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PF 2018 od Admina

Dear residents of the server,

it's a new year 2018, and with it the 20. year of life of our server. It is therefore no longer a young frolicking filly in or pimply young man with liking the voice, but the adult system full of amazing people and contributions. And this year there will be more, I mean inserting new topics ended just shortly before midnight, and this morning there were already almost 30 new Smile

This year will be like every year this insertion and replenishment of older themes full. Areas are many - this year will mark the 80. anniversary of the mobilization, and our goal is to have covered a significant chunk of all staff Military cash state - as the only ones in the world. In the tables are ready aircraft, helicopters. Finished are also an active squadron US Navy and Marinesmoving further into the history. Works on many other areas.

What we still lack, are people. No promises, but the people who have the desire to really engage. Tables are fine, but missing to them lyrics, history, articles. And little things, like our geosekce cities Czech and Slovak the republic - a lot of cities is not yet in the tables, the number of sites you could add photos, famous natives. Each of us somewhere he lives ... Very Happy a Lot of those towns and cities we need for the linking just by the mentioned of mobilization. Inserting, editing, replenishment - all this takes only minutes and often only seconds, so please, try it Smile you don't Need to be investigated by experts, to engage in the creation of the web the, just to have a taste bite after all the christmas and new year snacks to the joint work.

For the year 2017 I look only in a single direction - in this year managed to get a lot more donations from our readers, than in the years previous, and it is amazing! Advertising us still "alive" larger work, but I'm glad our readers like this support and if this goes on, advertising will not be needed. The choice here is.

Therefore, allow me to thank everyone - readers for their patronage, without which our efforts are not supposed to make sense. The authors for their texts, without which the reader not what to read. Moderators for their time and patience, without which this place was just a big chaos. To all of you for the amazing 20 years of my life, and I hope that the favor you retain even to another dvacetiletky Smiling Army

Enjoy the year 2018 in the health and well-being, whatever they are doing!

Your population

Radek Havelka
HM Admin v. r..
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