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Doprava Rudé armády ve druhé světové válce

Транспорт Красной армии в Великой Отечественной войне

Транспорт Красной армии в Великой Отечественной войне
Authors :šéfredakor Dmitry Daško
Pages: 200,chalk, hard cover.
Language : Russian (cyrillic)
Price : the recommended 1.800,- rubles, realistically in the store Wargaming in Moscow the price of 2.500,- rubles.
Publisher: Автомобильный архивный фонд
Cargo: 1500 pcs.
ISBN: 978-5-9906332-0-9

A4, high-quality book, the catalog of "all" vehicles of the RA at the time of the Types clearly divided (see annex with the content below) in several categories. For types with multiple versions, is mentioned only a basic vehicle model. Furthermore, it is necessary to only look for a monograph of a particular type. This is a very clear catalogue of vehicles with the basic TTD and photos of a particular machine..
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