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Bloody reverberations of war

The book by the popular author of non-fiction in an engaging way and on the basis of hitherto little-known or completely unknown facts (including period black-and-white photographs) shows the reader what was happening at the time, which was and still is often presented in a distorted form. (Paid advertising)


Before Christmas 2013, the first volume of the four-part pictorial monograph Czechoslovak Legion in Russia 1914–1920, prepared in co-production by two publishers: EPOQUE 1900 and OUR MILITARY, is to be published. This extensive work, mapping the history of Czechoslovakia. troops in Russia, the life and struggle of legionnaires, will certainly attract due attention not only to the bereaved, historians and lovers of militaria, but hopefully also to a wider range of people interested in our history and the establishment of Czechoslovakia. state. The individual parts of the monograph are planned so that they can be part of the great celebrations of the centenary (2014–2018) of the founding of the first Czech and Czechoslovak. units abroad. In this article you will learn how to order and take advantage of a 25% discount! Only until the end of September 2013!


Friends of military history and supporters of the history of Czechoslovak armies in particular can look forward to the publication of the publication “ELITE OF THE ARMY. Czechoslovak military generals 1918 - 1992 " . (paid advertising)

David Irving - Morgenthau's plan

In the summer of 1944, the issues of the post-war organization of Europe became very topical, especially of course the question of what to do with Germany. Among the most controversial proposals for the post-war organization of Germany was the so-called Morgenthau Plan, which was approved by Roosevelt and Churchill in September 1944 at a conference in Quebec. (paid advertising)

Henry D. Makow – Ilumináti

As a theme for the film, this work would be rejected as unbelievable. Our leaders are not elected for their intelligence or deeds, but rather for their ability to gain people's trust and willingness to betray it. They are chosen by a small satanic sect (Kabbalah bankers and Freemasons) that controls world finances and the media. Our leaders are the younger members of this sect, called the Illuminati. (paid advertising)

Henry Makow - Ruthless lie

With the subtitle Feminism and the New World Order, Henry Makow, with his Jewish origins, belongs to a special group of authors of conspiracy theories. In this book, he often mentions already known facts from the field of conspiracy "sci-fi", moreover, you can find out from his words: The book can be purchased at (paid advertising)

Humor Seriously - Book anonnce

The book The Spiritual Father of the successful television series Michal Dlouhý, entitled Humoresky, seriously introduces readers to how the theme of his own series developed, acquaints with the realities of gendarmerie life on which the author based his series, but became real models for filmmaking. also with the real destinies of the people who became the forerunner of some serial characters. The author's intention is to socially rehabilitate the unjustly forgotten Czechoslovak gendarmerie choir.
To give you an idea, we present five of the thirty short stories from the book.

Interview with Mark Solonin

Author of renowned books devoted to the initial phase of the Soviet-German war. Representative of the "new wave" of Russian independent military historians, whose professional quality significantly surpasses Viktor Suvorov's journalism and its objectivity significantly surpasses the stereotypes of official Russian historiography.

Ladislav Potocký - Foreign Legion through my eyes

Recently, a colleague from Active Reserves lent me a book that already fascinated me with its title. When I asked him how he came to her, he replied that it had been written by a friend of his who was in the legion. Although the reader does not learn anything about Kolwezi-type actions in the book, he is allowed to look at the ordinary life of a legionnaire from his perspective. And whoever has undergone at least basic training in the Czech Army, will find that even the legion is just an army with all the flies. And here are a few snippets ...

Man against man, machine against machine

This book is devoted to selected episodes of air battles taking place during World War II. The individual chapters describe the events that took place on the air battlefields in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Eastern Front and Southeast Asia.

New book of prof. Oskar Krejci

The thin study of WAR is an attempt to open a discussion on a topic that is beyond the attention of the professional and lay public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - at a time when both countries are involved in armed conflict, even on other continents, due to their allied commitments. (paid advertising)

New book Turbines for the Luftwaffe

The birth and description of the first German jet engines, this is the subtitle of the new book I would like to present here. If I were to condense the contents of this publication into one sentence, it would read as follows: if you dream of going back in time and piloting a Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe fighter, then you must have this book. It is a bit of an exaggeration to say that in this book there is almost everything you wanted to know about the then (not only) turbocharged aircraft propulsion units, but you had nowhere to ask. Ing. Eduard Dokoupil, author. (Paid advertising)

Nuremberg Laws

The most well-known laws that restrict the fundamental rights and freedoms of Jews are the so-called Nuremberg Laws, which were promulgated en masse at the NSDAP in Nuremberg on September 15, 1935. (paid advertising)

Optional reading: JAN WIENER - FIGHTER

I don't like big words, but when I read books like FIGHT - ALWAYS AGAINST THE CURRENT about the life of Jan Wiener, I feel bad about it. It is another story of a man who fled from Hitler, found it difficult to get to England, where he joined the RAF, but after a "victorious February" he was persecuted by the Communists. How many such educated and capable people did the communist regime deprive us of.

