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Přiřazování článků k sekcím fóra

Our editorial system is equipped with a unique feature that allows you to articles written by and embedded in the assign to one or more (not níjak limited) sections of this forum.

there are several Reasons for :

- the article is "visible" only on the home page, after its displacement below on the next page and into the archives slowly but surely "disappear from the audience". Of course, it remains discoverable through google, but it is better to provide readers with more ways to get to him
- one of the ways they are section of the forums, so if someone passes let's say the Articles section - the First world war, gets to ALL the articles that we have ever made, relating to the first world war
- another way is offering a "similar articles" at the end of each article. It is implemented so that it randomly selects a few articles from the same section, where it is assigned to the currently viewed article. Therefore, if there is an article included in the section of Articles - the First world war, the reader gets to the end of the article recommendations for further articles on the first world war, that might be of interest
- articles like this included in a certain hierarchical organizational structures are clearly to be found, and they offer an easy overview about what we already have here, and what would possibly fit finish.

so How do article assign :

Moderators can use the link in the Administration articles (questions, where appropriate, direct them to me, explain, describe Very Happy ), the authors of the assignments they get by using the option EDIT an ARTICLE in your profile under the orange-white gear at the concerned article.

The editor opens, there are two bookmarks, ARTICLE and set. We will be interested in just the tab SETTINGS. Here, between the ACTIONS is also the choice of the [ASSIGN]. It opens another window with a tree structure of the forum and dump sections, to which can be articles assign (attention do not be surprised, this is not about all section of the forum, some are already articles nepřiřazují !). By clicking on a boxíku before the name of the branch you choose one or more assignments, and click SAVE to save.

If you are working with already assigned article, will appear in this window and the button showing the current assignment. If you want to assign to extend and ones keep, it is necessary on button click to the tree unwrapped and marked - if not, the original assignment is clears. If you want to do the assignment completely again, just the tree click on the and set as needed.

Some advice, how to articles assign :

- compared with the earlier recommendation now applies that to assign all parts of the series, not only the first part / introduction

- try to capture the essence of the article, and what categories might come in handy. A few examples :

in The Spanish sky - Loire 46

Assign :
/ Articles / the Interwar period (1918-1939) / 1936 - 1939 - the Spanish civil war
/ Weapons and equipment / Aircraft / France (FRA) / Loire / Loire-Nieuport

here is a article from a series describing the various aircraft of the fighting during the Spanish civil war. Přirazujeme to the section dedicated to this war, plus the section of the manufacturer of the aircraft type. Sometimes, if they are in the article mentioned and the specific unit that the aircraft were used, we can assign also to the section Units (Spain, Germany ... the air Force ...) or to the personalities, if the machine flew some of the more familiar pilot.

- on the other hand, hold at bay, and linkujte really just the relevant section. That the plane has the engine, the rockets, canons, machine guns, radar, takes off from the aircraft carrier prot other aircraft, ships, etc. in the context of some specific actions give little reason to link this article to the section engines, armaments, radars, ships, classes of ships, etc., if these do not play a really key role and are not in the article described.

- if you have a choice, assign to what a more detailed category

Example : rarely přirazujeme to section
/ Articles / the Second world war (1939-1945)
if we are talking about the conflict in Europe, it always belongs to the section
/ Articles / the Second world war (1939-1945) / 1939 - 1945 - the Second world war
The reason is that the section "the Second world war (1939-1945)" is a public section, containing individual sub-conflicts, the winter war between the Soviet union and Finland, konfikt between the USSR and Japan in 1939 etc. Article on fighting in Poland, France or in the Pacific not against these other conflicts fully "relevant" and therefore we include up to a section of 1939 - 1945 - the Second world war.

The same is true for the section of the First world war, for the weapons, units. Please try not to assign articles as close as possible according to their relevance to the sections of our forum. If not, don't be afraid to write us about their founding (applies in particular to war conflicts, but also any other section)

- neduplikujte assign

if I stay with the above example, the article from the second world war, nepřirazujte article as follows :
/ Articles
/ Articles / the Second world war (1939-1945)
/ Articles / the Second world war (1939-1945) / 1939 - 1945 - the Second world war
this assign is duplicate and confusing. On the one hand, while logically correctly we want the articles to show what most readers and visitors, but also to them we want to offer only relevant articles matching their search topic.

- don't be afraid to ask and ask for help Smile.
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