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Cameron, Lorne Maxwell

Wing Commander Lorne Maxwell "Cam" Cameron

RCAF No.J15378[/i]

* February 27, 1922, Roland, Manitoba

Fighter pilot
On 3 July 1944, his Spitfire Mk.IX (MJ131) was hit by flak during an attack on ground targets north of Falaise. He was in hiding for two months before being captured by the Germans. Cameron managed to escape, however, and by September 1944 he was back in Britain.

402nd, 401st Squadron.
Types used: Spitfire Mk.IX
Battlefield: Channel, Normandy, NW Europe
Victory: 6-0-2, 75 vehicles, 5 locomotives
Period: February 1943 - June 1944
Types claimed: Ju 88 (3x), Fw 190 (3x)
Decorations: DFC (22 March 1944)

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