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A man with an indian name

The future general did not receive a Christian name until he was nine years old. After his father's death, he was adopted by Whig politician Thomas Ewing, and his wife placed a solid William ahead of the Tecumseh Indian, so a 16-year-old boy like William Tecumseh Sherman entered the West Point Military Academy. Four years later he ended as one of the best in the year ...

Black Hawk Down

Surely many of you have seen this extremely successful and realistic film from Mogadishu in Somalia. The aim of this post is to show that it was not just a movie, but that the characters you saw in this movie were really in action, and many of them died there as well. Here you will find two quotes from the award of the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration of the USA, to the men who fell during the action captured in the film Black Hawk Down, as well as photographs of these heroes.

Charley Havlat, a useless death with a great deal of irony

The last American soldier killed in action during World War II on the European battlefield.
Charley Havlat was the son of Czech emigrants Antonรญn Havlรกt (born in Ronov) and Antonia Havlรกtovรก birth name Nฤ›mcovรก. Fate has prepared for him an end full of irony.

Died in the name of Confederacy - Part 1

In the fierce battles of the Civil War, both sides suffered bloody losses. Death did not shy away from men in command positions either. In this article, I would like to pay attention to the Confederate generals who perished on the battlefields of the Civil War. The list of fallen generals of the Confederation contains 73 names. Among them were talented dukes, but hopeless scoundrels who did not have much success on the battlefields. Let's try to remember, at least briefly, how they fought or how they died.

Died in the name of Confederacy - Part 2

In the first part of the article, we imagined one army commander and three corps commanders who perished during the Civil War. In today's part, we will focus on the generals who fell at the time when they held the functions of division commanders. There are seven names in the list of fallen generals. This list includes Major General William D. Pender, J.E.B Stuart, W.H.T Walker, Robert R. Rhodes, Stephen D. Ramseur, Patrick R. Cleburne, and Brigadier General John Pegram.

Died in the name of Confederacy - Part 3

In the third part of the article, we will take a close look at the fate of brigadier generals who perished in the fighting of the Civil War for the Confederacy. The total list of fallen brigade commanders contains 62 names. In this section, we will remember the brigadier generals who fell right at the beginning of the war.

Died in the name of Confederacy - Part 6

For the sixth time, we will choose to search for the fate of the fallen generals of the Confederate army. Even in today's part, we will approach the fate of ten fallen generals.

Died in the name of Confederacy - Part 7

During 1864, it became increasingly clear that the Confederacy had no chance of winning the war. Nevertheless, the Southern army did not give up and fiercely resisted in bloody battles, slowing down the advance of Union troops into the interior of the southern states. Thousands of Southern soldiers and officers perished in these furious clashes. Among them are 11 brigadier generals. We will recall their fate in today's article.

Dwight David Eisenhower

The life and work of a former commander in chief of Allied troops in World War II and a prominent post-war American president.

General Wesley Clark: Gambling for world peace

The so-called Paradise Papers , documents that escaped Appleby from the Isle of Man and were published in early November by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, show that Clark's sympathies with gambling are not purely about the pursuit of world peace.
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Heroes in the clouds

or the story of one day, two planes and three Medals of Honor for the 8th US Air Force

Ja amerikanski tovarisch!

The incredible story of Sergeant Joseph Beyrle, the only American soldier who served in both the US and Russian armies during World War II.

Lieutenant General Leslie Groves

... During his service, Groves soon gained a reputation as a capable and efficient officer who could handle even the most impossible problem. On the other hand, he was also considered an arrogant commander, with whom it is difficult to cooperate. In 1941, Colonel Groves was given the task of building the Pentagon, US Army headquarters and the world's largest office building. After Pearl Harbor, he joined the US Army's construction projects ...































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