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Cavalry units of the regular Austro-Hungarian army until 1914

Cavalry units have been part of armies since ancient times. Ever since man domesticated horses, he began to use them for military purposes. Over the centuries, the importance and use of military cavalry on the battlefield has evolved, but until the outbreak of World War I, cavalry remained one of the main components of the ground armies of all powers. The army of the Habsburg Monarchy and later the Austro-Hungarian army were no exception.

Dragoon regiments in the Habsburg army I.

In the modern era, cavalry experienced its last glorious times on European battlefields. In all major European armies, several basic types of cavalry were formed. The difficult ride was represented mainly by dragoons. A brief development of their existence in the Habsburg army tries to capture this article.

Dragoon regiments in the Habsburg army II.

Even during the 18th century, dragoons were among the main cavalry units on European battlefields. The fate of Dragoon troops during the 18th century, until the middle of the 19th century in Habsburg troops follows this article.







Horse Jaegers




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