The swastika and its history in Bohemia - Radek Fiksa

Everyone associates the swastika or swastika especially with Hitler and his Nazi doctrine. However, unlike Hitler's millennial empire, the swastika has a history of thousands of years. It has appeared on virtually all continents and has been used by almost all major religions. (paid advertising)

Translation of war literature

For many years we have been confronted with the sad and regrettable fact that much of the translations of war literature are somewhat declining (and I think perhaps even punishable), at least if I can compare it with years old but really great translations of books such as The cruel sea of Nicholas Monsarrat or MacIntyre's Narvik. Then it is really difficult to find suitable words to evaluate most current translations.

True story of Bilderberg group

Drawn into a hidden world of intrigue and mystery, Daniel Estulin now reveals what has never been said before. Since its inception in 1954, the Bilderberg Hotel in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek has brought together European and American political elites and the world's richest executives every year to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. The press was never allowed to participate. Likewise, no official statements have ever been made about the group's conclusions and discussions, which, as the author of this book shows, have had great consequences for people around the world. Using methods reminiscent of Cold War spy tactics, and in several cases at the cost of endangering his own life, he proved what no one else could do - find out what is being talked about behind closed doors of opulent hotels and convey this to his readers in The True Story. Bilderberg group . Order at For readers of we have a bonus, if you write the word "war" in the comment at the end of the order, you will get one extra book from the production of Bodyart Press for free. (paid advertising)

USS Enterprise - 01 Pearl Harbour

The United States was drawn into World War II by attacking the largest Pacific base with Japanese aircraft. At the time of the first bombs, treacherous Japanese diplomats were discussing the details of the peace treaty with Secretary of State Hull. Such insidiousness is not forgotten. In the Pacific, a naval war began that the world did not see… the war of aircraft carriers.

USS Enterprise - 02 Retribution at Midway

After the battle fleet was massacred at the Pearl Harbor berth, the Americans were left with virtually only aircraft carriers. The Japanese began a successful victorious campaign in the Pacific. One bastion of resistance after another fell, and nothing seemed to stop the Japanese expansion.

USS Enterprise - 03 In the clutches of the enemy

The Battle of Midway fundamentally changed the pace of forces in the Pacific. By sinking four large aircraft carriers, the Japanese fleet lost a substantial part of its attack potential. The Americans, who had just retreated until then, decided to try what it was like to attack territory occupied by the enemy. The first invasion was directed at the island of Guadalcanal.

USS Enterprise - 04 Bloody Islands of Santa Cruz

The USS Enterprise was hit several times near Solomon Islands and had to undergo the inevitable repair. The repairs could not last long, because together with the sister USS Hornet, they were the only two aircraft carriers left to the Americans in the Pacific. The Japanese superiority was threefold.

USS Enterprise - 05 Alone against Japan

After the sister aircraft carrier USS Hornet was sunk at the Battle of Santa Cruz, the USS Enterprise was left alone in the Pacific. American industry has begun, but the production of an aircraft carrier is not a matter of weeks or months. Until newly built aircraft carriers were available, the Enterprise was the only operational aircraft carrier the US Navy had in the Pacific.

USS Enterprise - 06 Gray Ghost

In early 1943, the USS Enterprise again faced the Japanese and again in the waters surrounding the island of Guadalcanal. It was then sent to the United States for a well-deserved overhaul, which definitively repaired the provisionally repaired damage. She returned to combat at the head of a strong operational alliance.

USS Enterprise - 07 Hell's hammer

The USS Enterprise was sent to Truk Atoll after the fighting off the Gilbert Islands. One of Japan's largest naval bases. The miserable period of fighting alone was over. It now sails as the flagship of a strong operational alliance.

USS Enterprise - 09 Battle of Leyte Bay

In the Battle of the Mariana Islands, the Hellcats massacred the Japanese air force in action, which the Americans called Turkey shooting. The Japanese's ability to act seemed limited. Few could have imagined that it was heading for the largest naval battle in the history of World War II.


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Publishing is one of the few areas in which the private sector has almost completely established itself in our country, in which there is no chance of obtaining any significant and more stable subsidy ( unlike, for example, agriculture ), and in which all business risks of success or failure are borne only and only publishers. Moreover, it is an area to which the big sponsors of political parties do not go, because it does not give the possibility of getting rich quick. It is rather a constant and everyday toil, which can ( and does not have to ) bring a moderate financial profit. Increasing the VAT on books to 20%, which would be three times more than the European Union average, is completely liquidating for small publishers, which often serve the specific needs of small groups of interested parties and enthusiasts. We are perhaps a somewhat larger group here, which deals with the collection, sorting and presentation of information in a rather specific area of human activity. At the same time, however, we are significantly dependent on professional literature, ours and especially foreign, from which we obtain and compile our information. We therefore invite all our supporters and visitors to our website to attach their signature to the invitation located on the website: Za
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When two do the same ...

Czech historians and the general public seldom have the opportunity to examine published professional publications in the most effective way, by simply comparing several books on the same topic. At the end of last year, however, this possibility arose, even in the area of military history of the 20th century, ie in the area where we still have a large deficit of processed topics. First, the book Crosses and Stars by Dunkirk by Jiří Plachý was published at the end of the summer , which was followed on the pre-Christmas book market by the book Dunkirk 1944–1945 by the author duo Zdenko Maršálek - Petr Hofman. In both cases, these are professional publications with an overview of information sources, an extensive note-taking apparatus and an index.