.

Photographic annex:
I like photos, historical photos. The more the better. In this book for me is the composition of photos in the not-completely-understand layout. Many interesting images are printed in so titěrném format, that outside of the basic shape of a motorcycle (two wheels, engine, handlebars) and the theme pictures (the soldier on the bike...) nothing can be discerned. On the other hand, there is a lot of images (e.g. in the chapter on the legion), which in a book of this focus have nothing to do, take up space and are on the whole side of the A5!? This is a photo with motifs of trains, the monument and the like. If it seemed to me that some of the images I know it was right. Many of them here:, including information.

Who to book to recommend? Those interested in motorcycles, perhaps just as the fundamental publication for the study of the topic. Interested 1. world war? I don't know. About the itself is probably nothing new to know..
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