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2015 / 11


47, 2015, no 11

Content numbers:

Fojtík, Jakub: the First L-159E passed (2-3)
Visingr, Lukáš: the Russian intervention in Syria: the Red stars against the black flags (4-5)
Fojtík, Jakub: Aero attacks the French tender (6)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Diana started so streľbami (7)
Chlopotov, Alexei: RAE 2015: On the brink of war? (8-11)
Visingr, Lukáš: the Military parade in Beijing: the New teeth and claws of the asian dragon (12-13)
Visingr, Lukáš: T-15 Armata: Russian armor with the israeli inspiration (14-18)
Zdobinský, Michal: the Scout SV is changing on Ajax (20)
Helebrant, Martin: Pistol CZ 75 – the legend of the Czech arms production (21)
Visingr, Luke: News of the second artillery corps: missile arsenal for regional dominance (22-25)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Protilietadlový missile system 2K12-2D Kvadrat-2D (26-27)
Rovenský, Dušan: Logistic self-sufficiency of small units (28-31)
Rovenský, Dušan: the M7 Spider: Smart spider against infantry (32)
Rovenský, Dušan: the British "queen of battles" in a new guise (34-36)
The company Harris successfully completed the acquisition of the company Exelis (37)
Radic, Aleksandar: the New armored vehicles of the serb Žandarmerie (38-39)
Short messages (40-41)
Sousek, Thomas: the Alternation of generations gunshipů USAF (42-45)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Modern vrtuľníkové sebaobranné systems from Russia (46-47)
Sousek, Thomas: Berijev Be-200 even against submarines? (48-50)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Vrtuľník disrupter Mi-8MTPR-1 (51)
Also, James: Tough choice – Tiger versus Mongoose (52-57)
Short messages (58-61)
Zajac, Ivan: the Latest additions to the family of the Saar (62-67)
Short messages (68-69)
Dubánek, Martin; Kadlec, Petr: Set Fire To Europe! Operation Outward, and the effects of incendiary balloons in Slovakia (70-73)
Máče, Jan: the Czechoslovak army 1939-1945 (89. part of): 1. čs. army corps in the carpathian-it was surgery and in the battles in Slovakia (74-75)
Zdobinský, Michal: the tanks that saved Israel (76)

Information annex MO CR and ACR ATM+:
Marek, Vladimir: new year's Eve after afghánsku (78-79)
Vosk, Michal: a Successful test (80-81)
Dvorakova, Magdalena, JMIC AMSE 15: Record and advanced (82-83)
Decker, John: Three army, one team (84-85).
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